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Garmin Vivosport In-Intensity Overview | DC Rainmaker

A couple of weeks in the past as a part of Garmin’s trifecta announcement of latest Vivo-labeled merchandise, they introduced the Vivosport (along side the Vivomove HR and Vivoactive 3).  In some ways the Vivosport were given lost sight of because it lacked the fashionista flashiness of the Vivomove HR, whilst additionally missing the entire bells and whistles of the Vivoactive 3 (like contactless bills).

However the Vivosport if truth be told has a number of latest options in it that mix the Vivosmart 3 they launched previous this spring, with the Vivosmart HR+ from a 12 months in the past.  Stated another way: You presently get GPS within the band (which wasn’t within the Vivosmart 3), however the entire new pressure monitoring, VO2Max, and identical options of the Vivosmart 3 models.

In any tournament, I’ve been the usage of a media loaner unit since sooner than announcement, and now that the corporate is delivery I figured it’s time for an in-depth evaluate.  As same old, I’ll give this unit again to them and pass out and get my very own by way of customary retail channels.

With that – let’s dive into it!

What’s new:


Let’s birth by way of having a look at what’s new within the tool, which does require us to have a baseline to match it to.  For instance, if we examine it towards the Vivosmart HR+ (the only with GPS), then we’ve were given a boatload new, all of which used to be offered at the Vivosmart 3 this spring:

24×7 Tension Monitoring Mode: This will likely rating  (1-100) and bucketize (low/med/top) your pressure ranges continuously.
VO2Max/Health Degree Scoring: Offers you each a VO2Max worth and a normal rating
New Loosen up/Respiring timer: Walks you thru respiring workouts that will help you loosen up
Power coaching mode: This will now depend reps all through sure actions
Extra consistent 24×7 HR mode: That is similar to Fenix5/FR935/Vivosmart3/Vivoactive3 with way more widespread HR updates, at 1-second periods for the Vivosport
Watch face possible choices: You’ll now make a choice some (restricted) watch faces
New Forestall Watch/Countdown Timer: Lovely self-explanatory
Auto-start for Run/Stroll Process: Lets you routinely cause those exercise sorts
Added Rep Counting: This tracks reps within the weight room, together with the power to specify weights.
A ways thinner design: Diminished by way of 4mm in comparison to Vivosmart HR/HR+

However what about in comparison to the Vivosmart 3 that used to be offered?  Right here’s the checklist in comparison to that tool:

All the time-on show: The Vivosmart 3 had an on-demand show
Hell of much better show: Merely put, this factor is crystal transparent, as opposed to the semi-soft VS3 show
Battery lifestyles: It’s 7 days in smartwatch mode, 8 hours in GPS mode
Further Game Profiles: Out of doors variations of stroll, run, aerobic, and motorbike
Added Run/Stroll Period Mode: Widespread in some run coaching plans
Added Auto-Pause: Utilized in game modes
Added LiveTrack: Given it has GPS, this can be a logical addition
Added Auto-Process Get started: This will likely cause for stroll and run, and will get a legitimate process as opposed to only a Transfer IQ calendar one

Additionally, be aware that Garmin believes the Vivosport is if truth be told the smallest process monitoring band with GPS integrated and a minimum of 7 days of battery lifestyles.  I will be able to’t say I disagree there.  Most likely there’s some random OEM-type tool in China that bests that determine, however so far as any main participant units, that’s definitely true.

Were given all that?  Excellent.  Now you’re able to look how issues dimension up.

Measurement & Weight Comparability:

Observe that all through the James Bond-esque hand-off at the aspect of the street between two cyclists, I won simply the unit and a charging cable – no field.  That used to be true of the second one unit I had/have as smartly, since no one sought after to hold a number of bins of their baggage.  No worries despite the fact that, all you wish to have to understand concerning the field this present day is that it has the band and the charging cable in it.  It makes use of the similar precise charger as maximum of Garmin’s 2017 models (Fenix 5, FR935, Vivoactive 3, and many others…).

I’ll upload an unboxing segment as soon as I am getting a right kind field.  However this can be a ultimate manufacturing unit.

As for sizes and weights, it’s beautiful very similar to previous Garmin Vivo-units.  Right here’s the burden of it:


After which right here it’s in comparison to the GPS-less Vivosmart 3, and the GPS-capable Vivosmart HR (identical shell to Vivosmart HR+, however rather smaller):

Vivosmart3Weight VivosmartHRWeight

Since Fitbit doesn’t truly make a band of their very own with GPS, it’s a little bizarre evaluating that within the weight sense.

To look how the Vivosport is rather thinner and no more cumbersome than the Vivosmart HR, right here’s some comparability goodness:


Were given all that?  Excellent, let’s get proper into the true utilization then.

The Fundamentals:


The Vivosport is beautiful easy to make use of.  The entirety is completed by way of both tapping or swiping the always-on contact show at the unit.  There aren’t any devoted buttons past this display screen, which responds to faucets, extra faucets, long-olds, and swipes.

Vivosport-Screen-Unlock Vivosport-Baseline-Watchface

Above you’ll see the time, date, and state of being inactive bar (in case you’ve been lazy), which I’ve now not been, thus, you don’t see it.  You’ll additionally see the battery standing – which is with reference to demise in my case.  I’ve been simply getting 4-5 days of battery lifestyles out of it, together with GPS exercises of about 30-60 mins in step with day.  Additional, the display screen will display if any alarms are scheduled.

The primary display screen is your default watch face, which can also be flippantly custom designed with a couple of default watch faces, in addition to the orientation.  Observe that you can’t set up any Garmin Attach IQ watch faces right here.  You’ll additionally customise the default house widget, which may well be one thing instead of the watch face.

Vivosport-Watch-Faces Vivosport-Home-Widgets Vivosport-Display-Options

Subsequent, you’ve were given your entire widgets, which include such things as steps, flooring, depth mins, song keep watch over, and so forth.  For a majority of these you’ll be able to additionally faucet into them to get further main points.  For instance, right here’s the center price (HR) widget, which displays your present HR and seven days resting HR under it.


However you’ll be able to faucet it to get the closing hour’s HR graph, and the top/low figures:


For a fast have a look at the entire widgets, I come up with a widget gallery.  It’s…smartly…a large ‘ol choice of many widget pictures.

Sure, for genuine, I did stroll 30,000 steps as of late (extra since I took that photograph).  My legs are finished with strolling for the foreseeable long term.  Or a minimum of the following 1hr and 28 mins till I’ve to stroll my ass off this educate and again house.

The unit additionally receives smartphone notifications as smartly.  Those will seem first as a bit of icon for the precise app (I.e. Instagram, Fb, texts, and many others…), after which you’ll be able to faucet it to learn the total main points:

Vivosport-Notifications-Text Vivosport-Notifications-Twitter

With regards to the knowledge from the Vivosport, all of it’s funneled by way of Bluetooth Good on your smartphone (iOS/Android/Home windows), and into the Garmin Attach app.  It’s right here you’ll be able to see your day by day totals.  For instance, the brand new Garmin Attach Cellular house displays are some distance higher than the previous.  Right here’s what my day appeared like as of late, swiping thru from most sensible to backside:

GarminConnectMobile-MyDay-Vivosport GarminConnectMobile-MyDay-Steps-Vivosport

You’ll see the way it has such things as my GPS process up most sensible, adopted by way of the other process classes.  Then down in opposition to the ground I’ve were given a tidy little comparability to the day prior to this, in addition to a abstract of the closing 7 days.

GarminConnectMobile-MyDay3-Yesterday GarminConnectMobile-MyDay-Yesterday

You’ll dive into any given stat to get extra element.  For instance, right here’s the 24×7 HR stats in additional element.  At the left you’ll see little gray icons, which point out routinely prompted actions.  As opposed to the fairway icon for run is a manually created GPS run.

GarminConnectMobile-Vivosport-AllDayHR GarminConnectMobile-Vivosport-AllDayHRWeekTrending

Talking of which, the Vivosport now incorporates the similar extra complex Garmin ELEVATE optical HR sensor that the Vivosmart 3 had (however that didn’t have GPS).  This implies the optical HR sensor is measuring your center price at 1 moment periods and recording as such.  This will give you some distance higher accuracy than Garmin’s previous iterations which occasionally would pass off on holiday for hours at a time at night time (despite the fact that normally it used to be much less).


As well as, with this larger frequency recording they’re doing new metrics like pressure dimension right through the day when now not in a exercise.  That is leveraging center price variability and algorithms from Firstbeat, and is the same to what used to be proven at the Vivosmart 3.  I in finding it beautiful darn correct in measuring my perceived pressure.  You’ll see this at the tool itself, or at the app afterwards:


I just like the app view, because it displays it each right through the day but additionally in a bit of chart layout.  This could also be true of the depth minute knowledge, which is extra correct than sooner than because it’s calculated continuously:

Garmin-ConnectMobile-Vivosport-Stress Garmin-ConnectMobile-Vivosport-IntensityMinutes

Very similar to what Fitbit offered a 12 months or so in the past, Garmin added in new Leisure/Respiring kind capability, which is located throughout the Vivosmart 3.

In fact, like maximum process trackers in this day and age it tracks sleep as smartly.  Typically this works smartly, despite the fact that I did have one night time a couple of days in the past that incorrectly concept me the usage of my telephone in mattress used to be slumbering (for approximately 45 mins on each side).

Vivosport-SleepStats-2 Vivosport-SleepStats-1

Inside of Garmin Attach you’ll be able to connect to buddies (most effective on Garmin in fact, no one has cross-platform integration), and notice the way you compete towards them.  And for loss of anyplace else to place the opposite display screen under, you’ll be able to do all forms of charting of metrics like energy and such.

2017-09-17 19.16.29 2017-09-18 01.49.28

After all, a be aware concerning the show.  Through default the show isn’t locked, which I discovered extremely irritating.  Foolish little such things as my coat sleeves would cause it and sooner than I knew I used to be within the exercise mode or deep into the settings.  Similar is going for a bath (the unit is waterproofed to 50m).  As an added ‘get advantages’, the default would have the backlight illuminating on nearly any wrist motion or faucet of the bedsheets.  The Woman just about ripped it off my wrist and threw it out the window to the road six tales under.

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Alternatively, each the ones problems had been solved by way of turning off backlight wrist increase (with the exception of in a exercise, the place I’ve set it to default backlight on when raised), in addition to default auto-locking the display screen.  To unencumber I simply faucet two times.  All is worked up now in each our lives.

Vivosport-Display-Options 2017-09-18 01.51.40

Additionally, you’ll be able to modify vibration alert depth as smartly.  I discovered the default ‘medium’ atmosphere greater than wonderful.

With that – let’s communicate sports activities.  In any case, it’s named ‘Vivosport’.

Game Utilization:


If you’ll be able to untwist the complicated lineage of the Vivo sequence, which is a fancy Tinder-packed hooking up of the Vivosmart 3 and Vivosmart HR+ sequence, the core takeaway you’ll in finding is that the Vivosport has each GPS and higher-end optical HR.  That’s more or less what this all boils all the way down to over the Vivosmart HR+ from a 12 months or so in the past (which additionally had optical & GPS).  Additionally, this new unit has sporty options like VO2Max algorithms, run/stroll modes, and private information.  All of the stuff I indexed within the ‘new stuff’ segment up above.

With a view to birth a exercise you’ll grasp down the display screen for approximately two seconds, which brings up this colourful little individual:


You’ll then faucet them and swipe throughout the other sports activities, equivalent to operating, strolling, biking, or aerobic.


There are some ordinary quirks right here.  For instance, you’ll be able to make a selection operating, after which indoor or out of doors.  However for biking you most effective get open air however now not indoors.  Garmin would most definitely argue that’s what the ‘Aerobic’ choice is for, since technically it wouldn’t do the rest other by way of including an indoor cycle/spin choice.  However by way of having a separate choice it’d bucketize the actions other on Garmin Attach later (with out manually overriding).  It’s a explanation why Fitbit permits number of a boatload of sports activities, even supposing in the back of the scenes there’s just about no distinction.


If we make a choice run we’ll get the choice for that indoor/out of doors piece.  Settling on open air will allow seek for GPS, whilst indoors it’ll use the accelerometer for tempo/distance.


Usually I discovered that for GPS it took not up to 15-20 seconds if it’s synced along with your telephone lately and has the GPS satellites pre-cache knowledge on it.  Else then it’ll take a heck of a very long time (2-3 mins).


As soon as finished you’ll be able to pass forward and double-tap to begin the process.  At this level it’ll be monitoring your exercise together with distance and center price.  You’ll swipe thru exercise pages, every of which include two metrics.

Vivosport-MetricsPage2 Vivosport-MetricsPage1

You’ll customise those metrics the usage of the Garmin Attach Cellular app, equivalent to settling on other knowledge fields.

Vivosport-Data-Pages Vivosport-DataField

All of that is beautiful easy.  One get advantages that I alluded to early on within the evaluate is that the show is always-on.  In contrast to nearly all Fitbit units in this day and age (or even some Garmin units), the Vivosport show by no means shuts off, so there’s no awkward ready if/when the wrist-raise doesn’t correctly cause the display-on.  It’s great having it simply continuously be there and paintings.


Observe that all through the exercise you’ll be able to allow such things as auto lap to routinely create laps at preset intervals (equivalent to as soon as in step with mile or kilometer), in addition to auto pause or even run/stroll mode.  Additional, you’ll be able to create distance, calorie, center price, or time signals.

Vivosport-Alerts-Mode Vivosport-VirtualPacermode Vivosport-RunWalk-Mode

As soon as your exercise is completed you’ll be able to pass forward pause the exercise by way of double-tapping the display screen.  Then you’ll be able to make a choice to save lots of the exercise.


Afterwards you’ll get any PR data in case you’ve hit any of the ones all through your exercise.  Those can come with longest runs or quickest paces.  Observe that as has been the case eternally, Garmin nonetheless inexplicably can’t sync your PR’s from Garmin Attach to those units, in order that they continuously birth over.  I fail to know why.

Vivosport-PRs Vivosport-MilePR

You’ll additional view your exercise on Garmin Attach Cellular, together with a boatload of stats:

2017-09-18 01.49.57 2017-09-18 01.50.01 2017-09-18 01.50.10

Or you’ll be able to view it on Garmin Attach on-line (right here’s hyperlinks to a few of my Vivosport runs and rides, for the ones curious concerning the precise knowledge and the way it sounds as if on an actual lifestyles exercise.  Moreover, in case you attach your account to websites like Strava, Coaching Peaks, or MapMyFitness – the exercises will finally end up there inside of a couple of seconds of Garmin Attach receiving it.


Additionally of be aware is that now you’ll get VO2Max data in accordance with your exercises.  This can also be accessed throughout the menus to tug up your VO2Max stats at any time.  Typically you’ll in finding that this selection takes a few weeks to stabilize on your metrics.  So don’t worry if to start with the numbers are beautiful low – it’s customary for now not simply Garmin units, however maximum units within the business.

Vivosport-VO2Max-Menu Vivosport-VO2Max-Values

After all, the Vivosport comprises the power to re-broadcast your center price over ANT+.  It doesn’t do that whilst in game mode, however most effective in a secondary mode that’s accessed within the settings menu:


When on this mode, it’s essential use one thing like a Garmin Edge biking laptop to pair on your HR sensor at the Vivosport, instead of dressed in a chest strap.  In fact, the accuracy of that knowledge is proscribed to the Vivosport’s accuracy, which I speak about within the subsequent segment.

Observe that the Vivosport CANNOT hook up with any ANT+ or Bluetooth Good sensors.  So no ANT+ center price sensors or velocity/cadence sensors for biking.  I in finding it ordinary that the Vivofit (that’s 1/2 the associated fee) can hook up with HR sensors however the Vivosport can’t.  Positive, it has its personal HR sensor in it, however so do a lot of different Garmin merchandise that permit you to hook up with ANT+ HR sensors.

Middle Charge Accuracy:


Subsequent up we’ve were given center price accuracy.  This more or less falls into two buckets: 24×7 HR, and exercise HR.  Through and big, I see no tangible problems with 24×7 HR.  It really works smartly throughout each customary day by day routines in addition to such things as sleep.  You do see rather larger resting HR calculations than I imagine is correct for me.  For instance, it in most cases provides me Resting HR (RHR) values within the 49-51 vary, but I’ll robotically get HR’s within the 39-44BPM vary.  However that’s sorta continuously been a quirk of many watches.  Talking of which, I speak about RHR values and 24×7 tracking right here and why it’s attention-grabbing.

2017-09-18 01.48.29 2017-09-18 01.46.48

(As an apart, I additionally discovered it attention-grabbing that for 3-4 days I wore the brand new Vivomove HR.  Whilst doing so, my resting HR numbers dropped about 8-10bpm in step with day, after which once I went again to the Vivosport, it rose. This used to be on Sept 2/3/4th in step with above.)

Sooner than we transfer directly to the take a look at effects, be aware that optical HR sensor accuracy is quite various from person to person.  Sides equivalent to pores and skin colour, hair density, and place can affect accuracy.  Place and the way the band is worn are *an important* items.  A unit with an optical HR sensor must be cosy.  It doesn’t want to depart marks, however you shouldn’t be capable to slide a finger underneath the band (a minimum of all through exercises).  You’ll put on it a tiny bit looser the remainder of the day.

Good enough, so in my checking out, I merely use the watch right through my customary exercises.  The ones exercises come with all kinds of intensities and prerequisites, making them nice for accuracy checking out.  I’ve were given regular runs, period exercises on each motorbike and operating, in addition to pace runs and rides.

For every take a look at, I’m dressed in further units, normally 3-4 in overall, which seize knowledge from different sensors.  Usually I’d put on a chest strap (normally the HRM-TRI or Wahoo TICKR X), in addition to any other optical HR sensor watch at the different wrist (many fashions all through this checking out duration).  Observe that the numbers you spot within the higher proper nook are *now not* the averages, however quite simply the precise level my mouse is sitting over.  Observe all this information is analyzed the usage of the DCR Analyzer, main points right here.

With that out of the best way, let’s dive right into a run first within the Swiss Alps.  This used to be a little of a cooler day (early fall), and in addition a little of a rolling route, generating variable center price.  You notice that there’s without a doubt some war of words in the ones first 5 mins or so.  We do see each optical HR sensors (Vivosport and FR935) do higher than the chest strap within the first minute (now not unusual), after which we see some variations between mins 4-6.


Alternatively, after that time all 3 sensors if truth be told agree very properly for just about the entirety.  About the one genuine stand-out in my view is the restoration HR’s that you simply see across the 38-minute marker and 45-minute marker.  Either one of those had been all through transient sections I paused to take a photograph, and you’ll be able to see the HR strap recovers a lot quicker than the optical HR sensors.


Slight delays on restoration HR’s isn’t atypical for optical sensors, however normally it’s at the order of 2-5 seconds.  Right here we see reasonably a little longer hole – upwards of 30 seconds sooner than it will get even midway.  Since each Garmin optical sensors (on separate wrists) failed to trace this correctly in the similar manner, I’d think a commonplace set of rules error right here, despite the fact that I’m now not certain if preventing to take a photograph is thought of as an set of rules edge case.  Both manner, it’s the primary I’ve observed of this.

Subsequent, we’ve were given any other run.  Or possibly it wasn’t a run.  Most likely the ones first 5 mins I used to be if truth be told inside of a meat grinder.  I’ve by no means observed such whole and overall craziness in HR’s between more than one models.  Ever.


I’ve 0 reason for that.  I used to be simply quietly operating alongside the river and everybody with the exception of the Polar OH1 determined to crap themselves.  The chest strap, the opposite optical HR sensor, and the Vivosport.

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After which increase – on the 5-minute marker everybody magically were given glad.  It sounds as if that on the 5-minute marker I went up an excessively slight grade for 10-15 seconds, and that used to be simply sufficient to permit the models to unsort their most probably cadence-lock kind problems and in finding my HR. They all.

From there on out, everybody is the same:


Subsequent, we’ll take a crack at two motorbike rides.  The primary, indoors on a teacher.  On this case I used the ‘Aerobic’ choice, since there is not any indoor motorbike choice:


You’ll see that excluding the primary 60 seconds, it if truth be told tracks close to completely all of the time.  And in truth, I’m now not certain what else to mention past that.  Usually talking you spot optical HR sensors on wrist carry out reasonably smartly indoors (as there’s no bumps to account for), however much less smartly open air.

Thus after all, an out of doors experience.  Don’t concern, this gained’t take lengthy – it’s terrible.


For those who’re attempting to determine which one is the Vivosport, it’s the only you spot most glaringly now not just like the others (the blue one).

There’s now not a lot of some degree to investigate the above, instead of to mention that if there used to be any variability in my depth, the Vivosport whilst driving did the other of what I did.  The one exception to that used to be within the center there the place I used to be moderately steady-state performing some loops, that it were given moderately shut…with the exception of after I did a dash, after which it misplaced the plot once more.

Whilst that is quite commonplace for wrist-based optical HR all through biking (with variable depth), you’ll understand the FR935 if truth be told tracked moderately darn smartly right through this whole factor, save for one dash.  So it’s now not reasonably as black and white as some may suppose.  For instance, in case you have a look at the primary 1/2 of this experience, the place I climb for more than one hours – the Vivosport tracks my HR completely, because it’s steady-state depth.

Nonetheless, past out of doors biking – the Vivosport optical HR sensor has in large part labored smartly for me in different situations.

(Observe: All the charts in those accuracy sections had been created the usage of the DCR Analyzer software.  It means that you can examine energy meters/running shoes, center price, cadence, velocity/tempo, GPS tracks and many extra. You’ll use it as smartly in your personal machine comparisons, extra main points right here.)

GPS Accuracy:


There’s most probably no matter that stirs as a lot dialogue and keenness as GPS accuracy.  An eye fixed may fall aside and come up with dire electric shocks whilst doing so, but when it displays you at the mistaken aspect of the street?  Oh hell no, carry at the fury of the web!

GPS accuracy can also be checked out in plenty of alternative ways, however I choose to have a look at it the usage of plenty of units in real-world situations throughout a limiteless selection of actions.  I exploit 2-6 different units directly, seeking to get a transparent image of ways a given set of units handles stipulations on a undeniable day.  Prerequisites come with the entirety from tree/development quilt to climate.

Over time I’ve endured to tweak my GPS checking out method.  For instance, I attempt to now not position two models subsequent to one another on my wrists, as that may affect sign. If I achieve this, I’ll put a skinny material spacer of about 1”/3cm between them (I didn’t do this on any of my Vivosport exercises).  However steadily I’ll merely raise different models by way of the straps, or connect them to my shoulder straps of a CamelBak.  Plus, dressed in more than one watches at the identical wrist is widely recognized to affect optical HR accuracy too.

Subsequent, as famous, I exploit simply my day by day coaching routes.  The usage of a unmarried path over and over isn’t truly indicative of real-world stipulations, it’s simply indicative of 1 path.  The exercises you spot listed below are simply my customary day by day exercises.

I’ve had reasonably a little of number of terrain throughout the period of time of Vivosport checking out.  Be it from main mountains and trails of the Alps, to quiet farmland in France, to town runs and rides in Paris or Amsterdam.

With that, let’s crack a have a look at the primary process, a run in the midst of nowhere France out in farm fields as a rain hurricane rolled thru.  You’ll see it’s a horny easy route in concept:


However whilst it would glance directly ahead, I really like those form of straight-line classes as a take a look at for the way blank the GPS monitor is.  Which means – are there wobbles if we zoom in?


Nope, appears just right there too.  And whilst now not an excellent measure, what concerning the distance unfold between the models?  All inside of a 41m unfold (on ~4,450 meters) – so about 1% unfold, which is completely customary for GPS accuracy.


Now as a distinction to the above run, I will be able to level out this run in Paris the place GPS at the Vivosport utterly misplaced the plot on the 10-minute marker for a minute or so (it’s the fairway line).  It is not sensible to me. Despite the fact that I will be able to indicate that the firmware at the unit is now more recent – so possibly no matter brought about that has been fastened.


Subsequent, we’ve were given any other run – this time within the Alps.  We regarded on the HR plots of this previous, now we’ll see how the tracks carry out.  I had deliberate to take a Suunto Wrist HR unit with me in this run, however I forgot to price it and used to be operating out of sunshine.  After all, let’s birth backwards this time – with overall distances for every unit:


You’ll see that all of the unfold of all 3 models used to be a trifling 43 meters (on ~10,400 meters) – or not up to one-half of 1 %.  However be mindful overall distance doesn’t inform all of the tale.  We want to have a look at the monitor issues plotted and make sure they line up with truth.  What’s cool right here is that this monitor used to be along steep cliffs and within the mountains, making GPS reception more difficult.  To not point out tree quilt.  Right here’s the review, however at this degree the entirety will glance wonderful.  We want to zoom in some.


Let’s check out a tiny little loop I did onto the lake on a small park there.  I did this 100% on goal to exhibit the affect of good recording, which the Vivosport did (while the others document at 1-second periods).  Good recording rather varies the recording period, in most cases between 3-7 seconds.  Observe under how the pink monitor of the Vivosport cuts the corners and is extra blocky:


They key despite the fact that is that whilst good recording plots much less issues, it doesn’t if truth be told quick the space (in concept), as that’s accounted for somewhere else within the document…a minimum of till you utilize third birthday party services and products like Strava anyway.

If we zoom our manner across the lake (you’ll be able to do the similar by way of clicking the document hyperlink above), you’ll see all tracks are in most cases inside of 1-2 meters of one another.  Some slight variation right here and there – however all throughout the spec of client grade GPS.  Once more despite the fact that you do understand the extra clunky nature of the Vivosport monitor because it’s recording fewer knowledge issues.


However in the long run, right through the remainder of the run it’s mainly the similar.  They all are shut.


Subsequent, we’ll check out a motorbike experience, which is larger velocity and throughout a dense town.  For the heck of it, we’ll birth with the space totals first:


All the models are inside of about 75 meters, save one Edge 520 that’s oddly 700m quick. I’ve were given no thought the place it misplaced its 700m, because the maps display an identical (and there’s no velocity sensor on it).  I really like that the Vivosport is inside of 36 meters of the PowerTap hub distance, which might be regarded as probably the most correct distance right here because it’s a wheel velocity sensor.

After all, right here’s the whole map:


Simply randomly choosing out some turns/corners/harder sections, the entire models monitor just about identically:


About the one time all through all of the experience that you simply see some war of words is thru a slimmer side road in between tall structures on all sides.  If that’s the case, you spot some models seek advice from some structures subsequent door, despite the fact that, the Vivosport if truth be told maintained one of the crucial absolute best locks of any person.  Cross determine.


After all, I really like to have a look at tunnel front/exits to look how models take care of.  Right here you’ll be able to see that the entire models correctly entered and exited the tunnel.  I’m particularly having a look to be sure that when exiting the tunnel with low GPS accuracy (because it re-acquires GPS), that it doesn’t improperly position a GPS level some distance away (I.e. 150m away someplace).  All did smartly right here.


General, I see just right stuff with the GPS at the Vivosport – excluding a unmarried run for approximately a minute.  It plots the issues reasonably smartly throughout all kinds of stipulations (save that one).  In fact, because it doesn’t do 1-second recording I’d be hesitant to counsel it for path operating/driving (despite the fact that path mountaineering/strolling is okay), as you’ll lose lots of the transfer backs because of loss of knowledge issues being recorded.

(Once more, some of these comparisons are finished the usage of the DCR Analyzer.  You’ll click on on any of the hyperlinks initially of every set to dig into the units in additional element, or to obtain the unique knowledge and do your personal comparisons.)

Product Comparability:

I’ve added the Vivosport into the product comparability software, permitting you to match it to different merchandise I’ve reviewed.  For the needs of this publish I decided on a handful of alternative models to match it towards within the tables under, however once more, you’ll be able to make your personal charts right here.

Underneath I determined on matching it up towards the Polar A370 (has each GPS & Optical HR), in addition to the Vivoactive HR (watch-like), after which the Vivosmart HR+.  It’s now not an excellent match-up, however I feel it’s what individuals are perhaps evaluating.  I skipped evaluating it within the under charts to the Vivoactive 3, since that’s significantly extra.  However you’ll be able to do this your self with the software if you wish to have.

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Serve as/Function Garmin Vivosport Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Garmin Vivoactive HR
Copyright DC Rainmaker – Up to date December third, 2020 @ 5:28 am New Window
Value $169 $219 $249
Product Announcement Date Aug thirty first, 2017 Might sixteenth, 2016 Feb nineteenth, 2016
Exact Availability/Delivery Date September 2017 June 2016 Q2 2016
GPS Recording Capability Sure Sure Sure
Information Switch Bluetooth Good, USB Bluetooth Good, USB USB, BLUETOOTH SMART
Waterproofing 50m 50m 50 meters
Battery Existence (GPS) 8 HOURS GPS ON 8 hours GPS on 13 hours GPS on
Recording Period Good Recording Good Recording Good Recording
Indicators Vibration/Visible Vibration/Visible Vibrate/Visible
Backlight Greatness Nice OK Excellent
Talent to obtain customized apps to unit/tool No No Sure
Acts as day by day process track (steps, and many others…) Sure Sure Sure
Track Garmin Vivosport Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Garmin Vivoactive HR
Can keep watch over telephone song Sure Sure Sure
Has song garage and playback No No No
Connectivity Garmin Vivosport Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Garmin Vivoactive HR
Bluetooth Good to Telephone Importing Sure Sure Sure
Telephone Notifications to unit (i.e. texts/calls/and many others…) Sure Sure Sure
Reside Monitoring (streaming location to web site) Sure Sure
Staff monitoring No No
Emergency/SOS Message Notification (from watch to contacts) No No No
Integrated cell chip (no telephone required) No No No
Biking Garmin Vivosport Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Garmin Vivoactive HR
Designed for biking Sure No Sure
Energy Meter Succesful No No With some Attach IQ apps (however can not document knowledge)
Energy Meter Configuration/Calibration Choices N/A NO N/A
Energy Meter TSS/NP/IF N/A No N/A
Velocity/Cadence Sensor Succesful No No Sure
Strava segments survive tool No No No
Crash detection No No
Operating Garmin Vivosport Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Garmin Vivoactive HR
Designed for operating Sure Sure Sure
Footpod Succesful (For treadmills) No No (makes use of interior accelerometer) YES (Additionally has INTERNAL ACCELEROMETER)
Operating Dynamics (vertical oscillation, flooring touch time, and many others…) No No No
VO2Max Estimation Sure No No
Race Predictor No No No
Restoration Marketing consultant No nO No
Run/Stroll Mode Sure (restricted) Sure Sure
Swimming Garmin Vivosport Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Garmin Vivoactive HR
Designed for swimming No (however waterproofed simply wonderful) No Sure
Openwater swimming mode No No No
Lap/Indoor Distance Monitoring No N/A Sure
File HR underwater No N/A No
Openwater Metrics (Stroke/and many others.) N/A N/A No
Indoor Metrics (Stroke/and many others.) v N/A Sure
Indoor Drill Mode N/A N/A No
Indoor auto-pause characteristic N/A N/A No
Trade pool dimension N/A N/A Sure
Indoor Min/Max Pool Lengths N/A N/A 17M/18Y TO 150Y/M
Talent to customise knowledge fields N/A N/A Sure
Captures in step with duration knowledge – indoors N/A N/A Sure
Indoor Indicators N/A N/A Sure
Triathlon Garmin Vivosport Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Garmin Vivoactive HR
Designed for triathlon No No No
Multisport mode N/A No No
Workout routines Garmin Vivosport Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Garmin Vivoactive HR
Create/Observe customized exercises No No No
On-unit period Function No No No
Coaching Calendar Capability No No No
Purposes Garmin Vivosport Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Garmin Vivoactive HR
Auto Get started/Forestall Sure Sure Sure
Digital Spouse Function No (however has Digital Pacer) Has Digital Pacer No
Digital Racer Function No No No
Data PR’s – Non-public Data (diff than historical past) Sure No Sure
Tidal Tables (Tide Data) No No No
Climate Show (reside knowledge) Sure Sure Sure
Navigate Garmin Vivosport Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Garmin Vivoactive HR
Observe GPS Observe (Classes/Waypoints) No No No
Markers/Waypoint Course No No Sure (to pre-saved spots)
Routable/Visible Maps (like automotive GPS) No No No
Again to begin No No Sure
Impromptu Spherical Commute Direction Introduction No No No
Obtain classes/routes from telephone to unit No No No
Sensors Garmin Vivosport Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Garmin Vivoactive HR
Altimeter Sort Barometric Barometric Barometric
Compass Sort N/A N/A Magnetic
Optical Middle Charge Sensor internally Sure Sure Sure
Middle Charge Strap Suitable No No (can broadcast ANT+ HR despite the fact that) Sure
ANT+ Middle Charge Strap Succesful No (can broadcast ANT+ HR despite the fact that) No Sure (Too can broadcast ANT+ HR)
ANT+ Velocity/Cadence Succesful No No Sure
ANT+ Footpod Succesful No No Sure
ANT+ Energy Meter Succesful No No No
ANT+ Lighting fixtures Keep watch over No No Sure
ANT+ Motorcycle Radar Integration No No Sure
ANT+ Teacher Keep watch over (FE-C) No No No
ANT+ Far flung Keep watch over No No YES FOR GARMIN VIRB
ANT+ eBike Compatibility No No No
ANT+ Equipment Moving (i.e. SRAM ETAP) No No No
Shimano Di2 Moving No No No
Bluetooth Good HR Strap Succesful No No No
Bluetooth Good Velocity/Cadence Succesful No No nO
Bluetooth Good Footpod Succesful No No No
Bluetooth Good Energy Meter Succesful No No No
Temp Recording (interior sensor) No Sorta (To be had most effective in Snowboarding/SUP)
Temp Recording (exterior sensor) No No Sure
Device Garmin Vivosport Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Garmin Vivoactive HR
PC Software GarmiN Categorical Garmin Categorical Garmin Categorical – Home windows/Mac
Internet Software Garmin Attach Garmin Attach Garmin Attach
Telephone App iOS/Android/Home windows iOS/Android/Home windows Telephone iOS/Android/Home windows Telephone
Talent to Export Settings No No No
Acquire Garmin Vivosport Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Garmin Vivoactive HR
Amazon Hyperlink Hyperlink Hyperlink
DCRainmaker Garmin Vivosport Garmin Vivosmart HR+ Garmin Vivoactive HR
Overview Hyperlink Hyperlink Hyperlink Hyperlink

Once more, be mindful you’ll be able to make your personal comparability charts the usage of the product comparability software right here.



General, Garmin has finished great issues with the Vivosport, combining the most productive parts of the Vivosmart 3 and the GPS-capable Vivosmart HR+.  It did away with the clunkier band of the Vivosmart HR+ (but protecting the GPS), whilst bringing in the entire new HR-focused metrics of the Vivosmart 3, equivalent to the strain monitoring, higher optical HR sensor.  All whilst updating the show some distance higher than each models and with decent battery lifestyles.

There are naturally some tool quirks, equivalent to the game mode variety choices, or the loss of steadiness of optical HR whilst biking open air.  Positive, the outside band design isn’t precisely the rest to put in writing house about or win model awards for.  Nor does it have interchangeable/swappable accent bands.  But it surely’s additionally now not one thing that attracts consideration as fugly both, if that’s a bar to reach.

Whether or not or now not it used to be Garmin’s final objective to make now not simply the slimmest GPS band in the marketplace, I don’t know. However regardless of doing in order that they nonetheless made a GPS process tracker band for fitness-focused people with none obvious tradeoffs that works smartly and tracks a boatload of metrics in large part correctly with just right battery lifestyles.  And this present day, there are only a few merchandise (mainly none) that are compatible that description.  As a way to have person who does it smartly is definitely welcomed.

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Discovered This Publish Helpful? Give a boost to The Website online!

Optimistically you discovered this evaluate helpful. On the finish of the day, I’m an athlete similar to you on the lookout for probably the most element imaginable on a brand new acquire – so my evaluate is written from the point of view of ways I used the tool. The evaluations in most cases take numerous hours to place in combination, so it’s a good bit of labor (and hard work of affection). As you most likely spotted by way of having a look under, I additionally take time to respond to the entire questions posted within the feedback – and there’s reasonably a little of element in there as smartly.

If you are searching for the Garmin Vivosport or another accent pieces, please imagine the usage of the associate hyperlinks under! As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases. It doesn’t value you the rest further, however your purchases lend a hand improve this web site so much. Much more, in case you use or Aggressive Bicycle owner with coupon code DCRAINMAKER, first time customers save 15% on appropriate merchandise!

And naturally – you’ll be able to continuously sign-up to be a DCR Supporter! That will get you an ad-free DCR, get entry to to the DCR Quarantine Nook video sequence full of in the back of the scenes tidbits…and it additionally makes you superior. And being superior is what it’s all about!

Thank you for studying! And as continuously, be happy to publish feedback or questions within the feedback segment under, I’ll feel free to check out and resolution them as briefly as imaginable. And finally, in case you felt this evaluate used to be helpful – I continuously recognize comments within the feedback under. Thank you!