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GoPro Max Motion Cam In-Intensity Overview

GoPro implies (or even says) that the brand new Max does the whole thing the Hero collection does, however prolonged “to the Max”. Sadly, that’s now not precisely true. Nonetheless, regardless of that, the GoPro Max is a vastly compelling improve over the former technology GoPro Fusion. They’ve made some primary strides in making the product in fact usable for everyday customers, to the purpose the place it’s an excessively viable choice for each 360° and non-360° content material alike. Actually, you’ll understand on this evaluate that whilst I shot masses of gigabytes of 360° content material, in the long run, the whole thing I take advantage of is flat non-360° content material pulled from that 360° content material.

And that’s what GoPro has learned with Max: No one in fact needs to look at 360° content material. For no matter explanation why, it simply isn’t operating nowadays (around the business). Perhaps the next day to come with some technological shift it’ll paintings, however nowadays, other folks get disoriented and at a loss for words. Nonetheless, what taking pictures at 5.6K in 360° offers you is the facility to reframe any portion of that right into a extra normalized 1080p flat video that and love: However to do this after you shoot. And with Max, GoPro has finished a perfect task at following others within the business in making that have extremely easy and painless.

I’ve been the usage of Max now for a little, and feature captured extra video and pictures than I do know what to do with. Nonetheless, between that and virtually two months at the GoPro Hero 8 Black now – I’ve were given a beautiful just right figuring out what works smartly, what wishes some love, and what you’ll want to perceive extra deeply. When I’m finished with this evaluate, I’ll get the Max media loaner gadgets all packed up and shipped again to GoPro, similar to I at all times roll.  If you happen to discovered this evaluate helpful, hit up the hyperlinks on the backside. Or ship me cookies. Your selection (chocolate chip please).

What’s new:


There’s an enormous pile of newness in comparison to the GoPro Fusion digicam from a couple of years again. In some ways regardless that, the best way to consider issues is that the GoPro Max is extra corresponding to a GoPro Hero 7 on the subject of new options, with a slight sprinkling of Hero 8 options. For instance, the Max contains TimeWarp (introduced with Hero 7), however now not the extra complicated ‘Auto’ characteristic discovered on Hero 8. It features a watered down variant of fast get right of entry to seize presets kind of on-par with the Hero 7, however now not with the customization and intensity of the Hero 8.

If you need all of this distilled down right into a quite environment friendly video – then glance no additional than the beneath, whole with quite a lot of examples:

Nonetheless, all of it is a huge improve over the unique Fusion, which when it got here out kinda felt like outdated tech compared to that yr’s GoPro merchandise. Right here’s the whole run-down of what’s new and other at the GoPro Max in comparison to the unique GoPro Fusion. Be aware this record is all about what’s modified (just right or unhealthy), and no more about total options or how 360° content material works consistent with se. We’ll get to that. First, right here’s what’s new:

– Added colour touchscreen
– Added new Hero 8 mounting gadget (slight/higher distinction over Fusion)
– Simplified to unmarried MicroSD card from earlier twin SD card fiasco
– Added single-lens Hero mode (to make use of kinda like an ordinary GoPro Hero)
– Added Max HyperSmooth for single-lens mode
– Added ‘Max SuperView’ mode, which is large wide-angle single-lens mode
– Added Shotgun mic by the use of new 6-mic array (improve from 4 mics on Fusion)
– Added keyframing into GoPro app for reframing view from 360° pictures
– Added horizon leveling into software itself (essentially for single-lens mode)
– Added Max TimeWarp
– Added PowerPano (270° panoramic one-shot picture)
– Added Livestreaming, together with at 1080p
– Added GoPro Plus add capacity/coverage
– Added GPS integration into GoPro app (can now upload telemetry stickers/overlays)
– Added Virtual Lens thought (rebranding of present characteristic to make it more straightforward to make use of
– Higher output answer of 360° content material from 5.2K to five.6K
– Changed lenses in order that protecting clear lens caps may well be simply added to them

Now, simply to spherical out the record of what’s new, right here’s some downsides which have been *got rid of* from the GoPro Fusion when evaluating it to Max:

– Not more Burst picture mode
– Not more ProTune upper 120Mbps bitrate (Max is proscribed to 78Mbps)
– Not more night time picture mode
– Not more RAW picture seize
– Not more entrance standing display
– Not more finicky as hell backside mount

For most of the people, burst and uncooked mode apart, you most likely gained’t care a ton about the ones. The entrance standing display is a little of a bummer, however that’s been changed via the vastly superior again complete colour preview touchscreen. Preferably I’d liked to have noticed the standing display stay (simply find it irresistible is at the Hero collection), however…win some, lose some. While the removing of the opposite picture modes is extra strange.

Now – prior to making a decision on Hero 8 vs Max – indubitably take a look at my complete comparability on the finish of this submit. I spotlight the 15+ options which are *now not* within the GoPro Max which are within the Hero 8. And albeit, the ones are some lovely vital options.



The GoPro Max field appears just about similar to that of the GoPro Hero 8 Black. Each recreation the clear-top window permitting you to look the products inside of. In the meantime, the aspect panels have an inventory of portions on one aspect and a slate of options at the different.

DSC_8128 DSC_8129

Crack it open and the ground will slide out, way more gracefully than the Hero 8 field did for me (the place anyone appeared to have long past to the town with a glue gun for no obvious objective).


Within that little white field are the entire items: Charging cable, battery, lens caps, and stickers.


Actually, right here’s the whole thing of it laid out at the desk:


Except for the digicam, you’ll to find two lens caps, and two lens protectors. The lens protectors have been throughout the protecting sporting bag you notice above. The lens protectors are non-compulsory, however really useful to keep away from scratches at the lenses.


The battery is like an outsized GoPro Hero 8 battery that went to Dairy Queen and stayed for every week. It’s other than the Fusion battery.

DSC_8142 DSC_8143

There’s a unmarried sticky mount in there (a flat one), and the USB-C charging cable.

DSC_8145 DSC_8144

Then there’s some paper junk that comes with the fast get started information you gained’t ever learn in addition to the GoPro Plus bits you must learn (50% off equipment!!!).

DSC_8148 DSC_8147

In any case, as a result of I don’t plan to hide it in other places, you’ll to find the MicroSD card slot inside of subsequent to the battery. That’s additionally the place you fee the digicam too. With the GoPro Max now you handiest desire a unmarried MicroSD card, which very much simplifies the workflow.


With that, we’re in a position to start out diving into the entire options.

Video Capability and Options:

So the very first thing to grasp about Max is that there are two core video modes in Max: ‘Hero’ and ‘360’. Relating to Hero, you’re the usage of a unmarried lens at a time, in kind of the similar manner as an ordinary GoPro Hero motion cam. This capability, whilst not unusual in maximum different 360° motion cams, is in fact new to GoPro at the Max.

On the other hand, the energy of what GoPro has finished this is provide you with a lot of ‘Virtual Lenses’ for that Hero mode, so you’ll pass with a surprisingly broad perspective (Max SuperView), or a a lot more lowered perspective ‘Slender’. You’ve additionally were given ‘Linear’, which eliminates that trademark GoPro fisheye glance. However first, switching between ‘Hero’ mode and 360 mode is so simple as toggling the little icon within the decrease left nook of almost each and every mode at the Max:

GoPro-Max-360-Mode GoPro-Max-Hero-Mode

And in Hero mode you’ll transfer which lens it makes use of via tapping the precise icon:


Whenever you do this you’ll see that it shows the seize preset settings – akin to 360° 5.6K or 1080p/60. Those seize presets are sorta like what’s at the Hero 8 Black, aside from in contrast to that digicam, you’ll’t upload your personal seize presets with Max. You’ll customise what’s there regardless that, which you’ll do for each and every mode:


The important thing factor to bear in mind regardless that is that during Hero mode on Max, your most output answer is 1440p (4:3) at 60FPS. That’s smartly beneath the 4K/60 that has been presented on GoPro’s for years. As such, issues merely gained’t be as sharp. 3’s no getting round that. Nor will you be able to have as a lot element for cropping in afterward for those who sought after to love on an ordinary GoPro.


At the turn aspect, GoPro is the usage of a few of that lens overhead to do stabilization and a much broader box of view. For instance, the brand new ‘Max SuperView’ mode is 27° wider than anything else a GoPro Hero 8 Black can do. That’s so much wider. And it’s particularly noticeable on one thing like a chest mount for snowboarding or biking/mountain cycling, in addition to inside of tight areas like a automobile.

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I’ve were given an entire comparability video that you’ll take a look at right here the place I show the entire main points of this. The street-bike snippet at ~2:00 is particularly interesting to look at because it horizon-levels round my palms.

In a similar fashion, inside of that unmarried lens Hero mode there’s the brand new ‘Max HyperSmooth’, which necessarily makes use of sides of the a lot wider lenses to create a surprisingly easy recording. It’s ready to take care of way more rotation than a regular GoPro can with out hitting the bounds of stabilization (take into account: Stabilization on maximum motion cams nowadays is achieved via necessarily having a bigger sensor dimension after which cropping into that for what’s in fact outputted to you. So consider two bins, with the smaller field being suspended throughout the larger field. Your pictures is the smaller field, while the real sensor is the bigger field.


In any case, on single-lens options, there’s the brand new horizon leveling mode. That is large cool to look at in real-time at the again of the show, as a result of you’ll in fact see that the horizon remains stage throughout the show, even if the digicam is tilted. It’s a little of a thoughts travel. Once more, field in a field functions occurring right here too.


While if I flip it off, you’ll see the view could be off-kilter:


Be aware that the horizon leveling this is other than the Hero 8 Black, as that’s finished in tool at the GoPro App, while when it comes to Max it’s finished on-camera.

So what about 360° content material? Smartly, I in fact don’t assume a large number of other folks wish to view 360° content material nowadays. However, what you’ll see most of the people doing on Max is taking pictures in 360° content material after which reframing it later. However first, to shoot in 360° you’ll merely be certain that the 360° toggle is ready (the little global icon). That’ll then display you the 360° 5.6K atmosphere. That is in fact a bump up from the 5.2K that the GoPro Fusion shot in. And technically GoPro says they seize at 6K, however as soon as sewing is completed you’ve were given an efficient 5.6K 360° symbol. At 5.6K you’ve handiest were given two frame-rate choices: 24/30. There aren’t any decrease answer 360° choices, it’s 5.6K or not anything


There are a couple of ProTune choices, akin to shutter, EV Comp, White Stability, and ISO Min/Max, in addition to the colour profiles (GoPro or Flat).


And, down beneath you’ll to find the audio choices. A few of these are new, and contains the facility to document audio in round 360° in addition to Stereo. You’ll additionally toggle the way it handles the wind. Of observe regardless that is that during 360° mode you’ll’t allow the uncooked audio recording choices like you’ll in single-lens Hero Mode.


Nonetheless, the principle factor across the audio right here at the Max is the rise from 4 mics to six mics, inclusive of a brand new shotgun mic at the entrance, which GoPro says is perfect for Vlogging taste programs. With the 6 mics you’ll get complete round audio as smartly, and for those who have a look at my major video up peak I display an instance the place I stroll across the digicam and you’ll pay attention (with headphones) precisely the place I’m in entrance to the aspect/in the back of you. It’s lovely cool.


Be aware that during Hero mode you’ll allow RAW audio recordings:


Now a snappy 2-second primer on taking 360° pictures. The trick to getting the whole thing seamless is distance. You wish to have no less than 22in/55cm clear of any object, on some type of selfie stick. GoPro in fact makes one for each Fusion and Max (it’s the similar stick) this is precisely this period in order that when hand held the stick disappears solely from throughout the symbol because of the overlap sewing and offsets. It’s cool, and admittedly profitable if that’s your function.

Now prior to we depart the pictures bit, observe that TimeWarp is now a part of Max (it wasn’t there on Fusion). TimeWarp is GoPro’s title for HyperLapse, and are super-stabilized time lapses. You’ll shoot a TimeWarp in both 360° mode or Hero Mode. And you’ll make a selection the precise time period, or the brand new Auto choice that arrived at the Hero 8 Black.


Upon getting that 360° pictures, you’ll use the smartphone app to view it, or desktop apps from GoPro. On the other hand, for those who’re the usage of your desktop apps like Ultimate Reduce Professional or Premier, you’ll want to first procedure the picture. With Max it’ll in fact pre-stitch the pictures at the digicam from the 2 lenses onto that unmarried SD card, nevertheless it’s nonetheless now not viewable pictures from a requirements standpoint. This can be a little bit of a unhappiness, because it’s one thing that Garmin did two years in the past with the VIRB 360 (at 5.7K no much less), and allowed you to take the pictures instantly from the digicam into Ultimate Reduce Professional or Premier and edit it there. Be aware this is applicable handiest to 360° pictures – common Hero pictures works out of the field any place.

In case you are doing issues on a desktop, the excellent news is that, in contrast to Fusion, the processing is large fast. Fusion took without end for me – it was once most commonly hopeless. While with Max I’m discovering that the processing time is kind of double that of the pictures period, even if operating with my slowest 2016 MacBook Professional. So a two-minute clip on that pc takes about 4 mins to procedure/render out at ProRes 5.6K. On my 5K iMac, it’s a ways sooner. It’s additionally taking about the same quantity of time to render from 5.6K 360° right into a keyframed 1080p HEVC (and a tiny bit longer for ProRes). Oddly, Ultimate Reduce Professional X isn’t accepting the exported ProRes recordsdata from the MacOS GoPro exporter at the present time. I guess that’s a minor formatting computer virus they’ll remedy in a while.

Now – none of that issues an excessive amount of for those who simply wish to keep in your telephone to do any modifying. And in truth, that is the place GoPro’s made some *huge* leaps ahead with Max and the 2019 GoPro app. After all, whilst all of those functions are app-based, the basis for that was once streamlined {hardware} at the Max itself (unmarried SD card, HEVC record sizes, and so forth…). And the one largest characteristic is re-framing. Prior to now GoPro known as this OverCapture, however regardless of the time period du jour, the which means is similar: Making a flat record output from 360° content material, framed after the truth. You’ll see beneath how I will be able to regulate the view of what the digicam is having a look at.

2019-10-22 13.47.59 2019-10-22 13.48.31

However most significantly this is the facility to do keyframes inside of that. Don’t concern, this isn’t some fancy sounding time period. It’s in reality easy. Believe a 60 moment 360° clip as you power down a street subsequent to the seashore with the digicam fixed at the hood of the auto. Keyframes merely permits you to say that for the primary 10 seconds you need the view to be pointed again against the driving force. Then, on the 10-second mark you upload a ‘keyframe’ and easily use your arms to tug the view to the seashore. Then on the 20-second marker you upload every other keyframe and drag your view to the street forward. Rinse, repeat, without end.

Probably the most masters in the back of GoPro’s release movies, Abe Kislevitz, put in combination a large cast video on how this works and how briskly it’s. I will be able to attest that the whole thing he displays in that video is 100% correct from a…smartly…the whole thing point of view. Sure, it’s in fact that rapid, and sure, it’s in fact that simple.

2019-10-22 13.48.40

After which from there you’ll temporarily export out that flat 1080p record and add it to any supply you need. For instance, right here’s a foolish easy keyframing I did with a TimeWarp at the Max:

It’s large tough, and large simple to make use of. Which doesn’t imply that GoPro invented this. Infrequently. Actually, I’d argue that Rylo first, and extra not too long ago Insta360, are those that in reality championed making this foolish easy to make use of. Nonetheless, regardless of who was once first, the truth that GoPro has it now’s what issues for those who’re having a look to select up the Max.

In any case, it’s price noting that inside of single-lens mode, the Max digicam now helps the usage of the GPS information for overlays of telemetry ‘stickers’, such things as pace or a mini-map. You’ll merely drag those at the video after which export them out (max 1080p).

2019-10-22 13.49.28

It’s fast and environment friendly, and doesn’t require any ability. There nonetheless appears to be a little of lag there, nevertheless it’s now not as unhealthy as previously.

2019-10-22 13.49.36 2019-10-22 13.49.43

Now with all the ones new options lined, what’s my total ideas on video throughout the Max? It’s just right, nevertheless it’s additionally underwhelming. There’s a large number of circumstances (as I quilt within the comparability segment) the place they skipped on Hero 8 options that are meant to be in Max. I will be able to kinda forgive them for now not providing 4K/30 Linear on a unmarried lens, as a result of I do know that technically that’s tough if now not inconceivable with the best way they’ve the lenses.  On the other hand, it’s tougher to forgive the loss of numerous little issues. For instance – why can’t I create my very own Seize Presets like at the Hero 8 Black? Why is the max framerate so low in 1080p (60FPS vs 240FPS). Why isn’t there a low-light mode, or an evening lapse mode like on many Hero cameras prior to this? Why is the waterproofing not up to a standard Hero digicam (or that the video is uselessly out of focal point as soon as underwater)? Let on my own the entire loss of picture options like RAW/Burst/HDR/and so forth…

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Those are all kinda core to why other folks need the versatility of Max. They would like a standard GoPro however additionally they need the enjoy of with the ability to reframe content material. I believe like Max attempted to supply that during advertising, however kinda failed to succeed in that in fact. I’m positive some will argue that most of the people need content material on YouTube in 1080p on their smartphone anyway, so why does it topic? Ignoring the truth that handiest one in every of my pieces was once answer founded, the truth is that the objective marketplace for this digicam is the precise other folks *now not* gazing in 1080p. They’re the folks that can at all times make a selection 4K anytime they see it – even at Taco Bell.

So whilst what GoPro does have in Max works exceedingly smartly from a video point of view, it’s what they don’t have that disappoints.

Picture Modes/Adjustments:

There’s necessarily just one primary picture alternate, regardless that some minor bits that do upload as much as a greater picture enjoy. The primary piece that makes all the enjoy higher however isn’t photo-specific regardless that is in fact simply having the display there. It most certainly sounds evident, but if was once the ultimate time you used a digicam the place there was once no display or viewfinder in any respect? See, that was once Fusion.

With Max, you’ll in fact see what you’re taking an image of – and get the framing good. It’s kinda a large factor in my view. Now, with that mentioned – there’s just one singular new picture characteristic: PowerPano.

The theory in the back of that is to provide you with a 270° picture in a single shot, as opposed to a regular pano on a smartphone that stitches a host of pictures in combination. Most often that implies you get movement blurring artifacts in motion, or repeated placements of an individual throughout the body. Which means that if anyone is driving a motorbike around the body you’ll both get a large person-blur, otherwise you’ll get that user in more than one puts.

With PowerPano it makes use of the huge viewing perspective of the GoPro Max to shoot a unmarried shot that may be a massive pano. To get right of entry to this, you’ll pass to picture modes and make a choice the PowerPano choice:


Be aware within the preview lens simply how broad the perspective is. In particular have a look at my hand, which is simply to the precise of the digicam, and you’ll see my fingertips already within the lens preview. It’s loopy.


Then, merely take a photograph. Like this:


Now, examine that to an iPhone 11 Pano, wherein the runners are all bring to an end because of the movement.

2019-10-20 13.01.42

Right here’s every other Pano:


Or this:


Or, this now not so just right one underwater. GoPro says the Max will produce fuzzy photographs underwater till they free up an underwater case for it, because of the curved nature of the lens. They don’t have a time-frame or worth for that case. It’s in building however frankly doesn’t sound anytime close to.


Nonetheless, for the whole thing else it really works OK. I say OK, as a result of truthfully it’s a lot decrease answer than you’d be expecting, and the main points simply aren’t unbelievable, as you’ll see in one of the vital pictures.

Positive, there’s no shifting sides to this, which is GoPro’s distinctiveness, however that’s quite an apart right here. After all, there are circumstances the place with the ability to get that large broad shot whilst shifting that wouldn’t in any respect be imaginable on a telephone.  If that’s the case, we’ll have to just accept the so-so symbol high quality in alternate for the potential present in any respect. Possibly down the street we’ll see enhancements right here in long term cameras.

The one more thing to learn about pictures is that you just’ve were given necessarily two picture varieties you’ll take:

– Hero Pictures: Non-360° pictures the usage of a unmarried lens
– 360° Pictures: Makes use of each lenses, and are interactive afterwards from throughout the GoPro app (and you’ll re-frame the ones).

To toggle between the 2 choices merely hit the little Hero/360 choice within the decrease left nook of the digicam menu:


If taking a Hero (flat) picture, then you definitely’ve were given both ‘Broad’ which replicates a 16mm lens, or ‘Max SuperView’, which replicates a 13mm lens:


Moreover, down beneath you’ve a timer in addition to GoPro ProTune choices together with Shutter, EV Comp, White Stability, ISO Min, ISO Max, Sharpness, and Colour. If taking pictures a time-lapse the usage of pictures, you’ll additionally configure the period in increments of 0.5s, 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 30s, and 60s.

Going again to the brand new options regardless that, past PowerPano, there are disappointingly no additional options from a photograph point of view on Max. It’s just like the GoPro crew did PowerPano, went to the bar and celebrated…and not confirmed again up for paintings once more.

– Nonetheless no picture burst mode (of any time)
– Nonetheless no uncooked picture seize (of any type, even unmarried lens)
– Nonetheless no HDR pictures like within the Hero 7/8
– No Linear/Slender/and so forth picture choices like in Hero 5/6/7/8 (simply Broad/SuperWide)
– No Are living Burst Picture choice like at the Hero 8, possibly my favourite new characteristic there
– Handiest 5.5MP pictures as opposed to 12MP pictures at the Hero 8 (observe that 360° pictures are 16MP then again)
– No low-light modes
– No NightLapse particular mode like the opposite GoPro Hero cameras

As you’ll see, from a photograph point of view it’s virtually solely a step backwards. Or, a large number of steps backwards. Nonetheless, the PowerPano is large compelling, and if I have been to select one characteristic I’d most certainly use maximum frequently out of all of the ones within the aforementioned hole record, I’d most certainly take PowerPano as a substitute. Even though, I in reality do just like the Are living Burst (Are living Picture) choice at the Hero 8 a ton. If I had one ask, it’d be for GoPro to have the option to get that into the Max.

Product Comparability:

2019-10-17 12.49.10

Adequate, I’ve positioned the GoPro max into the product comparability instrument, permitting you to match it towards the Hero 8 Black in addition to another digicam I’ve reviewed. However in many ways, the product comparability database doesn’t do a great smartly task of dealing with the entire GoPro particular options. I designed the product comparability database to match towards different motion cameras, however over the years the ones cameras have in large part disappeared leaving GoPro and to a lesser extent Insta360 as the principle avid gamers on this marketplace.

So prior to we have a look at the comparability desk, let me simply make it a little more straightforward to grasp the adaptation between a GoPro Hero 8 Black and a GoPro Max. The next are the entire options now not in a GoPro Max that *are* within the Hero 8:

1) Burst Picture Mode: No
2) HDR Picture Mode: No
3) Low Mild Picture Modes: No
4) RAW Picture Mode: No (got rid of, was once on Fusion)
5) Bitrate (Easiest Choice): 78Mbps on Max vs 100Mbps on Hero 8
6) Waterproofing Spec: 5m on Max vs 10m on Hero 8
7) Most Unmarried Lens/Reframed Answer: 1440p (4:3) on Max vs 4K (4:3) on Hero 8
8) Most Body Price: 60FPS on Max vs 240FPS on Hero 8
9) Seize Preset Introduction: No
10) Appropriate with GoPro Mods: No
11) Linear/slim picture modes: No
12) Are living Burst (Are living Pictures): No
13) Unmarried lens pictures: 5.5MP on Max vs 12MP on Hero 8 Black
14) Has wake-on voice: No
15) Can auto-offline content material to telephone: No (can use GoPro Plus by the use of house/place of business WiFi, however now not by the use of telephone like Hero 8 Black
16) Helps automated Quik Tale introduction: Nope

Nonetheless, there are options which are at the GoPro Max which are *now not* at the Hero 8 Black, and a few of these are reasonably notable:

1) Shoots 360° 5.6K Round Pictures: Sure on Max
2) Can reframe pictures after the truth on apps: Sure on Max
3) Has 6 microphones for Round audio: Sure (vs 3 mics on Hero 8 Black)
4) Has 270° SuperPano picture mode: Sure on Max
5) Has auto-leveling integrated to digicam: Sure on Max (can perform a little bit on Hero 8 Black by the use of App)
6) Has Max SuperView mode: Sure on Max (27° wider than a Hero 8 Black)
7) Has Max HyperSmooth: Sure on Max (and it could actually take care of greater than the Hero 8 Black)
8) Battery existence: 115 Minutes on Max vs 78 Minutes on Hero 8 Black (1080p60)
9) GoPro Max has an F/2.0 lens as opposed to an F/2.8 at the Hero 8 Black

As you’ll see, it’s now not all unhealthy, nor all simple. You in reality have to grasp precisely what you need to make use of the digicam for, prior to making a decision which digicam to select up. Right here’s the Hero 8 Black and GoPro Max when put next aspect via aspect throughout the product comparability instrument.

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Serve as/Function GoPro Max GoPro Hero 8 Black
Copyright DC Rainmaker – Up to date September 18th, 2021 @ 2:40 pm New Window
Value $499 $399
Availability Oct twenty second, 2019 Oct 1st, 2019
WiFi Builtin Sure (2.4Ghz/5Ghz) Sure (2.4Ghz/5Ghz)
Bluetooth to Telephone Sure Sure
Recording Mild Sure Sure
GPS builtin Sure Sure
Altimeter builtin Sure Sure
Water Resistant 5m/16ft 10m/33ft
Accellerometer Sure Sure
Video Preview Display Sure Sure
Voice Keep watch over Sure Sure
Battery GoPro Max GoPro Hero 8 Black
Recharges by the use of USB-C USB-C
Detachable battery Sure Sure
Recording Time 115mins 1080p60 74mins 4K/30 /// 2hr20m 1080p30
Secondary hooked up battery Handiest by the use of USB-C Handiest by the use of USB-C
Garage GoPro Max GoPro Hero 8 Black
Garage Card Sort Micro-SD Micro-SD
Most Card Dimension 256GB (make a choice playing cards) 256GB (make a choice playing cards)
Video GoPro Max GoPro Hero 8 Black
4K N/A 24/25/30/60 fps
2.7K N/A 24/25/30/48/50/60/100/120 fps
1440p 24/25/30/50/60FPS 24/25/30/48/50/60/80/120 fps
1080p 24/25/30/50/60FPS 24/25/30/48/50/60/80/90/120/200/240 fps
Data 360* Video 5.6K/24/25/30FPS No
Computerized Symbol Rotation Sure Sure (additionally, portrait mode for video/picture)
Symbol Stabilization Sure Sure – as much as 4K60 (Spice up varies, max 4K30)
Looping Recordings Sure Sure
Timelapse Mode (constructs timelapse video) Sure Sure
Travelapse/Hyperlapse Mode Sure Sure
Professional Settings Mode Sure Sure
Audio GoPro Max GoPro Hero 8 Black
Inner Microphone Sure (6 Mics) Sure
Helps Bluetooth Microphones No No
Professional mode with seperate tracks Sure Sure
Customized Modes No No
Picture GoPro Max GoPro Hero 8 Black
Megapixels 5MP Unmarried Lens, 16MP 360* Pictures 12MP
Timelapse Mode (pictures on period) 0.5,1,2,5,10,30,60s 0.5,1,2,5,10,30,60s
Burst Mode No As much as 30 pictures/moment
Steady Capturing Mode No Sure
Concurrent w/video mode No No
Data 360* Picture Sure No
Professional Settings Mode Sure Sure
RAW picture introduction beef up No Sure + HDR Modes too
Sports activities GoPro Max GoPro Hero 8 Black
Snowboarding Mode No No
Keep watch over from recreation pc No No
ANT+ Sensor Connectivity No No
Bluetooth Sensor Connectivity no no
ANT+ Profile Varieties No No
Overlays recreation information on recording Sure Sure
Telephone GoPro Max GoPro Hero 8 Black
App platforms to be had iOS/Android iOS/Android
Use as far flung regulate Sure Sure
Video preview Sure Sure
Switch video-photos from digicam YEs YEs
Multi-camera reside regulate/preview No No
Are living Streaming to Web Fb/YouTube/RTMP Fb/YouTube/RTMP
Instrument GoPro Max GoPro Hero 8 Black
App for pc Home windows/Mac Home windows/Mac
Accent GoPro Max GoPro Hero 8 Black
Far flung regulate button/key No Sure
Diving case Long run (no pricing/dates but) YEs
Mount Sort GoPro suitable mounts GoPro suitable mounts
Instrument Connections GoPro Max GoPro Hero 8 Black
USB Connector Sort USB-C USB-C
Micro-HDMI With adapter
Composite Video With adapter
Audio 3.5mm Stereo Mic With adapter With adapter
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Don’t put out of your mind you’ll mix ‘n match motion cameras throughout the product comparability instrument right here.



So right here’s the object. The Max is an unbelievable digicam for those who’ve by no means used a GoPro Hero 7 or Hero 8. It’s additionally way more streamlined than the GoPro Fusion ever was once. Fusion was once a useful tool, however the barrier to utilization for everyday situations was once top from a workflow point of view. For instance, it might be impractical to do day by day vlogging on Fusion. While it’s believable so as to pull it off at the Max. The simplification to a unmarried SD card and the facility to re-frame extremely successfully with GoPro’s smartphone and desktop apps are an enormous boon for Max. My head now not hurts after I take into consideration making an attempt to make use of the pictures. I do know the workflow procedure is fast now.

The issue I’ve with Max regardless that is the entire everyday awesomeness I lose from the Hero 8 Black. I lose issues I take advantage of day by day like Are living Burst (Are living Pictures), in addition to the upper resolutions like 2.7K and 4K. I lose the element within the pictures that I see from the Hero 8 Black, together with the extremely smartly accomplished dynamic vary of that digicam. The ones are the issues which are maximum vital to me in my exact day by day utilization of a GoPro. However I feel those self same issues in fact elevate over to parents additionally the usage of it much less regularly however on holidays or round the town.

Don’t get me mistaken: If you recognize the entire nuances of what I wrote and know the place to make use of the Max for – then pass forth. I’ll nonetheless pass out and pick out up a Max and use it now and again. However it’s now not an on a regular basis digicam for me. It’s a selected instrument that I’d use after I’m looking to get a selected shot. After I’m looking to do one thing creatively other that can most probably take extra time to execute than simply an ordinary GoPro. And in all honesty, gained’t most probably have the similar end-state high quality stage because the Hero 8 Black.

In the end – expectantly you discovered this was once attention-grabbing, and expectantly you’ll determine what digicam is right for you. With that – thank you for studying!

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Confidently you discovered this evaluate helpful. On the finish of the day, I’m an athlete similar to you searching for probably the most element imaginable on a brand new acquire – so my evaluate is written from the point of view of the way I used the software. The critiques typically take a large number of hours to position in combination, so it’s a good bit of labor (and exertions of affection). As you most likely spotted via having a look beneath, I additionally take time to respond to the entire questions posted within the feedback – and there’s reasonably a little of element in there as smartly.

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Thank you for studying! And as at all times, be at liberty to submit feedback or questions within the feedback segment beneath, I’ll feel free to take a look at and solution them as temporarily as imaginable. And finally, for those who felt this evaluate was once helpful – I at all times admire comments within the feedback beneath. Thank you!

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Confidently you discovered this evaluate helpful. On the finish of the day, I’m an athlete similar to you searching for probably the most element imaginable on a brand new acquire – so my evaluate is written from the point of view of the way I used the software. The critiques typically take a large number of hours to position in combination, so it’s a good bit of labor (and exertions of affection). As you most likely spotted via having a look beneath, I additionally take time to respond to the entire questions posted within the feedback – and there’s reasonably a little of element in there as smartly.

If you are searching for the GoPro Max or another accent pieces, please imagine the usage of the associate hyperlinks beneath! As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. It doesn’t value you anything else further, however your purchases lend a hand beef up this web site so much. Much more, for those who use or Aggressive Bicycle owner with coupon code DCRAINMAKER, first time customers save 15% on acceptable merchandise!

Those are my favourite motion cam equipment that I take advantage of day in and day trip throughout the entire motion cams. They only paintings dependably, and are my go-tos!

And naturally – you’ll at all times sign-up to be a DCR Supporter! That will get you an ad-free DCR, get right of entry to to the DCR Quarantine Nook video collection full of in the back of the scenes tidbits…and it additionally makes you superior. And being superior is what it’s all about!

Thank you for studying! And as at all times, be at liberty to submit feedback or questions within the feedback segment beneath, I’ll feel free to take a look at and solution them as temporarily as imaginable. And finally, for those who felt this evaluate was once helpful – I at all times admire comments within the feedback beneath. Thank you!