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IQ2 Energy Meter Pedals: First Rides Trying out & Knowledge Accuracy


[Updated note – Nov 2020: Please read the text. All of it. Especially the parts where I’m concerned about their ability to execute on the timeframes they’ve specified, and whether or not the unit I received for test is what regular backers would receive. At this juncture, there’s little reason to believe IQ2’s timelines. Just as there wasn’t back in May. That aside, my focus here was on the product from a technology standpoint. Update #2 – Oct 2021: Still no products shipped yet. As with before, still no reason to believe IQ2’s timelines.]

Two years in the past (nearly to the day), IQ2 introduced their then crank arm spacer founded continual meter. It would slot in between any pedal sort and any crank arm, and make allowance continual on roughly any motorcycle with any pedal. In concept, it’d be as regards to the holy grail.

In follow, a yr later (nearly precisely to the day once more) that effort fizzled with none returns, and so they introduced a brand new purpose – a pedal-based continual meter. However now not only one continual meter, however a sequence of them – each street and mountain. For the street facet they’d be offering each single-sided and twin sided Glance-Keo appropriate pedals, whilst for the mountain facet they’d be offering the similar unmarried and twin choices however in a Shimano SPD (MTB) appropriate pedal.

Suffice to mention, neither took place in line with their timelines – however this weekend I were given my moment set (TLDR at the first set was once 3 weeks in the past I rode them and 20 minutes into the primary trip I discovered a {hardware} defect).

For the reason that y’all are extremely keen to listen to whether they’ve produced a correct continual meter, I figured I’d do a daily-double nowadays and knock out each an indoor ERG exercise and an outside varied-terrain exercise after which take a look at the ability meter accuracy records. Easy, proper?

First, some flooring regulations:

1) That is *NOT* a complete evaluate. It’s two rides. 3 when you depend the broke-ass trip from 3 weeks in the past. I generally take a look at continual meters for a month or extra (many months frequently).

2) 2d, that is DEFINITELY now not backed. Whether they paintings I’ll let you know – similar to I posted 3 weeks in the past when it broke.

3) 3rd, I’ve solely were given a single-sided (left) street pedal. I don’t have dual-sided ones, and the ones sound like they’re someday down the street. I don’t have a mountain pedal both.

4) I’m assured that is from their manufacturing line, however I’m now not 100% assured that is what finish customers will obtain. There have been already some production tweaks associated with meeting between the set 3 weeks in the past and this set.

5) I’ve were given no actual readability on once they’ll get started transport to actual other people.

Were given all that? Excellent. Let’s attempt to ruin them. And for that you simply’ve were given two choices: You’ll watch the video, or learn the textual content. Or be a groovy child and do each:

Onto the textual content bits for those who like textual issues.

What’s within the field:


Right here’s the field, once more, of the left-pedal solely variant. In fact, like every pedal-based continual meters, you’ll get a ‘dummy’ proper pedal as smartly. This lacks the digital parts, however another way appears to be like nearly the similar from the outside.


Inside of you’ll to find the 2 pedals and subsequent to them two CR2032 batteries. You’ll solely use one battery.


Underneath that’s the pedal wrench and two spacers for the pedals:



You’ll see the QR code to scan together with your telephone to put in the app (technically it issues to their web page regardless that, however shut sufficient I suppose):


To put in the battery you’ll crack open the facet of the pedal with an Allen key after which slip the battery in there. Oh, and so far as weights move, ask and also you shall obtain:

IQ2 Left: 199g
IQ2 Proper Pedal: 204g
Garmin Vector 3 Pedal: 161g (all sides similar)
Favero Assioma Pedal: 152g (all sides similar)

I don’t know why there’s this sort of giant distinction between the 2. Clearly one has electronics and the opposite doesn’t, however I figured they’d cause them to the similar. Most likely it’s for the reason that proper pedal (non-electronics) is forged inside the spindle. Right here’s the 2 facet via facet:


And for amusing, right here’s the flip-side:


In spite of everything, onwards to put in!

Set up:


For probably the most section, set up harkens again a bit of to the older Glance KEO/Polar/SRM EXAKT pedal set up procedure the place you utilize a wrench to align issues a definite means. It’s now not as finicky as the ones gadgets regardless that, in order that’s sure. But it surely’s indubitably now not as blank as Favero/Garmin/PowerTap and even the brand new SRM X pedal-based continual meters. All of the ones you roughly simply set up as some other pedal.

To start, you’ll realize the pedal has an inside of element that rotates out and in of the spindle. I’d discuss with this because the ‘swirly factor’. Mainly, it’s what tightens into the crank arm and permits the location to be exact. Whenever you’ve were given that cosy towards the pedal, then you definately’ll hand-tighten the pedal to the crank arm.

My photos got here out like crap for no matter reason why, so as an alternative, right here’s a snippet from their set up video. That is useful for others, since they don’t have a written set up information. See, profitable?


Then you definately’ll loosen the ‘inside of’ of the pedal spindle space with a hex wrench one flip:


After that, you’ll use their pedal wrench to horizontally align towards your crank arm, protecting the IQ2 brand going through upwards:


After all, you’ll tighten that inside of nut/swirly factor up:


Then, you’ll do a 0 offset:


Realistically, as I’ve discovered – you’ll wish to do a couple of sprints first, then do a 0 offset, and in all probability toss in a couple of mins for temperature stabilization too.

Additionally, rather annoyingly, this complete procedure needs to be performed staring at a YouTube video – reasonably than being within the app or on a clickable internet web page with step-by-step items. So that you’re looking to pause each and every step, be sure you’re turning issues the correct means, and so on… My makes an attempt at set up are as follows

Set #1: First strive – simple good fortune, correct immediately
Set #2: First strive – concept it was once just right, then rapid accuracy dumpster fireplace
Set #2: 2d thru fourth makes an attempt: A large number nonetheless, ultimately were given myself again to sq. 0
Set #2: 5th strive: Nailed it! A couple of sprints, a 0 offset or 5, and I’m just right!

I think the problem with the center ones was once that it wasn’t reasonably tight sufficient. I had performed it ‘commonplace pedal tight’, and I believe it wanted extra, and evolved a bit of of play. The video says a torque wrench is non-compulsory – however I’ve a humorous feeling you want to skew extra in opposition to gorilla tight than commonplace pedal tight. Simply my wager.

In spite of everything, just right to head now.

Teacher Trip:


For the indoor trip I loaded up TrainerRoad. On this configuration TrainerRoad solely talked to the Wahoo KICKR (2018 Version). After which I one at a time recorded the IQ2 continual meter on a Garmin Edge 530:


I additionally at the same time as recorded the Wahoo KICKR on an Edge 830, whilst recording a Quarq DZero on a Fenix 6. I additionally had a couple of different issues recording HR and what now not from Polar Grit X.

For the take a look at, I decided on TrainerRoad’s Apple Orchard. This wasn’t a super-challenging exercise in the case of loopy continual, however I figured it’d be a just right place to begin to turn each steadiness of continual in longer chunks, in addition to responsiveness briefly 15-20 moment take a look at periods.


Observe that what made it somewhat more difficult is I did it 1.5x, since I spent the primary strive troubleshooting accuracy/set up problems. We’ll forget about that right here and skip to once I were given it great and tight and glad.

For that, right here’s that records set within the DCR Analyzer:


As you’ll see, it’s lovely darn an identical. Every of my continual meters (together with the teacher) took their flip with what’s most probably some type of WiFi or different wi-fi sign interference. They all dropped for a moment or two. I’m going to forget about that, since they all did it. I’ll construct a tin-foil castle day after today.

First, let’s take a look at the warm-up section (first 12 minutes):


Whilst those are an identical, there’s a bit of extra of a spikey-thing happening with the IQ2 continual meter. You notice it present itself as a somewhat upper wattage than the others. I’m much less excited by it being constantly excessive (that’s in fact to be anticipated), and more-so the truth that the pink line of the IQ2 spikes continuously above the others.

That mentioned, the spikey-bits don’t seem within the outside trip later. So in all probability that’s just a little of the unit settling in after set up. It’s one thing I’ll take a look at extra intently after longer-term checking out.

Every of the period units are kind of the similar, so I’ll simply pick out on the final one since I determine issues would have settled probably the most via then (additionally, it has no drop-outs from any of the gadgets).


Those are all great an identical. We see the Quarq going a bit of upper than the others on all units, a development I’ve observed in contemporary exams of mine. I don’t generally tend to peer it as a lot outdoor. No longer positive why. However within the scope of this take a look at, it’s negligible – most of these gadgets are great shut right here.

If we take a look at the mean-max chart, you’ll see it’s crays shut. The Wahoo KICKR is precisely the place it will have to be (less than the remaining) – because it’s additional down the drivetrain:


And cadence is exactly just like the Quarq, minus the 2 gadgets’ various sign dropouts:


Apart from the slight little bit of spikiness at the IQ2, there’s not anything to be disenchanted about right here. That is just about a picture-perfect set. I may just upload a host extra phrases, or I may just move consume cookies. All you want to grasp is previous on this similar paragraph.

(Observe: All the charts in those accuracy sections had been created the usage of the DCR Analyzer device.  It means that you can examine continual meters/running shoes, middle fee, cadence, velocity/tempo, GPS tracks and lots extra. You’ll use it as smartly on your personal system comparisons, extra main points right here.)

Outdoor Trip:


Subsequent, I headed out of doors for a loop of various terrain. Some smoother pavement, some grittier pavement, some farm animals grates, some rougher brick, some gravel. Sure, gravel: Why now not?


Now, you’ll watch a amusing montage of that within the video on the most sensible of the put up, however for right here we’ll get directly into the knowledge. Right here’s the review – on this case, I swapped out the Wahoo KICKR for a PowerTap G3 hub in my rear wheel. Quarq continues to be there as smartly. Right here’s the high-level view (and right here’s the knowledge set):


I do know, that’s kinda messy and difficult to peer – outside rides most often glance that means because of the consistent shifts in depth. So as an alternative, let’s pick out some items. First, this slightly secure segment right here:


It begins off with a bit of of a dash off the road, after which digs in for some great secure 250-325w cruising, prior to ultimately finishing at some other stop-light. Nonetheless, all 3 continual meters are inside a couple of watts in maximum puts. There’s no main outlier records issues right here, nor anything else of big worry. Take into account once more, that the IQ2 is a left-only continual meter, and as such, goes to be somewhat extra variable because of my commonplace leg variations. The Quarq & PowerTap G3 Hub are each general continual gadgets.

Subsequent, some other stoplight to stoplight chew. For probably the most section, issues are very an identical right here. Somewhat extra variability in the second one to moment records issues then again throughout all gadgets. I’m in truth now not positive why. It’s now not large, however it’s now not reasonably as crispy as one of the most different parts. This was once slightly commonplace pavement. There’s one drop-out from the IQ2 on the 34-minute marker that corresponds with a slight surge within the others. Given the suitable timing, this turns out some distance much less more likely to be an interference dropout factor, and some distance much more likely to be an set of rules factor. It’s one thing I’ll be maintaining a tally of one day.


Subsequent, the gravel segment. This was once an out and again segment, with the turn-around within the center. As you’ll see, I used to be cruising at between 300 and 500w throughout this. Take no prisoners on my aero wheels!

That mentioned, you notice some slight variability from everybody – even with 5-second smoothing on right here. It’s now not as blank as different sections, however it’s additionally 100% utterly usable records from all gamers. No participant is any higher than the opposite right here.


After that time, the Karoo unit that the PowerTap G3 was once recording on ran out of battery. I didn’t precisely assume that one thru once I left the cave with sub-10% battery whilst additionally display recording.

No worries, not anything thrilling occurs after that time anyway. As for the mean-max chart – great blank – someone could be pleased with this:


On cadence, there’s a couple of blips in there – issues which are laborious to note within the grand scheme of stuff – kind of 1-second blips, however simply observed on a chart like this.


My wager is that is a space the place a bit of extra paintings will also be performed nonetheless. On this segment, it was once most commonly common pavement, however it’s imaginable those precise blips line-up with some particular pot-hole or what-not.

General regardless that, I believe this can be a lovely darn just right get started. With some very minor tweaks they are able to get that final little bit that may well be inflicting the occasional drop-out within the set of rules. And I believe it’d be lovely laborious to argue that the level of those dropouts is anything else however minor at this time.

Does all the out of doors trip fit the stableness of one of the most different gamers? No. However is it 99.9% of the way in which there? Sure, completely.

Wrap Up:


When the primary take a look at unit they gave me 3 weeks in the past failed, it did so in this sort of impressive (and in point of fact distinctive) type that in accordance with their reaction I may just inform they had been past confused. Such a lot in order that it in fact gave me self belief of their skills (as atypical as that may sound). Once in a while continual meter firms will attempt to hem and haw about how a subject isn’t a subject, or that it’s one thing I’m doing incorrect, or blah-blah-blah.

Nope, IQ2 was once lovely transparent on the time that no matter went horribly incorrect was once one thing they’ve by no means observed prior to and that they in point of fact sought after to determine it out (it helped that I had video and data-driven proof appearing the problem). The end result was once many days of digging to seek out what they said as a foul PCB because of it now not being QA’d in meeting.

That procedure has since modified, and this moment set turns out simply fantastic in accordance with those two restricted rides. Sure, their directions want a re-write (in fact, they simply wish to be written, it’s solely in a silent video at this time). And sure, they want to bear in mind to let you know to position within the battery. And sure, I’d be curious to grasp why the pedals are that other in weight.

Alternatively, the object you care about: Precise continual accuracy out at the street – may be very very spectacular for this being this early within the product free up cycle. Maximum continual meters I see generally tend to take a bunch extra months (even years) to succeed in this point after gross sales free up. Albeit, this nonetheless hasn’t began transport to common shoppers.

Nonetheless – I’m positive for the place the corporate goes right here. The following problem (and it’s a problem that has confused even the largest continual meter firms) is scaling up manufacturing from a handful of gadgets every week to loads or hundreds. However everybody likes a problem, proper?

With that – thank you for studying – and keep tuned for a complete in-depth evaluate someday down the street after shoppers get started getting their gadgets and I do know for sure this is similar ultimate {hardware}/instrument that you simply’re getting.

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