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Shimano Dura-Ace R9100P Energy Meter In-Intensity Assessment


It’s been nearly two years since Shimano first introduced their intentions to promote an influence meter advanced in-house, introduced within the lead-up to the Excursion de France in June 2016.  That summer time, a handful of professional riders can be observed using prototypes of it.  The ones numbers higher once more in spring 2017 with rather extra WorldTour particular person riders the use of it, and once more much more in 2018 at the WorldTour roster.  But it surely wasn’t till this previous fall and iciness when it began transport in restricted amounts to the hundreds had been we in a position to begin to see whether or not or no longer it used to be correct, in addition to see the way it in comparison to different choices in the marketplace.

And that’s what I’ve been doing for the couple months or so with a last R9100P unit – seeing the way it compares to different relied on persistent meters and running shoes in the marketplace.  No longer simply in options in fact, but in addition sides like accuracy throughout persistent values and cadence values.  In addition to left-right stability.

As with any gadgets I’m despatched, this media loaner unit will quickly return to Shimano. Every now and then for persistent meters I am going out and purchase my very own afterwards, however I’m not sure on whether or not I’ll do this right here – just because I have already got a large number of crankset persistent meters in my stock and it is a beautiful expensive one.  Nevertheless, when you in finding this publish helpful – be at liberty to hit up the hyperlinks on the finish of the publish, I a lot admire it!

With that, let’s dig into issues.

The Portions and Set up:

In my case, I used to be despatched a unit sans-fancy retail field. Most commonly with the purpose of having me a unit quicker moderately than later, as is steadily the case.  Nevertheless, my working out is it’s the similar portions as another.


Right here’s what you’ve were given above:

A) Pressure-side crankset with chainrings
B) Non-drive facet crank
C) Charging cable
D) Bag of portions for set up: Magnet, cable set up gear, crank arm hollow duvet, magnet set up instrument

And that’s about it. Beautiful easy, as maximum persistent meters are at the moment.

When you turn over the drive-side crankset, you’ve were given the right-side sensor that’s hooked up to the crank arm.  No longer appreciably other than how numerous others measure pressure on their persistent meters (Levels, 4iiii, Pioneer, Specialised, and a number of lesser-known manufacturers).  You’ll see the emblem for ANT+ sitting there as effectively, indicating its compatibility.


Decrease at the crank arm is the ANT+ ID etched into it, in conjunction with the crank period.  Whilst this unit says ‘prototype’, I’ve been informed it’s a last manufacturing unit.  Every now and then more than a few manufacturers will etch that into media loaner gadgets, to forestall resale.  Polar does the similar factor in some instances.  No longer that it issues to me, it is going again to them later this week.  Additionally, this unit is operating the newest firmware as of March twenty sixth.


In the meantime, at the non-drive (left) facet you’ve were given some other small pod, the place it measures your left leg persistent output.


Now that is the place the Shimano unit is in contrast to many others in the marketplace.  It doesn’t take coin-cell batteries in each and every facet.  Moderately, it has a cable connecting the 2.  You’ll be able to see that cable previous to set up, popping out of the left crank arm.  And this has the cascading implication that Shimano could also be making a small channel throughout the crank arm to run the facility from the pod right down to the facility provide connector.


Right here’s a fab diagram from Shimano in a press packet I were given appearing it:


In any tournament, we’ll dig into all that afterward.  First, let’s get it put in.  I pulled open the set up directions and move to paintings.


The very first thing we’ll do is set up the magnet.  That’s the place we use this small magnet instrument to measure the optimal distance from the ground bracket to the place the magnet must move.  Whilst given two magnets, just one is used – purely at the drive-side (appropriate facet).

DSC_0537 DSC_0541

Then we’ll take the force facet crankset and make sure the protecting cap is positioned onto it earlier than sticking it throughout the backside bracket.  You’ll be able to see right here what it protects – the cabling (left), in addition to the cap positioned at the finish (appropriate).

DSC_0548 DSC_0549

As soon as that’s executed you’ll very in moderation position the left crank arm onto the spindle.


You then’ll insert a type of set up portions into it, in moderation to be sure you don’t slice open the cable.


After that you just’ll rotate the cable connector again into position smartly throughout the small spider-like element you simply inserted.


Subsequent, you’ll tighten at the crank arm like every previous Shimano crank arm.  If the above sounds advanced, it’s no longer. It’s just a little frightening the primary time that you just don’t screw up in an immense means.  However realistically, it’s beautiful simple.


In any case, you’ll upload the little cable duvet cap to the entire setup – making for a pleasing and tidy setup.

DSC_0561 DSC_0562

And with all stated and executed, right here’s what you’ve were given:


With the entirety all set – we’ll get into one of the vital fundamentals.  However first, right here’s an influence meter recognizing pro-tip for you.  Wanna understand how you’ll spot a Shimano persistent meter from afar (even with a well-painted magnet)?  The battery pod.  Merely search for that tiny little pod with two dots (one mild, one button) nestled between the spider palms of the crankset.  Each persistent meter in the marketplace has their ‘inform’, and that is one of the best ways to identify the R9100P when motorcycles are flying previous.

Basic Use Evaluate:


For probably the most section, the R9100P works identical to maximum different ANT+ dual-sided persistent meters.  By way of that, I supposed that it announces persistent, cadence, and gear stability, as you’d be expecting.  It additionally helps usual zero-offset instructions from head gadgets like a Garmin software.  I say that to not skip over the main points, however to state what at the moment has change into in large part the norm: persistent meters following requirements.  With about fifteen persistent meter distributors in the market these days, maximum of them apply those requirements and do it effectively – Shimano integrated.

And in contrast to 5 or ten years in the past, the general public available in the market for an influence meter perceive the fundamentals of tips on how to educate with them.  Thus I will kinda get instantly into the Shimano-specific main points.  And the primary one is one of the distinctive to Shimano’s setup: Charging.  No different unit in the marketplace does it moderately like this.

As you noticed within the setup/set up segment, you’ve threaded a cord connecting the left facet to appropriate facet by way of the ground bracket.  That signifies that you’ll price at the drive-side (appropriate facet) and it’ll persistent all sides.  To price, you’ll first open the small plastic door close to the spider:


If there’s the rest I’d say is a design flaw within the Shimano device, it’s this.  This door is as flimsy as Janet Jackson’s cloth cabinet, and can simply malfunction whilst you pull it too onerous.  Now it’s technically no longer the door piece itself that’s flimsy, however moderately the over-engineered design of it.  Which means that that whilst you do inevitably wreck it, it’ll require you ship it again to Shimano to mend, since there’s a slender tethered ribbon that connects into the facility meter someplace inaccessible.


In any tournament, door considerations apart, the magnetic charger merely pops on and remains put.  You’ll attach it up by way of USB charging, which the guide says takes about 2.5 hours to price.


However like the general public, I simply charged it in a single day. The rechargeable battery is mentioned to final 300 hours, even though I will’t simply examine that. But it surely didn’t die at any low battery cost for me, in order that’s just right.


Talking of lighting fixtures, see that blue remove darkness from there? That presentations up throughout calibration, charging, and gear on.  However you’ll additionally press the little button subsequent to it to get the present battery state at any time. A inexperienced LED way 20%-100% battery final.  A purple mild way 0%-20% final (plus a message on your head unit indicating low-battery).  And no mild way you ran out of battery solely.

Subsequent, I must notice once more the magnet is certainly required consistent with Shimano.  As I confirmed within the set up, you do want to position a magnet at the body for the unit to decide the entirety from persistent to cadence.  With out it, no success (or love).  At the moment, I’m no longer solely positive I am getting that way.  Positive, 10 years in the past that used to be common.  However sorta like movie, it’s most commonly out of fashion at the moment.  Accelerometers are used, and just about each persistent meter in the marketplace these days is greater than just right sufficient each on and off-road with such era (for professionals and customary folks like us alike).


In fact, it doesn’t topic that the magnet is each gigantic in addition to fugly.  Evaluate that to the range package of magnets you used to get from Quarq that you should set up in a number of unseen puts.  However good day…no less than it’s no longer the outdated and loopy Pioneer or Infocrank magnet setups (the ones setups too, are lengthy long past).  I assume some spray paint would possibly repair what’s in a different way a ravishing persistent meter right here.

In principle, consistent with the paperwork I won, I must have had a black magnet cap in there too, however as a substitute, I simply were given two white ones.  A black magnet duvet would transfer the needle a bit of at the fugly standing.


Price a passing point out is that Shimano states all the persistent componentry provides 70g over and above a typical R9100 crankset.  When it comes to comparability to one thing like Levels, that’s in reality exactly double the load penalty (35g for Levels LR on a Dura-Ace R9100).  Despite the fact that, you’ll debate whether or not it’s value it with regards to rechargeable battery (300 hrs) as opposed to coin cellular battery (175 hrs).

Shifting alongside subsequent we’ve were given the protocols the unit announces on, which these days is in reality not so good as that of the contest. That’s as a result of regardless of being Bluetooth succesful, the R9100P solely announces persistent on ANT+ these days, and no longer Bluetooth Sensible.  So when you sought after to hook it as much as Zwift or TrainerRoad by way of iOS/Apple TV (or some Android gadgets), you’d be out of success. And Suunto/Polar consumer? You wish to have no longer practice both – because it received’t paintings with the ones.


However Shimano says it has Bluetooth you assert?  That’s true, it does, however just for gaining access to the facility meter by way of Shimano’s cellular app to test environment and such. Extra on that during a second.

In any tournament, it transmits each persistent and cadence, in addition to further metrics in sure instances.  Right here’s the entire record:

ANT+ Energy (overall)
ANT+ Energy Steadiness (left/appropriate)
ANT+ Cadence
ANT+ Pedal Smoothness
ANT+ Torque Effectiveness

For example of what you’ll see recorded afterwards, right here’s a Garmin Attach report (click on right here to view) recorded by way of an Edge 1030 with the Shimano R9100P.  Or a handy guide a rough screenshot under:



Shimano has simply mentioned ‘later in 2018’ for after they’ll upload in Bluetooth Sensible persistent broadcasting, which they do intend on doing.  What’s bizarre is that it’s one of these trivially simple factor for them to try this it’s atypical they haven’t executed it but.

Shifting alongside to calibration and 0 offset, you’ll carry out each by way of ANT+ or by way of the smartphone app over Bluetooth Sensible, the use of a Garmin head unit to zero-offset your unit.  Typically, I do that earlier than each trip, as a handy guide a rough validation that issues are running as anticipated.

You’ll cause a calibration identical to you may different persistent meters by way of going into the ‘Calibration’ remark to your head unit.


The Shimano unit will then file again 5050, which is all I ever were given as a reaction again.  This most likely correlates to a two-part reaction very similar to 4iiii/Specialised, wherein the primary section is for one facet and the second one two digits for the opposite facet.  I’ll get some rationalization from Shimano in this even though.


The disadvantage is that it could possibly make monitoring calibration/glide variances more difficult because you’re no longer given a particular 0 offset.

As well as, you’ll use the Shimano e-Tube app to hook up with your persistent meter and carry out the similar 0 offset.  This is identical app you’ll use for different Shimano merchandise.  It’s no longer precisely as stunningly beautiful as your Dura-Ace crankset…however it’s most commonly purposeful.  First, you’ll want to pair it up.  This solely takes a moment, and primary searches for the unit, after which calls for you input a pairing code in. I don’t consider I’ve observed another pairing codes in persistent meters thus far.

2018-03-25 17.00.36 2018-03-25 17.06.08 2018-03-25 17.06.19

Instantly after getting into within the default password, it’ll require you to go into in a brand new pairing code.  I’d strongly counsel going with one thing that although you disregard, you’ll take note.  As an example – converting from the default 000000 to 123456.

2018-03-25 17.06.24 2018-03-25 17.06.44

After that’s executed it’ll mechanically drive any firmware replace to be had at the unit.  Beware, there’s no possibility for deferral right here.  So when you’re no longer in a great place (both because of time constraints or what-not) then it’s possible you’ll no longer need to open up the Shimano app.  It took possibly a couple of mins to get issues all finished, even though, it did take two makes an attempt in my case.  The primary strive failed for some unknown explanation why, after which I needed to look forward to the device to completely timeout (most likely 10 mins?).

2018-03-25 17.07.02 2018-03-25 17.07.33

As soon as the app is opened even though, there’s mainly simply two pages (plus a basic Shimano e-Tube app settings web page).  The overall environment web page is proven at the left.  Then, within the heart, there’s a ‘tracking’ web page, which lets you see your present persistent/cadence, and carry out a nil offset (and notice battery standing on the most sensible).  And after all, at the a long way appropriate web page, you’ll see the unit and improve firmware accordingly.

2018-03-25 19.43.29 2018-03-25 19.43.19 2018-03-25 19.43.42

And that’s it. There’s not anything else throughout the app associated with the facility meter. No serial numbers or identical to take a look at, nor another settings to take a look at.  Easy and easy.

With that, let’s dig into probably the most awaited segment – the accuracy items.

Energy Meter Accuracy Effects:


I’ve lengthy stated that in case your persistent meter isn’t correct, then there’s no level in spending cash on one.  Strava can provide you with estimated persistent that’s ‘shut sufficient’ without spending a dime, so when you’re gonna invest in one thing it shouldn’t be a random quantity generator.  But there are particular situations/merchandise the place an influence meter is also much less correct than others, or most likely it’s were given identified edge instances that don’t paintings.  Neither product sort is unhealthy – however you simply want to know what the ones use/edge instances are and whether or not it suits your funds or necessities.

As all the time, I got down to in finding that out.  In persistent meters these days, one of the vital largest demanding situations is out of doors stipulations.  Normally talking, indoor stipulations are beautiful simple to maintain, however I nonetheless get started there nevertheless.  It lets in me to dig into spaces like high and low cadence, in addition to simply how blank numbers are at steady-state persistent outputs.  While outside lets in me to seem into water ingest considerations, temperature and humidity permutations, and the all-important street floor sides (e.g. vibrations).  For reference, Shimano has a claimed accuracy fee of +/- 2% for the R9100P (particularly claimed at 300w and 90RPM).

In my checking out, I in most cases use between 2-4 different persistent meters at the motorbike immediately.  I in finding that is the easiest way to validate persistent meters in real-world stipulations.  In relation to these kind of exams with the Shimano unit I used to be the use of those different persistent meters similtaneously:

Garmin Vector 3 Pedals
JetBlack WhisperDrive Sensible Instructor
Magene Gravat2 Sensible Instructor
PowerTap G3 Hub Energy Meter Wheelset
Wahoo KICKR 2017/V3 Instructor

Typically, my use of alternative merchandise is maximum steadily tied to different issues I’m checking out.  Additionally, in the case of knowledge assortment, I take advantage of a mix of the NPE WASP knowledge assortment gadgets, and a fleet of Garmin head gadgets (most commonly Edge 520/1000/1030 gadgets, but in addition a Hammerhead Karoo too for the Shimano unit).


(Geekery Sidebar: The above photograph is in reality appearing Shimano knowledge.  At the Edge 1030 when you use the Garmin Biking Dynamics default knowledge web page, it’ll populate the left/appropriate stability knowledge into the Energy Segment graphical fields up most sensible.)

Observe the entire knowledge may also be discovered within the hyperlinks subsequent to each and every evaluate.  Additionally, for loss of any place else to stay it – the R9100P does have lively temperature reimbursement, because of this that it’s actively tracking the temperature and accounting for it throughout the pressure gauges accordingly.

First, let’s get started indoors with a Zwift consultation from final week. All knowledge is recorded instantly to particular person head gadgets. Right here’s the DCR Analyzer hyperlink for this set if you wish to dive in additional deeply.  The random inexperienced line you spot on the 10-minute marker is solely the instructor getting into into calibration mode, so you’ll forget about that.


As you’ll see, around the board issues glance beautiful constant and beautiful just right, from all 3 gadgets in reality.  Observe that the Instructor will learn a bit of decrease as anticipated, for the reason that it’s additional down the drive-chain than the opposite gadgets.

Let’s zoom in a single some sections after the 10-minute calibration level, simply to look how issues are monitoring as I randomly trip via Zwift.  What you spot here’s that the Vector 3 and Shimano gadgets are like white on rice – extremely shut.  Just a little extra separation to the Gravat2 teacher, basically when my persistent drops, which is not unusual for plenty of running shoes to look a bit of of separation there because the flywheel slows.


Whilst we move into some sprints (those are all smoothed at 5-seconds to allow you to learn), they’re very shut:


They’re solely 14 watts aside on 845w, which is just one.6% distinction between the 2 primary on-bike gadgets.  Or throughout the tolerance you’d be expecting, even taking into account a dash, the place I hardly ever can get persistent meters to check for maximum persistent.

Since the remainder of that trip is beautiful uninteresting from an accuracy point of view (it’s best), we’ll glance in short at cadence.  However that’s additionally uninteresting – it’s best.  Even some quick peaks as much as 125RPM and issues are exactly the similar between Vector 3 and the Shimano.


So let’s head outdoor.  I’ve were given various different teacher rides (and we’ll come again to 1 in a bit of), however all of the remainder of the indoor rides are uninteresting.  If you wish to take a look at some your self, you can click on right here and right here and right here (that’s a a laugh one with quick 30-second durations) and right here (additionally a laugh).

Thus, outdoor we’re.  This time for a fairly easy loop on most commonly clean roads, even though two transient cobble sections for the joys of it (sure, I used to be in reality in a position to discover a segment of cobblestones in Australia, some new and upcoming community concept it’d be stylish or one thing).  Right here’s the DCR Analyzer hyperlink.  Observe that you just’re having a look at dual-recordings of the Shimano unit, one at the Edge 1030 and one at the Hammerhead Karoo.  Extra major is that they’re equivalent, which is all the time just right.


In spite of everything, let’s randomly zoom into a couple of chunks of persistent to look what’s occurring between the 3 gadgets.


Whilst a bit of more difficult to learn, what you spot here’s a tiny bit extra separation between the gadgets.  The Vector 3 and Shimano are additional aside.  No longer vastly so, however about 4-10w generally.  In a really perfect international, they’d be nearer, however I’ve discovered getting gadgets to be inside a couple of watts outdoor is all the time tricky.

What you do see alternatively is each the Vector 3 and Shimano gadgets in short drop for approximately 1-2 seconds each and every.  Best as soon as within the report, and at other occasions.  It’s no longer transparent why that is.  Alternatively, my bet is extra temporary interference than the rest.  Why’s that?

As a result of on the subject of the Shimano drop, it wasn’t the broadcasting, however moderately the receiving facet that blipped.  As you’ll see, at the Karoo the trip knowledge continues in that hole.  In relation to Vector 3, I wasn’t recording it on some other head unit, so we’ll by no means know there.  Examples of temporary interference may also be the rest from persistent strains to a GoPro’s WiFi within sight.  It’s uncommon, but it surely does occur…even to me.

Subsequent up, a brief dash.  That is smoothed at 3-seconds, however nonetheless, the facility hovers round 700w for approximately 10-seconds.  What you’ll in an instant understand is the PowerTap G3 used to be considerably upper, even right through the trip up till this level, that’s atypical.  But it surely used to be additionally the first actual trip in this emblem new wheelset.  And after this unmarried dash?  It perceived to settle out and agree.  In truth, when you take a look at the remainder of the trip and the following dash, it’s spot-on.  That’s no longer peculiar for persistent meters to want a just right whack to the facet of the pinnacle (dash) on a primary trip to tighten up (it’s in reality 100% the norm).  This seems to be that dash.


However, we’re no longer right here to pass judgement on the G3.  As an alternative, it’s concerning the Shimano unit.  And that used to be inside 5-10w of the Vector 3 pedals all the time.  Greater than cast for a dash.

So let’s head onto some other knowledge report.  This time a gaggle trip.  Workforce rides are attention-grabbing from a knowledge point of view as a result of the close to steady forestall and get started pedaling motion that happens as you stay your self in position within the peloton.  It additionally signifies that your trip report has a giant-ass hollow in the course of it, as in Australia they do a correct close to hour-long forestall for espresso.  Right here’s the DCR Analyzer report.


As you’ll see, it’s a bit of of a multitude to take a look at and analyze.  However no longer not possible.  We’ve simply gotta paintings more difficult at it.  Or, merely use the zoom instrument.  Right here’s a random snippet of the trip to dissect:


What we see here’s that generally, the 3 gadgets are very shut.  However nonetheless, there are some variations.  Maximum significantly that the Shimano unit turns out to very on occasion underreport transient power-ups (to make use of a Zwift-like time period).  Which means, micro-sprints.  When you take a look at the above you’ll see how I’m continuously preventing and beginning pedaling.  Because you’re having a look at a 10-second smoothed view above, let’s take a look at the horrifically messy non-smoothed view:


It’s nearly like paintings. Virtually.

And, to be transparent, I’m getting extremely detailed right here.  However nonetheless, to increase a bit of on what you spot is a 1-3 moment burst in persistent within the highlighted space the place I went from simple pedaling at 200w to 500w.  Standard workforce using shifts.  However the Shimano doesn’t seize it.  The Vector 3 captures it probably the most correctly, after which the PowerTap G3 captures it most commonly, however no longer the Shimano.


However this development is repeated moderately a bit of, thus inflicting this slight micro-reduction in overall persistent.

It’s in reality similar to what I see on Favero Assioma’s with very transient forestall and get started pedaling conduct like this (however if so, on a shared motorbike/pedestrian trail).

Now – does this affect issues significantly?  Neatly, no longer actually.  Positive, having a look at totals is the least not unusual denominator, however on this particular case – it’s in reality what we care about.  As a result of realistically no person cares about pack efficiency whilst using within the peloton when you’re coasting as opposed to no longer coasting.  When you’re rather off on wattage, it simply doesn’t topic in any sensible means.  And this doesn’t show off itself in different using instances both.

If we take a look at abstract stats, you’ll see it has just about no affect on weighted or moderate persistent.  Weighted persistent is mainly very similar to Normalized Energy.


And it has just about no affect at the mean-max persistent graphs both, all of which might be very identical.


It’s necessarily an imperfection.  Virtually each persistent meter has some imperfection, it’s only a topic of whether or not that imperfection issues or affects you.

Now, the massive query lots of you will be asking is what about left/appropriate stability? Is that correct too?  Finally, Ben Delaney at Motorcycle Radar discovered problems with left/appropriate accuracy.  And it’s a humorous factor in some ways.  See, it’s theoretically not possible to be misguided on left/appropriate stability however correct on persistent dimension.  That’s as a result of on the subject of the Shimano unit, left/appropriate stability is measured independently from the real left/appropriate wattages.  Thus if stability is mistaken – it way one (or each) of the 2 aspects could also be measuring mistaken.

In fact, it’s conceivable to nonetheless have overall persistent proper if each left and appropriate stability are mistaken, as a result of one may also be prime and the opposite low.

(Sidebar: I’m very particularly desirous about working out problems the place left/appropriate stability is most probably wrong.  No longer on instances the place a rider believes their left/appropriate stability is magically 50%/50% – as a result of that’s in reality moderately uncommon.  Nor on instances the place one tries to match knowledge from other rides/days.  That knowledge is sadly unnecessary from a comparability point of view, regardless of how a lot we need to consider in a different way.  As an alternative, I’m purely specializing in more than one persistent meters at the similar trip.)

There’s no higher option to dig into left/appropriate stability problems than a fast single-leg pedaling check.


First, what you spot above is overall persistent (smoothed at 10-seconds), executed on a sensible teacher with a collection wattage.  The check used to be executed in blocks of roughly 1 minute each and every:

1) 60 seconds each legs
2) 60 seconds right-only
3) 60 seconds each legs
4) 75 seconds left-only
5) 60 seconds each legs

I did appropriate just for 75 seconds as soon as as a substitute of 60 seconds as a result of I finished paying consideration and used to be day-dreaming a couple of past due lunch.

However right here’s what that appears like if we separate out the legs:


What are you having a look at?  Neatly, necessarily the left-right stability break up of Garmin and Shimano.  I don’t display the left/appropriate stability break up of the instructor, since that doesn’t do splits.  And it stays consistent at about 180w of overall persistent right through.  The above is smoothed at 4-seconds to make issues clearer.

Now once I’m pedaling with my appropriate leg, my left foot/leg is completely indifferent from the pedal/bicycle (placing out in air like a canine taking a pee).  And the inverse at the different facet.  Thus, no persistent is exerted at the pedals….in principle.

Aside from, in truth, we see a tiny little bit of residual persistent. If we take away the smoothing solely and zoom in, we see it going on, as much as about 4w of left ghost persistent.


Fascinatingly, as you spot within the first symbol, this doesn’t happen once I pedal on my left leg solely.

So why is that this?  Neatly, technically the pedal frame swinging round can in reality exert a drive – kinda like g-forces on an plane.  However in truth, all persistent meters I’ve examined thus far appropriately 0 this out nevertheless.  As an example, you spot the Garmin Vector 3 is completely 0% around the board for the non-active pedal.

However does 4 watts actually topic?  Perhaps…it is dependent extra particularly on what’s inflicting it.

There’s actually two problems right here:

A) Non-zero values on zero-value situations (phantom left knowledge)
B) Wrong values duration

The primary one is solely deficient dealing with of information, but it surely’s one thing Shimano must be capable to repair.  The second even though is what Ben at Motorcycle Radar is most likely seeing, and that’s extra advanced (much more advanced).

I think what Shimano is up in opposition to here’s one thing distinctive to express consumer pedaling kinds.  Which means that everybody exerts forces on their pedal, and thus their crank palms rather in a different way.  The ones forces are in flip measured the use of pressure gauges.  And in the long run, appearing you wattage.  But it surely’s in reality way more advanced than that.  Forces in sure instructions are way more tough to account for, and feature lengthy tripped up persistent meter corporations.

It’s possible you’ll take note about 3 years in the past once I had a subject on considered one of 4iiii’s first technology persistent meters.  It might reason all varieties of wonkiness once I particularly rode it, in comparison to a lot of people.  It wasn’t till they captured a number of extra knowledge that they found out it used to be my particular pedaling taste (as customary as that would possibly glance) that used to be producing distinctive forces at the crank palms.

Which isn’t to mention I’ve a novel pedaling taste that considerably affects Shimano.  Nope, I think I don’t.  However as a substitute, I think Ben from Motorcycle Radar does. Finally, Shimano gave him two other gadgets – and each led to the similar factor.  If we roll again the historical past clock, it used to be many months for 4iiii to determine tips on how to cope with this factor of their gadgets, and that’s with a gorgeous deep crew.  It’s no longer transparent right here how lengthy it might take for Shimano to handle this factor.

However I’d watch out to represent it as only a stability factor.  It’s simply manifesting itself as that, however in truth I think there are instances the place it’s additionally maximum undoubtedly impacting overall persistent too.

In spite of everything, I will’t particularly say that I’m seeing wide stability problems around the board, regardless of having a look in any respect my information.  In part as it’s additionally actually tricky to, with 100% simple task, say that both Garmin or Shimano is completely proper.  As an alternative, you want to cross-reference in opposition to overall persistent and see the variance first there, after which paintings backwards to identify the stability problems (and thus, wrong dimension problems).

However as for overall persistent, throughout quite a lot of situations together with rain, warmth, temperature shifts, cobblestones, and a bit of extra – issues are in large part very in keeping with a slew of persistent meters I’ve put it up in opposition to – minus the only notable merchandise I raised above.  Oh, and cadence is solely superb too, inside and outside.

(Observe: All the charts in those accuracy sections had been created the use of the DCR Analyzer instrument.  It lets you evaluate persistent meters/running shoes, center fee, cadence, pace/tempo, GPS tracks and lots extra. You’ll be able to use it as effectively to your personal device comparisons, extra main points right here.)

Energy Meter Suggestions:

With such a lot of persistent meters in the marketplace, your alternatives have expanded very much in the previous couple of years.  So nice in reality that I’ve written up a complete publish devoted to persistent meter variety: The Annual Energy Meters Information.

I refresh that annual information each and every fall, and on this case that used to be November – which is inclusive of all of the persistent meter gamers in the marketplace.

The above-noted information covers each fashion of persistent meter in the marketplace (and upcoming) and will give you suggestions for whether or not a given unit is acceptable for you.  There is not any ‘very best’ persistent meter.  There’s merely probably the most suitable persistent meter to your scenario.  You probably have just one form of motorbike I’d counsel one persistent meter as opposed to some other.  Or in case you have other wishes for swapping motorcycles I’d counsel one unit as opposed to some other.  Or in case you have a particular funds or crankset compatibility, it’d affect the solutions.

I additionally just lately revealed a pricing replace a month in the past, masking the place pricing stands for persistent meters generally in 2018, and what my predictions are, going ahead over the rest of the yr.



Everybody within the business is aware of that the Shimano persistent meter we see these days isn’t the end-game for Shimano.  No, the R9100P must most probably be very best seen within the lens of a piece in growth.  No longer such a lot for the tech facet as it’s possible you’ll assume, however for the viability of the product as a baseline element of Shimano’s cranksets.

There’ll in the end be an afternoon whilst you don’t have an possibility to shop for a Dura-Ace crank and not using a persistent meter.  As an alternative, it’ll simply include it. Or in a worst case situation, the associated fee shall be negligibly other.  However in the end, some day, there’ll solely be one form of crank.  However that isn’t the case these days.  In truth, it’s moderately the other.  The ability meter provided Dura-Ace crankset is available in at ~$1,550, which is significantly upper than effectively established Dura-Ace 9100 choices in the marketplace together with the ones by way of Levels, Pioneer, and 4iiii.  Additionally quickly Specialised.  And on the subject of Levels, Specialised, and 4iiii, they come with twin ANT+/Bluetooth Sensible compatibility.  To not point out no longer having one of the vital early teething pains of Shimano.  However once more, most commonly the associated fee differential with the others at about $300 or extra bucks much less and having extra capability.

Which isn’t to mention Shimano received’t get there. They are going to.  It’s simply that at this level there are only a few causes to buy the R9100P over aggressive choices.  Some would possibly desire rechargeable pods of the Shimano, or most likely the singular battery element.  However in the case of accuracy and capability like Bluetooth Sensible persistent broadcasting, the playing cards are stacked in opposition to them.

In fact your next step in Shimano’s persistent meter long term (excluding figuring out the early insects) is getting an Ultegra model of this in the marketplace.  I’m no longer satisfied we’ll see that this yr.  Shimano offered their new Ultegra workforce set final yr, and so they’ve lengthy mentioned they’re on a beautiful predictable ~3 yr cycle.  Given they’re nonetheless suffering to stay alongside of call for for the Dura-Ace persistent meter variant, it’s extremely not likely they’d introduce a lower price model this yr within the type of Ultegra.  That’d simply be undercutting themselves.

Nonetheless, in the end they’ll get there. Like maximum issues Shimano, it’s only a topic of time.

With that – thank you for studying!

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Expectantly you discovered this evaluate helpful. On the finish of the day, I’m an athlete identical to you searching for probably the most element conceivable on a brand new acquire – so my evaluate is written from the point of view of ways I used the software. The opinions in most cases take a large number of hours to position in combination, so it’s a good bit of labor (and hard work of affection). As you most likely spotted by way of having a look under, I additionally take time to respond to all of the questions posted within the feedback – and there’s moderately a bit of of element in there as effectively.

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Discovered This Submit Helpful? Make stronger The Web site!

Expectantly you discovered this evaluate helpful. On the finish of the day, I’m an athlete identical to you searching for probably the most element conceivable on a brand new acquire – so my evaluate is written from the point of view of ways I used the software. The opinions in most cases take a large number of hours to position in combination, so it’s a good bit of labor (and hard work of affection). As you most likely spotted by way of having a look under, I additionally take time to respond to all of the questions posted within the feedback – and there’s moderately a bit of of element in there as effectively.

In case you are searching for the Shimano R9100P Energy Meter or another accent pieces, please believe the use of the associate hyperlinks under! As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. It doesn’t price you the rest additional, however your purchases lend a hand give a boost to this site so much. Much more, when you use or Aggressive Bicycle owner with coupon code DCRAINMAKER, first time customers save 15% on appropriate merchandise!

And naturally – you’ll all the time sign-up to be a DCR Supporter! That will get you an ad-free DCR, get entry to to the DCR Quarantine Nook video sequence filled with at the back of the scenes tidbits…and it additionally makes you superior. And being superior is what it’s all about!

Thank you for studying! And as all the time, be at liberty to publish feedback or questions within the feedback segment under, I’ll feel free to take a look at and solution them as temporarily as conceivable. And finally, when you felt this evaluate used to be helpful – I all the time admire comments within the feedback under. Thank you!

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