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Palms-on: WatTeam’s New Gen3 PowerBeat Energy Meter


January 2019 Caution: WatTeam as an organization is not working. Even worse, the app is not supported, and it’s required that you simply use the app with a view to set up the ability meter. Do NOT purchase this unit presently. If you happen to do, you’ll most probably have little greater than a paperweight.

These days WatTeam introduced their third technology continual meter, introducing most commonly {hardware} tweaks and sturdiness enhancements, in conjunction with the power to change the pods between motorcycles briefly. Most significantly although, their pricing in a different way remains the similar – save the brand new multi-bike programs after all.

WatTeam has been recognized for riding the cost of continual meters decrease through successfully transferring the producing facility into your storage.  You whole the set up to your crank arm the usage of a procedure that can glance intimidating, however is moderately easy.  The third technology devices have persevered to tweak that procedure, decreasing tactics you’ll be able to screw it up.

I’ve been using with the devices a few week, although, certainly no longer lengthy sufficient for a complete in-depth assessment.  Be expecting that later this summer season once they get started transport the devices and I’ve had an opportunity to check out the entirety from scratch once more on ultimate manufacturing devices. On this case, I did in truth set up this set from scratch on a crankset I personal.  I then layered in a couple of PowerTap P1 pedals and a G3 hub within the again to match continual numbers towards.

In spite of everything, let’s get into the main points.

What’s new:


Nearly all of the brand new unit’s adjustments are round making it tougher, which in flip makes it extra believable to simply transfer between motorcycles.  That, in flip, provides them a ‘new product’ – the “PowerBeat 2×2”.  That refers to a dual-sided unit that’s in a package for 2 motorcycles (therefore the ‘2 through 2’ section).  There is not any single-sided package deal for 2 motorcycles.

Particularly, right here’s how the brand new pods are other:

A) They’ve quick-release buttons on them for simple elimination
B) They’re larger than ahead of (and thus tougher on this case)
C) They’re decrease profile to the crank arm (which means, they hug it extra carefully, in order that they don’t stick out as a lot)
D) The cable is shorter, decreasing chance of having stuck
E) The cable has a locking screw on it, reduces likelihood of it coming out
F) There’s new ‘go back and forth pods’ which might be pretend placeholders
G) You fee the brand new pods off-bike, fairly than on-bike (reduces cable breakage)
H) They’ll quickly allow twin ANT+/Bluetooth Sensible similtaneously (in the past you should handiest allow one or the opposite)

As well as, one of the G3 adjustments are targeted at the set up procedure. Actually, numerous the items are.  If you happen to have a look at the entire feedback of my previous WatTeam PowerBeat evaluations, when issues pass flawed, it’s normally throughout the set up.  Both you get started off at the proper foot…otherwise you don’t.  As soon as issues have long past flawed throughout set up, it’s laborious to get again at the proper trail.

A) They’ve gotten rid of the cool however reasonably complicated molded plastic set up software
B) As a substitute, there’s a brand new skinny plastic ‘wrapper’ that presentations the proper marking spots for set up
C) They’ve created a protect for sanding, to stay you extra interested in a particular house and protective remainder of crank arm
D) They’ve presented extra validation exams within the app throughout calibration

The water-bag calibration procedure stays the similar, as does the vast majority of the app.  What differs within the app although is that you’ll be able to make a selection explicit motorcycles now, so you’ll be able to change the pods between motorcycles.

Now, something hasn’t but modified sadly – and that’s the lack to correctly monitor laborious sprints beneath 5-seconds lengthy.  It’s lengthy been a topic for the ability meter, and it continues right here.  The corporate says they’re having a look to get to the bottom of that by means of a firmware replace, however that’s been at the checklist a very very long time and I believe they’re underestimating the significance of that during other people’s suggestions (like mine).

If you happen to’re a triathlete, then the dash factor isn’t going to affect you. You’re not really throwing down 1,000w efforts in coaching, and by no means mid-race (except you’re ‘doing it flawed’).  However for highway cyclists, it’s a ways much more likely, and except that dash lasts 5 seconds or longer, it’ll ‘clip’ it, undercutting it a piece (I reveal that within the accuracy segment).

Nonetheless, the adjustments they’ve made are welcome. It’s clean this looks like a far cleaner product than years previous, and so they’ve switched to production with Flextronics as effectively, a well-respected production entity that has made merchandise for a large number of others within the area and past.  That are meant to assist them as effectively, no longer handiest in relation to generating a better high quality product but additionally being extra constant in availability as effectively.

Oh, and for loss of any place else to place it, right here’s the large pricing matrix of variations:


In spite of everything, let’s dig into the set up procedure.

Set up:

WatTeam has lengthy famous that the important thing to their decrease pricing technique is successfully transferring the manufacturing of the ability meter from a producing facility for your storage.  In doing so that you spend a little of time (most likely 45-60 mins), however save a couple of hundred dollars. An excellent trade-off for many.  With the primary two generations of devices, set up was once technically simple, however without a doubt had gaps had been other people may just pass awry on steps.

With this third technology line, you’re seeing the majority of WatTeam’s tweaks were spent on minimizing such failure issues.  Clearly, with heaps of shopper fortify information it’s moderately simple to understand the place the ones issues are.

In any match, I put in a complete set from scratch on a brand new crankset I purchased. Generally I really like to put in secondary continual meters on a recognized continual meter provided crankset (i.e. Quarq, Power2Max, and so forth…).  However WatTeam didn’t actually need that, because of issues that such secondary devices at the crankset or crankarms would intrude with their continual meter.  Whilst I am getting that for crank-arm founded devices (i.e. Phases), I don’t completely purchase that for spider founded choices (like Quarq).  In any match, I went out and acquired a brand new Shimano Ultegra unit to make use of for this take a look at. I’d nonetheless have two different continual meters to match towards, a pedal founded unit and a hub founded unit – which WatTeam was once nice with.

Oh, right here’s the field of products:


Necessarily, each and every of the 2 larger baggage at the proper is for one motorcycle each and every (plus the 2 plastic sensor pod packing containers and brackets mid-photo).  After which the entirety else is shared inside the set up/setup.

In my case, I technically put in from a 2×2 package, although I handiest put in it on a unmarried motorcycle to this point because the beta app wasn’t reasonably able to deal with secondary motorcycles absolutely (shut, however no longer reasonably completed). Many of the items labored for the secondary motorcycle, and actually we created secondary motorcycles within the app and all, however for this preliminary take a look at I used to be most commonly simply eager about how effectively it labored on a motorcycle. The transition to secondary motorcycles is simply transferring the pc pod between motorcycles and converting the motorcycle identify (which in the back of the scenes adjustments the calibration values).

Whilst I’ll save crazy-detailed set up nuances for the overall assessment, the gist of it’s lovely easy and also you apply an app with super-clear movies all through.  First, you mark off to your crank arm the place the pods will align to. This makes use of a brand new software that’s more uncomplicated (and less expensive), and has just about no room for screwing it up.


You then follow some transient stickers that mean you can center of attention at the actual house to sand off, which is a little more deep than earlier. The aim of the sanding is 100% to get off the paint at the crank arm in that spot so the glue sticks higher.  The brand new decal helps to keep this house ‘contained’, tidying it up.


After that procedure, you’ll finally end up gluing at the sensor the usage of a brand new glue compound.  At which level you’ll wish to wait 24 hours for the glue to set.  Word you’ll do that procedure for crank palms in a twin configuration.


An afternoon later (the app prohibits you from transferring ahead until the 24hr timer has elapsed), you’ll set up the pod brackets.

2018-06-25 17.24.13 2018-06-26 17.11.10

Those are technically referred to as the ‘comp pods’ (laptop pods), and are the place the batteries are, the communications, and different smarts. It’s those pods which might be transferred from motorcycle to motorcycle.  While the pod brackets keep completely at the motorcycle.


Customers accustomed to WatTeam’s earlier devices might realize that the pods are certainly larger, however they’re additionally tighter to the crank arm, in order that they aren’t as susceptible. Additionally, the cord is now screwed into the pod, making that extra safe.  All in all certainly a greater design.


In spite of everything, you’ll pull out the previous water bag weight trick to get issues calibrated.  Numerous other people snigger at this (I’d name them elitist), most commonly as a result of they don’t realize it.  What they don’t get is the water baggage are simply an creative technique to get everybody get admission to to what’s successfully a recognized weight to check.  Somewhat than together with 10-pound weights within the field, you replenish the water baggage to exactly the highest and the burden is understood.  By way of figuring out the burden and making use of those baggage in various positions, WatTeam can determine precisely how your explicit crank arm is responding, and thus can substitute what fancy manufacturing facility machines typically do.

DSC_7168 DSC_7173

Phases, 4iiii’s, PowerTap and others do exactly the similar factor of their factories. Excluding as an alternative of water baggage they use laborious weights, simply as a result of their meeting strains are the usage of the similar factor day in and time out for years.

In spite of everything, WatTeam has higher (made extra strict) the tolerances for this step, now including in detection of swinging of the luggage within the app, so it is aware of when the luggage aren’t reasonably proper but. It’s spectacular.

2018-06-26 17.59.17 2018-06-26 18.06.49

All of which culminates with a device that’s able to trip.  The query is – is it correct? Neatly that…that I set to determine.  However ahead of that, a couple of brief and easy sensible issues at the new pods.

First, they pop in/out by means of somewhat button at the aspect (a locking button necessarily).  Press the button to slip the pods out, and when slid again in, the fairway gentle illuminates and also you listen a reassuring click on that they’re latched/locked in position.

DSC_7323 DSC_7331

2d, they now fee off the motorcycle.  Take away the pods, fee them up. I in truth like this, because it’s a heck of much more logical than stringing two giant-ass USB cables for your motorcycle thru/round your crankset from the opening someplace within reach.  As a substitute, take the pods and plug them in. Fast and simple.

DSC_7324 DSC_7326

3rd, the pods don’t but fortify twin (concurrent) broadcasting of ANT+ & Bluetooth Sensible. That’s coming through release the corporate says, but it surely’s no longer there but.  This actually handiest issues if you wish to seize information to your ANT+ head unit (like a Garmin watch/instrument) concurrently broadcasting to Zwift or equivalent app on iOS by means of Bluetooth Sensible.  For my part, there’s no excuse for corporations no longer having this inbox at the moment, however so long as they’ve it by the point they send I’m glad.


Differently, you’ll simply pair it as much as your head unit like another continual meter. Scan by means of ANT+ or Bluetooth Sensible (relying on which mode you’ve gotten it in), and head out and trip.  You’ll be able to 0 off-set like another continual meter from the top unit, and also you’ll obtain again calibration values to observe over.  All of which can be helpful to trace accuracy-related pieces.

Driving with it – Accuracy Information:

I’ve accomplished a stunning collection of rides with this unit for handiest having it on my motorcycle a little over per week.  Issues were given off to a little of a rocky get started because of some insects within the beta app that stored pushing the flawed motorcycle values to my pods (a easy app trojan horse now fastened).  However WatTeam were given that each one looked after after which it was once a mild transfer and gear straight away was once glad.

I’ve accomplished teacher rides, outside rides, and longer outside rides with various temperatures and highway stipulations.  A excellent mix. For this preview put up I’ll simply center of attention on one indoor trip and one longer outside (temp moving) trip.  Let’s first dive into the indoor trip, this one on Zwift:


When compared above we’ve were given the WatTeam Gen3 devices, the PowerTap P1 pedals, and the Wahoo KICKR. It’s lovely evident above that issues are just about similar.

Curiously, even the sprints are in truth very very shut.  The above graphs are smoothed at 5-seconds to cause them to more uncomplicated to learn, however take a look at this ~700w dash, it tracks effectively throughout it:


Identical is going for this little set of surges right here:


I be aware this as a result of traditionally the WatTeam devices have had problems with sprints beneath 5-seconds in length, but it surely handles those slightly effectively (together with the ramp up/down).  No issues right here on that piece.

And for amusing if we have a look at cadence, once more, it’s just about just like the PowerTap P1:


Adequate, in order that’s all excellent and effectively.  However frankly, indoors is straightforward (effectively, simple for many manufacturers anyway).  Let’s head outside.

Now, I’ll prevent the entire take a look at loops I did, and simply center of attention on Sunday evening’s trip (I additionally rode as of late for a couple of hours too, however haven’t had an opportunity to obtain the 4 head devices’ information but…Replace: Information right here for those who need it).  That trip began simply ahead of darkish after which went until it was once darkish out, so a pleasant shift in temperature over the process it.  I didn’t 0 offset in any respect, with the exception of at first and about 10-minutes into the trip (my standard process).  Past that, it was once as much as the devices to deal with themselves correctly.

Right here’s the consequences:


That little hole within the heart had a couple of functions. One, I wanted it to get darker for every other stuff I used to be trying out. Two, I used to be distracted through the sundown and took some footage.  And 3, I used to be curious how the devices would deal with post-break from an accuracy viewpoint (similar to a café prevent).  The temp would have shifted throughout that time frame, so I sought after to look what it did precisely.

The temp swing was once 15°F over that period of time. Curiously, you’ll be able to see the temp upward push ever so reasonably on the finish as I come again into town from the farmlands. Kinda neat.


In spite of everything, let’s have a look at some sections of accuracy which might be worthy of be aware.  First is the 2 sprints mid-file.  Those ones (if I’m going to 3-second averaging) are about 900w.  You’ll be able to see that whilst shut, the PowerBeat is certainly the bottom of the 3, significantly beneath the PowerTap P1 devices.  You’ll realize at the longer first dash there it’s a lot nearer, while at the shorter dash it’s a little of an opening:


It’s because WatTeam over-smooths dash information beneath 5-seconds in length.  As you’ll be able to see above for that longer length it will get very shut, however the shorter length no longer reasonably as a lot. WatTeam says they are able to cope with this by means of device, and most likely that’s true. However as I famous previous on…then cope with it. It’s been years this has been occurring.

Nonetheless, for many efforts beneath about 750-800w, you’ll by no means realize this. It’s actually just for sub-5 moment efforts above that vary that I see it happen.  Those sprints, all beneath 750w, don’t display that happening:


General, beta or no longer, issues are in truth lovely excellent right here. There’s a handful of transient blips right here and there on some rougher roads the place I see an excessively slight drop in continual (most likely 20w on 250w) momentarily. However I’ve gotta do a little extra digging on that with a couple of different continual meters to slim down who exactly is at fault.  It’s without a doubt a ways higher than I used to look with tough roads, however they famous they fastened {that a} 12 months or so in the past.

I haven’t but discovered a pleasant forged nasty strip of cobbles in Amsterdam to simply take a look at those types of issues on (all ears if anyone is aware of of an unpleasant side road).  However nonetheless, there’s various brick roads which might be tough sufficient for now…and I’ll proceed to seek for ones for my in-depth assessment later this summer season.

Within the intervening time although, issues are having a look excellent.

(Word: All the charts in those accuracy parts had been created the usage of the DCR Analyzer software.  It lets you evaluate continual meters/running shoes, center fee, cadence, pace/tempo, GPS tracks and many extra. You’ll be able to use it as effectively in your personal machine comparisons, extra main points right here.)



The WatTeam PowerBeat G3 is successfully an evolutionary improve. It’s no longer innovative, and it’s not going that present WatTeam homeowners would ‘improve’ to this model.  However for the ones taking into consideration an influence meter, particularly for those who personal two motorcycles – the enchantment of briefly transferring pods in an issue of seconds between motorcycles is tremendous interesting.  It’s successfully supplying you with what pedal-based continual meters promised (in hype), with out the truth that transferring pedals between motorcycles day by day isn’t life like or sustainable.  Shifting pods although is straightforward and trivial…and nonetheless correct.

In fact, the pods are a little beefier than ahead of. Any person ate too many cookies.  However like bulking up for wintry weather, that further weight comes with the advantage of extra resiliency towards the weather (learn: tough dealing with), in addition to the versatility to transport between motorcycles. All in all, I believe it’s in truth a excellent trade-off.  I simply hope to look the concurrent ANT+/BLE section accomplished by the point they release.

You’ll, after all, need to deplete a while on set up, however the steps aren’t laborious to apply. The video activates and app-guided procedure make it simple sufficient that just about somebody may just do it, even supposing your motorcycle mechanic talents are non-existent.

I’ll purpose to do a complete in-depth assessment later this summer season when they get started transport.  However for now I’m liking what I’m seeing and I believe they’re not off course as an organization and with what they’re doing, and the fee level is tricky to overcome.

With that – thank you for studying, and be at liberty to drop any questions down beneath!

(Word: You’ll be able to these days pre-order the WatTeam Gen3 PowerBeat devices in an array of configurations (use the drop-down to switch variant).  Transport is these days set for overdue August.  Don’t put out of your mind that the usage of the above Suave Coaching hyperlink helps the web site, and for those who use DCR Reader Coupon Code DCR10BTF, you get 10% off. Plus, you already get loose transport. Experience!)

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