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How to add a location or business to Google Maps if it’s missing


Google Maps is a great tool for finding places and getting directions, but it’s not always the most accurate. If you’re searching for a business or location that isn’t listed in Google Maps, you can add it yourself. And if you see something in your neighborhood that isn’t on Google Maps yet—like a new restaurant or store—you can also help out by adding it to Google’s database.

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Go to, or open the Google Maps app on your phone.

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If you’re using the Google Maps website or app on your phone, add a new location by clicking on the “Your Places” tab at the top of your screen. Then click “Add.”

If there’s no place listed for a business or other building, you can add it yourself by typing in its address and selecting whether it’s a business or home (if applicable). If someone else has already added that address to Google Maps but spelled out their street name incorrectly or left off any important information about where they live–like their city or state–you can correct this mistake as well!

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Search for the place you want to add.

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To add a place that you can’t find, you can search for it by name or address. If you don’t know the exact address of your business, enter as much information as possible and see if Google Maps can find it for you. If it does not appear on its own, click on the “add” button in the bottom right corner of your screen and enter more details about where this business is located:

  • Address: This should be written out in full (e.g., “123 Main Street”). In some cases where there are multiple businesses sharing an address with one another–such as 5555 Broadway St., Los Angeles CA 90048 USA — specify which one belongs to each location using parenthetical numbers like “(1)”.
  • Phone number(s): Include both landline numbers (e-mails may not work) along with cell phone numbers if applicable; include area codes when applicable so we can verify accuracy!

At the bottom of the screen, tap My Place (Android) or More options (iPhone).

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At the bottom of the screen, tap Google My Places (Android) or More options (iPhone).

If you’re using an Android device:

  • Tap Add new place.
  • In the top-right corner, choose whether you want to add a business or location.

If you want to add a business: – Select from one of three categories: Restaurant & food service; Shopping; Other services. Then choose from subcategories such as Beauty Salon or Grocery Store. If there isn’t an appropriate category for your business, select Other places instead and type in its name manually.

You can also indicate how accurate your knowledge is by tapping “I’m sure this location exists” or “I think this location exists,” filling in more details about what makes it unique and adding photos if possible–this makes it easier for reviewers on Google Maps Premium (formerly known as Google Local Guides) who will decide whether or not they approve your submission before making changes on behalf of everyone else who uses their services! Once finished entering all relevant information into fields such as address details like street number/name plus city/state/zip code info along with phone number(s) linked directly back here where needed too… click Save button located below these fields so we’ll know which contact information belongs together rather than having multiple listings floating around out there somewhere trying hard not

Select Add new place.

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Click Add new place.

In the Add a location box, enter the name of your business or home address. For example: “Home Address” or “Company Name.” If you’re adding a business, enter its full name and address (if known). If you don’t see these fields when entering your information in Step 1 above, click More options at the bottom right corner of your screen to expand them.

Then choose whether this place is either an address or a point on the map by selecting one of these options: * Home/work address – Select this option if you want Google Maps to show where someone lives or works as their current location when they open it up on their phone or computer browser; it’s especially helpful if someone needs directions home after being out at dinner with friends! * Business – Enter details about where people work here so that they can easily find directions when needed later on down the road!

Enter information about the place.

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  • Enter the name of your place.
  • Type in its address and phone number. If you don’t know it offhand, look at something like Yelp or Google Maps for help finding it!
  • Add hours of operation if you’d like (e.g., “Monday-Friday 9am-5pm”). You can also include other details such as whether they’re open on weekends or holidays, if they have Wi-Fi, etc.–whatever information will help someone who’s looking for this business find it easily in Google Maps on their phone or computer screen.

You can add locations that are missing from Google Maps.

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  • You can add locations that are missing from Google Maps.
  • You can add a new place to Google Maps even if it’s not on the map yet.
  • You can add a business to Google Maps even if it doesn’t have an address listed yet.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you have a better understanding of how to add missing locations to Google Maps and the importance of doing so. We know that it can be frustrating when people don’t update their information with Google. But if enough people create My Places and add new places every day, then eventually all locations will be found on Google Maps!

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