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The Feiyu Tech GoPro Motion Cam Wearable Gimbal In-Intensity Evaluation

I do know, roughly 97% of you’re looking on the identify at the moment and going “Who the fudge is Feiyu Tech?”  After which about 65% of you’re pronouncing “What the heck is a gimbal?” (and is it associated with a gumball?).  Concern no longer, I’ll quickly resolution either one of the ones.  And for the ones uninitiated on the planet of gimbals, you’ll quickly be inspired.  For the ones of you aware of gimbals – you’ll quickly be geeking out.

For those who’ve watched any extremely produced video on YouTube with plenty of motion – it’s most probably that video had some post-processing achieved to stabilize the pictures and make it seem smoother than it in point of fact is.  That processing is finished in instrument suites equivalent to Adobe Premier or After Results, amongst others.  It’s some way to take away bumps and different distracting issues in pictures.

During the last 1-2 years even though we’ve observed the upward push in affordable gadgets referred to as gimbals, that may stabilize a digicam in real-time, getting rid of or minimizing the desire for publish manufacturing.  A few of these gimbals simply use counter-weights to make one thing smoother.  Whilst others (equivalent to what I display right here) are electronically managed to counteract your actions simply as immediately as you’re making them.  In doing so that you get extremely silky tender pictures.

Up till now – this crop of gimbals (for motion cameras) has in large part been handheld.  You’d take your GoPro and fasten it to what was once necessarily a oversize selfie-stick.  From there, it’d make video glance gorgeous.  However what in the event you sought after to perform a little form of carrying match the place preserving a digicam out entrance wasn’t advisable (i.e. mountain cycling)?  There wasn’t an answer there.

However this previous August an organization (Feiyu Tech) launched a wearable variant in their tremendously well-liked hand held gimbal line-up.  This new wearable mount merely would connect to any GoPro mount (helmet, chest strap, pole, and so on…) – and get the similar prime quality stabilization, however for your frame without delay.

Which…brings us to the unboxing portion of the overview.  Observe that I bought the product with my very own hard earned money (in fact, I bought two of them when I broke one in a suitcase).



The gimbal is available in a relatively neatly secure field.  Each at the external in addition to the internal.  At the out of doors you’ve were given your same old cardboard field – however you’ve additionally were given a separate wearing case inside of too.


If you crack that little bundle open, you’ll in finding all of your portions.  It’ll by no means glance this beautiful once more.


I’ll un-pack them and provide an explanation for them.  Critically, someway all that stuff beneath are compatible into that little factor above.  And once more, like seeking to put a champagne cork again in, it’ll by no means are compatible again in once more.


First up we’ve were given same old GoPro mounts (apart from, with out the GoPro branding), however in point of fact, they’re equivalent.  One flat mount plus 3 stickers.  Additionally, the piece that slides into the flat mount.  We’ve additionally were given the ones two little doohickey’s to the left.  The ones will in fact affix to the gimbal itself, however extra on that during a bit of.


Subsequent you’ve were given a USB updater cable.


Then there’s the mount itself.  Observe at this level we haven’t added all the essential portions to it.  If you do this, it’ll take in extra space and gained’t are compatible again into the little gimbal wearing case really well.


Right here it’s with all its screws.  The smallest screws are for placing on the ones little doohickey’s we talked a few second in the past.  While the longer screws are for the GoPro holder piece.  Then the usual GoPro thumbscrew is for attaching the GoPro (even though, you most probably have already got a crapton of the ones).


And in the end, we’ve were given that guide.  You’ll indubitably wish to seek the advice of that a bit of – a minimum of till you memorize the choices.  In case your reminiscence is sort of a goldfish, then all you in point of fact want is solely stay urgent buttons in patterns of: 1 faucet, 2 faucets, 3 faucets, or 4 faucets.  That’s principally the abstract of it.


Now that I’ve defined the guide in principally one line, I’ll in fact dive a bit of deeper into the way it works.

Elementary Operation:

The Feiyu Tech wearable gimbal is tremendous smooth to make use of, assuming you’ll memorize the ones exactly 4 button combos.  At its core it has two elementary ways in which you’ll mount it: Vertically, or Horizontally.

While you get it out of the field you’ll have spotted that the GoPro mounts aren’t connected to the unit, somewhat, it’s important to screw them on.  That is my simplest genuine annoyance at the design of the unit.  No, no longer that I needed to screw them on – however somewhat that their protecting case doesn’t are compatible the mount neatly with them connected.  For the reason that’s the one method to make use of it, it’s a stupidly disturbing omission (you’ll nonetheless are compatible it within the case even though via re-purposing some of the additional protecting items and layering it on most sensible of the bottom foam layer, supplying you with additional top).


Those two GoPro mounts connect to any GoPro mount on the planet.  That’s nice, as it makes compatibility smooth.  The disadvantage even though is that the burden of the gimbal is vital, so you’ll’t slightly get as a lot torque as you wish to have at the screw to stay issues super-snug at the mount.  So it’ll transfer in the event you press at the gimbal, because it has way more leverage than a GoPro would usually.  Nonetheless, it usually works.

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As famous, I connected each GoPro mounts, which supplies me flexibility to mount it each horizontally in addition to vertically.  I take advantage of horizontal on my motorbike, and vertical on a chest harness.  However prior to we move too a long way – what does a gimbal do anyway?  Smartly, right here’s a short video I shot explaining all of the fundamentals.  Particularly, it presentations you ways the digicam remains pointed completely nonetheless in spite of what I’m doing with the gimbal (frame/motorbike/and so on…):

As you’ll see, a gimbal allows you get super-still pictures, with no need to do post-production.

Subsequent, the unit has a unmarried button on it.  This button additionally has a mild beneath it, to help you know while you’ve grew to become it on.  The button acts as each an influence button (via preserving it down for a couple of seconds), in addition to a mode-changing button (urgent it in short):


The choice of instances you press it is going to alternate to other modes.  As an example, press it as soon as and also you’ll be in panning mode.  Press it two times temporarily and it’ll shift to panning and tilting mode (my favourite).  And do it thrice and also you’ll invert the digicam (for transferring between horizontal and vertical modes).  And so forth.  There’s a whole guide with the modes, however principally that and another are all you’ll wish to memorize.  And if all else fails, simply press the button thru 3 iterations until the digicam is pointed the best way you wish to have.


The batteries are positioned within the small compartment with the tiny hand-screw.  It takes either one of the integrated batteries (however they provide you with two extras and a charger).  The unit claims 3 hours of battery existence, however I infrequently were given to the purpose of the use of it that a lot immediately in a row.  I think it’d be extra of a subject snowboarding or such the place I may well be the use of all of it day lengthy.  Plus, your GoPro is much more likely to expire of batteries faster anyway.


In spite of everything, you’ll take into account previous on I famous that I broke some of the gimbals.  This is certainly true.  See, I’ve lengthy had the hand-held gimbal model (mentioned later), and feature discovered that gimbal to be super-easy to take with me on journeys.  I merely toss it on my suitcase and don’t take into accounts it.  I by no means took any case for it or the rest particular.  Thus, whilst the wearable gimbal got here with a case, I figured that took up precious genuine property in my over-stuffed suitcase – so I left it in the back of.

That was once a deficient resolution.  By means of time I were given to my vacation spot, the gimbal had someway been beaten/bent horribly inside my suitcase.  It was once the one factor damaged, and I think someway one thing else pressed sufficient to bend the metals.  Thus, the gimbal phase wasn’t very gimby-like.  So – a phrase to the sensible: Simply use the little case that includes it.  Since the use of mentioned case and nonetheless travelling each week, I haven’t had any problems.

Mountable Places:


The gimbal will also be fastened just about any place you’ll mount a GoPro, because it has a GoPro mounting clip.  However, because the identify of the product implies – it’s intended to be worn (therefore the ‘wearable’ phase).  In order that truthfully narrows it all the way down to about two core places: The chest and the helmet/head.  However there also are circumstances the place it is sensible to mount it in other places – equivalent to on a motorbike.

Certain, there are ancillary wearable places – equivalent to some wrist straps or perhaps a shoulder harness, however the ones are more difficult.  As an example the wrist location would temporarily fail because of orientation problems (going past rotational limits as you progress your hands).

So as an alternative, I targeted maximum of my utilization to:

A) Chest harness
B) Helmet strap
C) On-bike positions

First, it will have to be famous that the gimbal does NOT include any harness or strap.  So that you’ll have to shop for that additional.  I examined each the GoPro and Garmin chest harnesses (Observe: The VIRB X/XE makes use of a chest harness, while the v1 VIRB makes use of a shoulder harness – watch out you get the best one in the event you move that direction).

In my checking out, it made completely no distinction which one you used.  They have been each similarly just right and sucky in the similar tactics.  They have been just right in that they have been smooth to make use of and each have a quick-release choice.  That suggests you’ll go away the chest harness on whilst temporarily taking out the gimbal.


They have been each sucky even though in that the quick-release capability intended the gimbal was once driven even additional away out of your frame – including further soar.  I’m positive there’s a third birthday celebration chest harness in the market that doesn’t have the quick-release and thus pulls the unit quite nearer to the frame.  Although it’s imaginable that can introduce some form of different unanticipated clearance factor.


Subsequent, we’ve were given the pinnacle/helmet choice.  On this case I strapped it to a helmet the use of a GoPro helmet/head strap mount.  In principle I can have put it on a sticky pad, however that form of sticky wouldn’t paintings extraordinarily neatly on my motorbike helmet.  For snowboarding even though, it’d most probably paintings higher.  In the end, I simply strapped it on great and comfortable after which connected the mount to it.  I used the ground attachment piece, which intended that it sat upper that I’d like.  However I didn’t have a lot selection since in a different way the gimbal would hold down in entrance of my nostril.

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Within the helmet state of affairs you’re taking pictures extra of your standpoint (POV) than a normal fastened location.  That is each just right and unhealthy.  At the sure facet it signifies that in the event you flip to take a look at one thing the digicam will apply, and usually achieve this easily.  On the other hand, in the event you flip too rapid, chances are you’ll exceed the panning limits and the unit would possibly shutter quite in that pan.  This may be very true in the event you’re repeatedly having a look left/proper over your shoulder for automobiles or such.


The opposite problem this is that the gimbal is in point of fact rattling heavy for your head.  I wouldn’t wish to trip like this for terribly lengthy.  I did a couple of brief loops across the town, however couldn’t believe doing hours of driving like this with ease.  Possibly on a heavier helmet (like a snowboarding helmet) it wouldn’t really feel so hefty.

Finally, we’ve were given a motorbike mount location.  In the long run this is able to simply as simply be the entrance of a automobile, motorbike or some other transferring factor.  So long as you’ve were given a GoPro suitable mount spot, you’re just right.  In my case, I used the Ok-Edge handlebar mounts, in particular as a result of they’re machined aluminum as opposed to being a plastic mount.  The additional forces implemented when one thing as heavy because the gimbal begins to dance will also be huge – and would most probably simply tear off a plastic mount.



This configuration usually labored neatly, even though there have been a couple of caveats/notes:

A) On a mountain motorbike, it sucked.  The gimbal would keep stabilized on standard mountain motorbike terrain for roughly 20 seconds, after which lose orientation.  I attempted it on 3 other mountain motorcycles on very other terrain.
B) On a avenue motorbike, it was once nice – I had only a few problems there – it labored neatly more often than not.
C) On any motorbike, make certain your brake/transferring cables don’t contact any a part of the mount at any time all over any rotations.  I discovered I needed to zip-tie pull again a few of my cables to verify they don’t block the rotation of 1 axis.  Now not a large deal, however sucks while you understand it quarter-hour after leaving the home.

The largest problem you’ll in finding is that the unit merely doesn’t take care of huge and sharp affects neatly.  So when fastened to a mountain motorbike going over rocks, it’s like taking a baseball bat to the facet of the unit.  The motorbike doesn’t take in the rest, and shortly the unit can be all crooked, like this:


While when fastened on your frame – it infrequently (virtually by no means) did that.  Your frame absorbed that preliminary have an effect on and the gimbal was once ready to do its task retaining issues great and stage.  I’d strongly counsel going the chest harness direction as the most efficient total place for the wearable gimbal, until driving on somewhat tender roads.

Take a look at Movies:


I’ve taken a slew of take a look at movies during the last month or two with the gimbal, and feature merely organized them in a limiteless sequential record of movies beneath.  Maximum of them are biking targeted, however I did come with a operating one.  And at the biking entrance, I’m appearing other mount places (i.e. chest vs helmet) in addition to other terrain (mountain vs avenue).

A) Mountain Cycling – Kananaskis (Chest Harness): On this case I used to be mountain cycling up in Kananaskis, Canada.  Myself and every other traded the use of the GoPro on our chest for those clips:

B) Mountain Cycling – Kananaskis (On-bike mount): This can be a just right instance of why you don’t put it at the motorbike without delay when mountain cycling.  You’ll understand the digicam frequently will get out of alignment and ‘falls over’:

C) Mountain Cycling – Canmore (Chest Harness): Every other Canadian Mountain Cycling Choice, this one the use of the chest harness on wooded terrain at nightfall.  You’ll understand that the greater steadiness approach the digicam symbol high quality seems higher than it will in a different way have, given it was once sundown in dense tall timber.

D) Street Motorbike – Paris (Chest Harness): On this case I rode a easy loop across the block demonstrating numerous avenue prerequisites from super-smooth quite new pavement (first portion) to mild cobblestones (turning onto bridge), to heavier/higher cobblestones (flip after second bridge).  This was once all the use of a chest harness.

E) Street Motorbike – Paris (On-bike mount): Similar actual direction as earlier, however with the gimbal fastened to a Ok-Edge combo GoPro/Garmin mount as an alternative.  You’ll see it did neatly at the smoother sections, however as soon as any cobbles and even vibrations crept in – it began to fail and ’fall over’.

F) Street Motorbike – Paris (Helmet mount): This direction thru/across the streets of Paris the use of a helmet strap as an alternative provides a just right take a look at the professionals and cons of going with the pinnacle fastened variation.  Observe once I flip my head to seem and the way it pans.

G) Use whilst operating: Whilst the unit is horribly over-sized for operating, I do know some can be curious how neatly this works (or doesn’t).  So, I gave it a whirl.  Plus, I did some fancy image in image stuff to turn you simply how loopy it seems whilst I’m operating.

For all the above movies, you’ll see the stabilization continues to be usually slightly spectacular when the mount is operating appropriately, and it’s in point of fact simplest the on-bike fastened state of affairs in tough off-road/avenue prerequisites that’s more difficult.

A Transient Observe at the Hand held Gimbal:


In spite of everything, prior to we get to the abstract I do wish to in short notice that the wearable gimbal  isn’t the best choice.  There could also be a hand held gimbal.  And slightly frankly – I take advantage of this much more than the wearable one.  Although, my use case is slightly distinctive – extra on that during a 2d.

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The hand held gimbal is the way more well-liked gimbal they make, just because it’s been round longer.  It lets you hang the digicam sorta like a selfie-stick, however with out the wish to level it at your self (you’ll if you wish to have even though).


It has a an identical button device because the wearable gimbal in that you’ll temporarily alternate modes as you would like.  It additionally makes use of the similar batteries.


That is nice for doing the rest strolling or operating the place you’re preserving the unit, it additionally works neatly for biking.  However once more, you’ll wish to hang the digicam when you do your factor.  For me, I’ve been the use of it the ultimate 12 months or so for taking movies whilst at the motorbike or operating, in particular of watches and motorbike computer systems.  It guarantees I am getting super-smooth pictures that you’ll in fact learn the textual content at the display screen (as an alternative of my bouncing).   Right here’s an instance of 1 such video right here shot with the hand-held gimbal whilst driving this previous fall (chatting with the brand new Specialised e-Motorbike):

And right here’s one whilst operating that I put in combination for the Fitbit Blaze:

In the long run, if somebody have been to inform me to stay just one gimbal – it’d in fact be the hand-held gimbal somewhat than the wearable one.  However once more, my use case is relatively distinctive in comparison to maximum.

Additionally – notice that there were a couple of Kickstarter tasks today with some beautiful cool gimbal answers.  A few of them providing some fascinating instrument choices, in addition to third birthday celebration non-GoPro compatibility.  They all glance nice – however none of them are to be had these days.  And with any Kickstarter or Indiegogo challenge, I wouldn’t accept as true with them until they send.



The wearable gimbal is beautiful cool, and we’ll unquestionably proceed to peer the scale shrink over the years from new competition.  Presently, it’s some of the simplest mainstream choices in the marketplace that you’ll in fact put on.  Plus, it comes from probably the most widely recognized corporations within the box (even though it’s no longer precisely a family identify).

My suggestions could be to make use of the product in exactly the best way the product is known as: Worn.  Which means, the identify is the ‘wearable gimbal’, no longer the ‘mountable gimbal’.  In my revel in when worn at the frame – it’s superior.  On the other hand, when fastened to one thing like (like my motorbike), the effects are extra blended.  Now not at all times terrible or unhealthy, however simply closely blended.  Once in a while it’s nice, and once in a while it simply ‘falls over’.

As for the handheld gimbal, in the event you generally tend to do extra common movies and wish gimbal pictures jumbled together right here and there, then I’d move that direction.  I’ve had iterations of it for a couple of years now and simply like it.  It’s at all times on my journeys with me, and also you’ve lengthy observed pictures from it in my movies – even though you didn’t understand it.  Preferably, that’s the function: Make the pictures so tender and blank that you simply don’t take into accounts it.


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