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Wiral LITE Cable Cam for Motion Sports activities: The way it all works


Over the past month or so that you’ve almost definitely observed a couple of motion clips of mine the use of a cool duration of fifty meters of cable and a doohicky zip throughout it like one thing out of loopy ziplining videoThis is Wiral, and as of these days, they’ve introduced on Kickstarter.

So what’s it, and what’s it for?  It’s referred to as a cable cam, and lets you connect a digicam to it (GoPro, mobile phone, some lighter DSLR/mirrorless cameras), after which keep an eye on it zipping around the line with a small far off keep an eye on.  It’s perfect for eventualities in/round timber to practice an issue – similar to a mountain biker or perhaps a skier.  It’s no longer such a lot a substitute for drone photographs, as this is a supplement to them.  Other photographs for various eventualities.

In the end, in the use of it a little bit I’ve were given an attractive just right have a look at how this pre-production unit ticks.  Various photographs in my GoPro Hero6 In-Intensity Overview have been concerned with it as neatly.  So let’s dive into issues.

The Elements & Compatibility:


Let’s take a snappy have a look at what’s within the field…err…cushy shell case.  This prototype unit used to be shipped over for me to check out out on this protecting case.  It doesn’t sound like the general manufacturing fashions gets a nifty case, even though in truth you’ll avoid wasting room for your bag anyway, and it sort of feels lovely sturdy.


Right here’s the portions:

– The Wiral Lite: That is the bigger wonky taking a look arm factor that hangs off the cable
– Faraway Keep an eye on: This controls the velocity and course of the Wiral at the line
– Fast Reel: This has 50m of cabling on it, and an inventive design that makes it simple to resolve and coil the cable again up with out it getting all tangled.  It’s kinda sensible
– Battery charger: The unit I’ve used to be without a doubt random off-the-shelf.  It feels like the general manufacturing ones might be prettier
– Rechargeable Battery: This is going into the Wiral unit. (You’ll upload two AA batteries for the far off)
Finish Prevent Clips: You’ll use those to give protection to it in opposition to slamming into timber. Bring to mind them like protection stops
– Tightening strap: You utilize this to wrench the cable tighter round a tree/pole
– GoPro Mount: A easy tripod thread to GoPro mount, not anything fancy

And right here’s a small gallery of the entirety at the desk:

DSC_1970 DSC_1969

DSC_1972 DSC_1971

DSC_1974 DSC_1973

DSC_1979 DSC_1976

Right here’s a % from their Kickstarter web page with labels, and what the general portions must seem like:

You’ll have spotted some very slight variations to what’s proven above, most commonly within the battery charger, in addition to a couple of minor tweaks within the reel.  Additionally, the entirety I had used to be just about three-D published, so it used to be laborious for me to make any judgments at this level on longer-term sturdiness on the rest.  Clearly, a correct ultimate product wouldn’t be three-D published, and thus tougher.

The only piece in my prototype equipment that isn’t within the above ultimate equipment is the ball joint.  For my part, I feel they must have incorporated that, because it’s what made it conceivable to get most of the photographs I did when it comes to converting the course of the digicam.  The excellent news is that is great reasonable on Amazon, so you’ll simply select it up your self later. [Update: Even better news – it wasn’t initially listed, but the company says that was a minor oversight and it will indeed be included, woot! I’ve added the updated photo with it above.]

On the subject of compatibility, what they’ve completed is lovely cool.  They made a typical threaded tripod adapter at the backside, which is suitable with just about any digicam on earth.  The one limitation you have got is weight, which has a max of three.3lbs/1.5kg.  This covers mainly all mirrorless cameras, any motion digicam, and any telephone.

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It additionally method you’ll simply mount a gimbal on it as neatly and nonetheless say beneath the restrict, which is exactly what I did:


When you’ll get in reality great photos with no gimbal (because it’s on a blank line), I discovered that including a gimbal simply provides it that stunningly very best clean glance.  Alternatively, correcting for any minor wobble with no gimbal in post-production can be trivial with any of the average video enhancing tool apps in the market these days.

The way it works:

Whilst there are no doubt many use circumstances for a unit like this, I think most of the people might be the use of it within the woods.  Or a minimum of between timber.  For me, within the motion sports activities realm, that’s most commonly alongside trails like a mountain motorcycle path (or in all probability in wintry weather within the timber for snowboarding).  However different use circumstances can be longer timelapse taste photographs over a box with daybreak/sundown/transferring clouds, and even simply as a secondary digicam in a manufacturing that’s managed remotely.

Regardless of the case even though, you’re going to begin off with getting the cable held on two timber.  One finish of the cable cam is affixed by way of looping the clip round a tree/pole/no matter and onto itself:


You then’ll take the Fast Reel and wander your self 50 meters away, or much less if you wish to have:


Then at the subsequent tree you’ll take the black strap, which acts as a winch of types, hooked onto the reel:


It’s at this step that I’d want a slight design alternate that allowed me to only pull the yellow twine via a pulley with a lock on it.  Simply my two cents.

In the end, quickly you’ve were given the twine within the sky.  I’d suggest going as tight as you’ll make it, because you’ll get some twine suspend when you upload the cable cam, digicam, and any gimbal you could have.


Subsequent, merely lay the Wiral onto the cable.  The fingers fold out, after which the 2 wheels (one on each and every arm) hang it in position.  There’s a ‘protection’ notch atop the motor wheel within the center, in order that it will possibly’t fall off the twine.



You’ll additionally upload those small preventing clips at both finish, which can derail the unit so it received’t hit a tree at complete pace for those who put out of your mind.  For the reason that unit has the protection atop it, it simply hangs out at the twine (it doesn’t fall to the bottom):


You then’ll need to connect your digicam to the unit the use of both the default tripod mount, or some middle-man attachment connector in between (ball-joint, or GoPro, or each):


You’ll additionally connect a gimbal, which is most commonly what I did:


Subsequent, you’ll flip at the far off keep an eye on.  That is what strikes it left and proper.  The little dial is solely turned around left and proper relying at the course you wish to have it to head.  The additional you flip it, the sooner it is going, all of the means as much as 28MPH/45KPH.

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You’ll additionally set markers at each side in order that it stops on its own, by means of urgent the left/proper buttons.


And in the end, you’ll alternate the mode for such things as long-duration timelapses in order that it strikes further sluggish.  Even though, the one drawback here’s that it’s no longer great transparent which modes you’re in.

Then, it’s only a subject of having your matter into the body and perfecting the monitoring pace to the individual. It took us a couple of tries to determine the velocity matching of me and him, however after I were given the grasp of it, it used to be simple:


The entire thing works lovely darn neatly.  I feel through the years you’d get the setup down sooner, however that still is determined by how complicated the shot is.  Within the Kickstarter marketing campaign they speak about a 3-minute setup. And whilst I’d agree you want to do this, that’s in reality provided that your timber are great shut in combination and it’s simple to glue.  For our photographs the place messy branch-filled timber (from time to time burned timber) have been 50m aside throughout wonky terrain whilst we walked in our biking sneakers…then it took a little bit longer.

One fast merchandise to notice is that Wiral is upselling some further pieces, in particular a telephone mount, an additional battery, and an extended line.  You’ll see those and their costs right here:


The telephone mount piece, neatly, simply is determined by for those who plan on the use of that.  As for the road, I’d say a 100m would without a doubt be extra helpful.  We ran out of line on just about each and every shot at 50m.  No longer as a result of we wanted a 50m lengthy shot, however since the particular line or shot we have been seeking to seize restricted which timber lets use.  So we typically needed to move longer/additional than we would have liked to so lets to find some other tree to glue it to.  Stated otherwise: Timber don’t at all times develop in probably the most logical of puts for putting in a 50m cable cam.  100m will provide you with extra flexibility.

At the battery entrance, we didn’t run out of battery, most commonly as a result of 3 hours of battery time is a heck of a very long time.  Maximum of our photographs lasted 15-25 mins of recording time.  After that, you kinda exhaust what number of distinctive photographs you’re getting.  Alternatively, for those who’re at an tournament the place you’re filming the similar factor time and again, then it’d make sense.  Or, for those who deliberate to spend a complete 8-10 hours out within the woods in a large number of places, I’d almost definitely get an additional.

In my case, I plan to reserve each the additional battery and long-line, simply so if I would like it I’ve it, as opposed to having to attend afterward.


I captured a number of check runs out within the woods over a couple of other days.  I’ve compiled the ones all right into a easy check video reel that you’ll see right here.  You’ll be aware that through the years probably the most large price ticket pieces is figuring out that you wish to have to keep away from getting the cable within the shot.  In some photographs you slightly understand it (at the left edge), while in others, like the blistered panorama shot, it’s great visual.  If I had any post-production stills (I don’t), I may almost definitely simply take away it.  This is the reason the ball joint adapter is so helpful; as it means that you can simply tweak the orientation of the digicam.

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In the end, right here’s a snappy video I caught in combination of the way it all works, together with a number of demo bits, all shot with the Wiral:

Right here’s how that would possibly are compatible into an edit of your day.  Maximum of this used to be shot at the Wiral, however a couple of drone photographs have been completed as an alternative by way of the DJI Spark:

The opposite factor we realized used to be that we did see some slight stretch within the cable through the years on some runs.  Sufficient that when an hour or so of getting it arrange, the cable had drooped about 2-4”, or mainly simply slightly clearing some trees on the midpoint.  And by means of ‘slightly’, I imply giving them a rub each and every time on the finish of the day.  No longer a large deal, however we discovered the most important problem for in reality lengthy cable runs used to be getting it fixed prime sufficient to account for any suspend.

As for the photos, it all used to be captured at the GoPro Hero6 Black with a Karma Grip gimbal.  There used to be no stabilization completed in submit, simply immediately out of the digicam.



For those who do numerous motion photographs within the woods, that is without a doubt one thing super-creative so as to add on your toolbox.  At the flip-side, for those who are living in a barren region, this almost definitely doesn’t make numerous sense.  Both means, the Kickstarter costs are if truth be told lovely darn compelling.  Heck, GoPro sells a darn backpack for this similar worth, no electronics incorporated.

Whilst I feel there are some minor tweaks they might make to it, none of them are show-stoppers.  As is, it’s lovely simple to make use of, and the extra you utilize it the speedier you get with it when it comes to setup (sorta like drones).  In a similar way, for the ones making motion movies, usually you wish to have to make use of those types of photographs sparingly, in order that it doesn’t change into repetitive to the viewer.  After all, simply tweaking the angles and views can do this, even with leaving the unit at the similar trail.

It’s probably the most few Kickstarter initiatives nowadays within the motion cam realm I’ll again.  I’ve been skipping maximum gimbal initiatives in recent times, as I don’t see the original worth.  However Wiral is without a doubt distinctive, and on the Kickstarter costs particularly (from $169), lovely darn cool.  I’m then again relatively extra skeptical concerning the retail costs.

With that – thank you for studying!

(Facet be aware: Large because of Jonathan Lee, Nate Pearson, and Sergio Sandoval – all of who helped out within the forests across the Reno-Tahoe house with mountaineering timber, photographing, using motorcycles, and thus all people typically simply taking part in goofing round like youngsters getting the photos time and again.)