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Valneva Inventory: Vaccine Industry, Catalysts Forward, And Pfizer’s Lyme Love (NASDAQ:VALN)



Valneva (NASDAQ:VALN) is a French distinctiveness vaccines corporate which has no longer been coated on In quest of Alpha after its Nasdaq IPO, despite the fact that it sports activities a marketplace cap of $1.1 billion.

It has working websites all over the place the arena, 4 of which in Europe and one in each Canada and the United States, and has +750 workers international. It has an ongoing vacationers well being trade which I imagine might file just right leads to the approaching quarter, almost certainly additionally with R&D bills for the quarter decreased.

VLA2001, Valneva’s inactivated Covid-vaccine which has robust efficacy throughout other variants, a just right protection profile and booster attainable, is recently affected by an oversupply of Covid-vaccines, a minimum of within the Western global. There is also an instance right here in the long term, as a shift in opposition to higher vaccines than the ones recently used happens.

In the second one part of 2022, Valneva will report for a biologics license software (BLA) for VLA1553, its Chikungunya vaccine candidate. This vaccine candidate has fast-track designation in the United States, top designation within the EU, and is eligible for a concern overview voucher. VLA1553 has proven very good protection and immunogenicity effects and turns out ideally suited positioned to turn into the go-to vaccine for this illness.

Within the 0.33 quarter of 2022, Valneva will start up a Segment 3 trial for VLA15, the arena’s best Lyme vaccine candidate, which is once more proven to be protected and efficacious. Pfizer (PFE) co-develops this vaccine, has equipped critical investment, can pay extra as milestones growth, and has only in the near past taken an 8.1% stake in Valneva.

I see a purchasing alternative right here, with two essential catalysts forward, i.e. the BLA for the chikungunya vaccine and the Segment 3 trial initiation for the Lyme vaccine candidate. The truth that Pfizer noticed the hobby within the Lyme vaccine provides to my conviction.

With about €300 million within the financial institution, I imagine the marketplace’s present valuation of Valneva is simply too low. I do see one caveat, and that might be that the marketplace hasn’t totally discounted deficient income coming from Valneva’s Covid vaccine.

The present percentage worth

The corporate trades each on Euronext and at the Nasdaq, with a lot much less liquidity at the latter.

On Euronext, it trades underneath the ticker ‘VLA’, with a year-high of €29.7 and a year-low of €7.26. Its one-year chart is as follows. Buying and selling on Euronext is extra liquid.

Valneva price chart Euronext

Valneva inventory worth chart Euronext (Google)

At the Nasdaq, the place the corporate trades underneath the ticker ‘VALN’, its once a year buying and selling vary is in between $67.84 and $13.71, with the corporate now buying and selling round $20. Opposite to Euronext, there may be little liquidity at the Nasdaq.

There was volatility within the inventory worth in recent times because of damaging sentiment surrounding the industrial viability of the Covid vaccine program at the one hand, and sure sentiment in relation to the hot €90.5 million stake of Pfizer in Valneva at the different.

I will be able to quilt Valneva’s portfolio underneath as a serve as of each and every asset’s adulthood within the trade. I see maximum attainable in each the chikungunya and Lyme illness applicants. Opposite to its Covid-vaccine, I imagine the ones vaccines won’t face critical festival, if any, as soon as authorised. Therefore, I’m taking a look at this corporate partly as a biotech corporate with a high-value late-stage pipeline, a completely operational production and business staff, and a improving ongoing trade.

Valneva’s ongoing trade: traveler well being portfolio and third-party distribution

Valneva’s Traveler Well being portfolio contains two vaccines, Ixiaro/Jespect and Dukoral, and encompasses vaccines for the ones touring to different nations. Ixiaro, commercialized underneath the title Jespect, is a vaccine for Eastern encephalitis. Dukoral is a vaccine for the cholera and prevention of diarrhea as a consequence of an enterotoxigenic E. Coli micro organism.

This trade, masking approvals in maximum nations within the Western global, have been closely impacted through shuttle restrictions and Covid-related lockdowns, most commonly in 2020. Revenues declined from $130 million in 2019 to $66 million in 2020 and $63 million 2021, which nonetheless noticed an affect from the pandemic. US infantrymen shuttle too, and Valneva actually derives somewhat some income from its long-standing dating with the United States executive. America army has an ongoing 3-year provide contract with Valneva for Ixiaro, and has been the usage of that vaccine for greater than 10 years already. The full minimal cost of this contract is $118 million.

I be expecting Valneva to file just right numbers right here for the second one and 0.33 quarter of 2022.

Valneva additionally commercializes third-party merchandise akin to Moskito Guard, Encepur, Flucelvax Tetra, Fluad, Kamrab and Rabipur, amounting to $15.4 million in 2021. It additionally has some minor different revenues.

VLA2001, an inactivated COVID-19 vaccine

VLA2001 is an inactivated virus vaccine which has proven tough efficacy and protection towards other variants. It applies the similar era as Ixiaro’s, and is composed of inactivated Covid-19 debris with preservation of the local construction of Covid-19’s spike-protein. It may be saved at chilly chain temperatures (2-8° Celsius), can be utilized as number one vaccination or as a booster, and is appropriate for regimen immunization in the long term. The Segment 3 trial effects confirmed superiority in neutralizing antibody ranges and a greater protection profile in comparison to AZD1222, some other EMA-approved vaccine. It has won usual advertising and marketing authorization within the EU, conditional advertising and marketing authorization in the United Kingdom, and emergency use authorization in Bahrain and the UAE. Q3 2022 will have to see Valneva readout its booster information, which I don’t be expecting the marketplace to react to.

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Right here comes the catch despite the fact that. Because of oversupply of vaccines within the Western global at this, this vaccine has but to change into a business luck.

The UK executive had terminated its contract to reserve a number of million doses in 2021, which has ended in a +$200 million agreement settlement in that yr, which led the corporate to file general income of €348.1 for that yr, in comparison to €110.3 million in 2021. I do upload that 2020 and 2021 have been vulnerable years as the corporate’s vacationers well being portfolio income was once significantly impacted through Covid. In 2019, income from the vacationers well being portfolio have been €129.5 million.

The EU has not too long ago expressed its want to terminate its provide settlement with Valneva to provide as much as 60 million doses over a length of 2 years, which led the inventory to sell-off to its year-low in June 2022. The corporate is in talks with the EU a couple of remediation plan, as a number of EU nations have expressed their want to obtain the vaccine. I’ve noticed an analyst write that Valneva might settle for a ‘best-we-can-do’ be offering to cut back inventory inventories. Valneva has however obviously said that, if quantity indications could be too low, commercialization would no longer be sustainable. In that sense, I imagine the corporate must revise its gross sales steering expressed for 2022, however I imagine the marketplace has taken that into consideration.

Within the longer run, as the arena is also able for higher and longer-lasting vaccines than those which can be recently mainstream, this vaccine might draw in trade.

VLA1553, the chikungunya vaccine candidate

VLA1553 is one in every of 3 chikungunya vaccine applicants in advancement, almost certainly best-in-class and furthest-progressed.

Chikungunya is carried through mosquitoes in tropical and sub-tropical environments such because the Americas, India, and Thailand. It’s vulnerable to reason outbreaks a number of the inhabitants with a serious financial affect. Morbidity is low, however the inflammatory burden and protracted joint ache have a debilitating affect.

VLA1553 overview slide

VLA1553 assessment slide (Valneva company presentation)

The Segment 3 trial effects confirmed remarkable immunogenicity and ended in protecting chikungunya neutralizing antibody titers in 98.5% of individuals 28 days after single-dose management. That 98.5% seroprotection fee exceeded the bar of 70% that have been agreed with the FDA. VLA1553 has principally been racking up regulator’s favoritism, with fast-track and top designation respectively through the FDA and the EMA, and leap forward treatment designation through the FDA in July 2021. Valneva is now prone to obtain a concern overview voucher, as sponsor of the primary chikungunya vaccine to be authorised in the United States.

Valneva would come with VLA1553 in its vacationers well being portfolio with approval in the United States and the EU underway. It has additionally entered into an settlement with the Brazilian ‘instituto butantan’ to commercialize this vaccine for much less advanced nations.

Valneva is ready to report for a BLA any time now, because it have been introduced for mid-2022. I imagine this generally is a considerable catalyst for this drug candidate. Upon approval, release will also be anticipated quickly after, with the plus right here that Valneva has its business community arrange already.

In an international marketplace which is to exceed $500 million through 2032, it might probably seize that marketplace upon approval and identify its go-to place for years yet to come. I’ve learn an analyst forecast risk-adjusted height gross sales of €260 million through 2028. The above signifies that upon approval, this trade has the potential for tripling the present gross sales income over the years.

VLA15, the Lyme illness vaccine candidate

VLA15 is the most important horse within the strong in my eyes, as the one Lyme vaccine candidate on the earth, with remarkable Segment 2 information, which got here in numerous units of knowledge over other research, and large Pfizer backing/involvement. Lyme illness is frequently recognized to most of the people. It’s brought about through the Borrelia burgdorferi micro organism, is transmitted through ticks and extremely provide in numerous areas of the Western global, the place it expands increasingly because of local weather trade.

Lyme disease incidence slide

Lyme illness prevalence slide (Valneva company presentation)

Maximum sufferers get well, however 10-20% have continual and every so often disabling problems akin to ongoing fatigue. There may be recently no vaccine for Lyme illness to be had on the earth, and despite the fact that antibiotic therapies might supply aid, those typically come too overdue as a result of detection of the illness is gradual, and the healing window passes.

VLA15 has proven robust immune responses throughout 6 other serotypes. In April 2022, Valneva has reported result of its segment 2 pediatric learn about appearing robust immunogenicity and an excellent protection profile. Those effects construct on previous a hit Segment 2 effects, which is in all probability why the marketplace has no longer given them a lot consideration, if any.

The impending catalyst this is the initiation of a segment 3 trial the second one part of 2022, the result of which may well be anticipated through year-end 2023.

In the United States and Europe blended, about 700,000 other folks each and every yr are recognized with Lyme illness, with this quantity on the upward push because of local weather trade.

Pfizer and Valneva have a co-development and co-commercialization partnership right here, with development-costs being break up 60/40 for Pfizer and Valneva, respectively, and Valneva eligible for milestone bills. Of those milestone cost, $168 million are nonetheless to be paid. Initiation of the Segment 3 learn about, which is for any time now, will result in a $25 million cost.

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The Pfizer involvement will have to make sure highest advertising and marketing and commercialization attainable. The newest phrases of the royalty settlement, as not too long ago revised, are tiered royalties starting from 14% to 22%. Upload to that, Valneva is eligible for as much as $100 million in milestone cost from Pfizer in accordance with cumulative gross sales. I will be able to additionally upload to that, Pfizer is flush with money and it appears on a purchasing spree. Newest rumors, as reiterated on this In quest of Alpha editor protection on analysis for the biotech sector within the present quarter, come with rumors of Pfizer being in talks to shop for World Blood Therapeutics (GBT) in a $5 billion deal. In my previous Cardiff Oncology (CRDF) protection, I had recalled how previous Pfizer fairness investments ended in buyouts. An 8.1% stake of Pfizer might bode smartly right here, however I’ve difficulties to imagine that might be a temporary state of affairs as events have simply revised their deal. I’ll upload that Pfizer turns out maximum enthusiastic about Valneva’s Lyme trade, which I suppose may no longer be incorporated in Valneva’s vacationers well being portfolio.

If one would suppose a 400-million-person international marketplace with 3% penetration (i.e. 12 million), and pricing of $100 in the United States and €50 within the EU which might be similarly break up between the 2 major markets, one arrives at gross sales numbers of $1.2 billion and €600 million, respectively. Assuming royalties to be round 18% (the center of 14% and 22%), revenues could be $216 million for the United States and €108 million for the EU. Those are best obscure estimates at this level, as pricing is unknown and the concrete markets are unexplored, however they do give an concept of the value-driving attainable right here. Pfizer is seeing it, and once more, there’s no festival for this vaccine within the pipeline.

First quarter 2022 effects and 2nd quarter expectancies

The consequences reported through Valneva for Q1 2022 have been about the similar as the ones reported for the yr sooner than. General income was once €21.8 million in comparison to €23.2 million in 2021, with gross sales of €16.2 million in comparison to €16.1 million in 2021, and with first COVID-19 vaccine gross sales of €3.8 million. A complete of €5.6 million have been derived from different revenues, in comparison to €7.1 million in 2021.

As Valneva’s trade have been significantly impacted through Covid-measures, I be expecting to peer an uptick in trade effects for the approaching quarter, as individuals are resuming shuttle once more very similar to pre-pandemic instances to nations the place the vaccines within the traveler’s well being portfolio are of use. Valneva highlights in its company presentation that this trade represented $130 million in 2019 when it was once rising strongly (slide 18), and is a key asset for the longer term.

Steering within the Q1 effects on Might 5, 2022, was once that Valneva anticipated its 2022 revenues to be inside the vary introduced in February, specifically €430 million to €590 million. I be expecting this steering is now not acceptable in mild of the hot termination or termination discussions in terms of the Covid vaccine, each in the United Kingdom and within the EU. I do imagine the marketplace has already discounted the longer term revision of that steering, which one can see within the percentage worth dip proper after the Covid-update the corporate issued on June 10, 2022.

Already for the primary quarter of 2022, R&D expenses have been decreased to €20.7 million, the place they have been nonetheless €27.7 the yr sooner than. This was once principally attributable to finishing of the Segment 3 trial for chikungunya and decrease investments for the Covid-vaccine. I don’t be expecting to peer any primary R&D expenses for the second one quarter of 2022, because the Segment 2 trials for Lyme illness have now additionally ended.

The aid of R&D bills for Q2 2022 that I be expecting might also have a substantial affect on working and EBITDA loss in comparison to earlier quarters. For Q1 2022, Valneva’s working loss was once €18.4 million as opposed to €31.1 million in Q1 2021. Q1 2022 adjusted EBITDA loss was once €12.7 million in comparison to €28.3 million in Q1 2021.


Those have been Valneva’s 2021 monetary effects as reported on March 24, 2022.

Valneva 2021 financial results

Valneva 2021 monetary effects (Valneva Complete 12 months 2021 reporting)

General revenues in 2021 have been €348.1 million, in comparison to €110.3 million in 2020, however of that €348.1 million, €253.3 million was once as a result of a agreement underneath the terminated UK settlement. Revenues from standard trade, suffering from Covid, have been €94.8 million. As those have been $130 million in 2019 and have been it appears on the upward push, I be expecting Valneva to do higher right here in Q2 2022 than in comparison to remaining quarter or remaining yr’s 2nd quarter.

Valneva is flush with money and might be so for the foreseeable long run. Its money place finish of March 2022 €311.3 million. In April 2020, Valneva getting into into an R&D settlement with Pfizer for the Lyme vaccine candidate, which ended in an prematurely cost of $130 million in June 2020. Pfizer is because of pay an extra $178 in advancement milestones, amongst which $25 million when the vaccine candidate enters Segment 3 trials. In Might 2021, Valneva picked up $107.6 million on account of an international Providing and Nasdaq record, which was once adopted through an extra world providing price $102 million. The collaboration settlement with Pfizer has been tailored in June 2022, with Pfizer taking an fairness funding in Valneva of 8.4% for a complete of $90.5 million, and with events agreeing a rather other royalty break up. After all, a financing association with US healthcare budget Deerfield and Orbimed ended in the provision of an extra $40 million in April 2022.

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An even cost for Valneva’s trade attainable

As discussed above, given its pipeline, I’m taking a look at Valneva as an ongoing trade with a fair larger pipeline.

With a €1.15 billion marketplace cap and about €300 million in money, its endeavor cost could be €850 million. I might be expecting once a year revenues from the recently vacationers well being portfolio to pick out to the place they have been in pre-Covid ranges, i.e. at round €120 million or extra.

For me, Covid gross sales are unclear at this level. With the corporate being in remediation talks with the EU, I will be able to’t be expecting it to take a seat at the sidelines with this type of highest vaccine as soon as regimen immunization will turn into extra standard. The vaccine, the one of its type in Europe, can be utilized as a booster shot resulting in hybrid immunity, with continual efficacy throughout other variants. The corporate’s €430 million to €590 million general income for the yr was once in large part in accordance with Covid-sales, and that quantity must be revised downward. However I imagine the marketplace has discounted that.

The corporate’s R&D bills will have to cross down as they quickly received’t be connected from the chikungunya vaccine candidate anymore. Pfizer is partly offering investment for the Lyme illness candidate.

Approval of the chikungunya vaccine is also at the corporate’s doorstep, with risk-adjusted height gross sales of €260 million being imaginable in some years’ time, which means that this vaccine candidate has the potential for tripling the present gross sales income of round $100 million over the years. This vaccine could be incorporated within the vacationers well being portfolio, for which Valneva already has a business staff in operation, so I suppose that won’t result in disproportionate further expenses.

After all, I’ve made an estimate above of revenues that may be derived from the arena’s best Lyme vaccine sponsored through Pfizer at $216 million for the United States and €108 million for the EU. This asset, too, is in large part de-risked in my eyes, as there’s no different vaccine candidate in medical trials.

One sees that the corporate holds the most important attainable in its two late-stage belongings, with fast catalysts across the nook.


The most important temporary threat I see is the marketplace’s interpretation of most likely revised gross sales steering for the yr 2022. I imagine Valneva has communicated smartly in regards to the EU’s want to terminate the contract for the Covid-vaccine. The corporate is in remediation talks, as discussed above, however it’s not possible to mention at the moment what is going to pop out of that. I’m, for the temporary long run, no longer giving the Covid vaccine a lot cost.

Moreover, if both the chikungunya vaccine candidate does no longer get authorised, or the Lyme illness candidate would for some explanation why yield much less sure effects or display unwanted side effects in a Segment 3 trial, then the narrative right here would wish to be modified. I believe each dangers to be low, as we’re coping with far-advanced belongings which were examined abundantly in large-scale trials.

An additional threat contains not on time uptake of the traveler’s well being portfolio, in spite of a Covid-unwinding global.


Valneva has an ongoing vacationers well being trade which I suppose could have carried out smartly for the previous quarter, with most likely decreased R&D expenses. Quarterly income might be reported on August 11, 2022, so we can know at the moment whether or not that’s right kind. Alternatively, I suppose the corporate’s steering on its Covid-vaccine is off the desk in mild of an oversupply of Covid-vaccines and the corporate being in contract remediation talks with the EU.

Extra importantly, two primary catalysts are across the nook: a biologics license software for chikungunya vaccine and a Segment 3 trial for the arena’s best Lyme vaccine candidate. I give an explanation for above why I see each as most likely robust catalysts for the corporate. Valneva, it appears nonetheless somewhat unknown to the larger public despite the fact that it has a marketplace cap of greater than 1 billion, is buying and selling close to the low finish of its 52-week vary.

Having a look on the worth volatility in June, I suppose that the marketplace has taken into consideration the corporate’s contemporary steering on contract remediation talks with the EU. The caveat is that the marketplace has no longer totally discounted this but. I’m ranking this corporate as a purchase in mild of the approaching catalysts, and in mild of the super attainable coming from each the chikungunya and Lyme vaccine trade as set out above. Pfizer not too long ago took an fairness funding of 8.1% and has proven repeated and ever more potent hobby within the corporate’s Lyme vaccine candidate.