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The entire Targaryens to Know in ‘Space of the Dragon’

Recreation of Thrones confirmed us the tale of Westeros, difficult us to keep in mind a variety of various homes and their relationships to each other. Space of the Dragon, HBO’s new prequel collection, focuses extra squarely at the Targaryen circle of relatives. (The clue is in reality within the title.) Because it seems, there are a large number of Targaryens, and — wonder — they do not all like each and every different. 

This can also be overwhelming in the beginning: such a lot of new faces, so little display time. After a number of episodes of laying groundwork, Space of the Dragon is escalating briefly, as someone who is noticed episode 7 is aware of. Because the collection ratchets as much as the Targaryen civil conflict, often referred to as the Dance of the Dragons, relationships will best get extra advanced.

This record of key Targaryens will have to help in making sense of the chaos as we move alongside. Beware: Space of the Dragon Episode 7 spoilers are incorporated under.

Aegon the Conquerer

Aegon Targaryen is not proven in Space of the Dragon, however his legend is regularly referenced. Continuously known as Aegon the Conqueror, Aegon was once the 1st king of Westeros. He married either one of his sisters — the Targaryens have been doing it approach sooner than Jaime and Cersei Lannister — Rhaenys and Visenya. The 3 of them each and every had dragons, which they used to unite the seven kingdoms of Westeros by way of power. The usage of the swords of his fallen enemies, Aegon had his dragon forge the Iron Throne.

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When you delve into A Music of Ice and Hearth lore, you’ll be able to observe the phrases BC and AC. That is Prior to the Conquest and After the Conquest. Rhaenyra Targaryen, as an example, was once born 97 AC.

King Jaehaerys I Targaryen  

King Jaehaerys sits entrance and middle.


King Jaehaerys Targaryen is noticed best in short in Space of the Dragon, however he is a very powerful Targaryen to grasp. You noticed him within the opening vignette of Space of the Dragon’s premiere episode, during which Jaehaerys had convened a council of Westerosi lords to vote on who will have to be triumphant him. He is performed by way of Michael Carter who, a laugh reality, performed Jabba the Hutt lackey Bib Fortuna in Go back of the Jedi.

Simplest the fourth Targaryen ruler of Westeros, Jaehaerys was once a perfect king in A Music of Ice and Hearth lore. “The area that Jaehaerys inherited was once impoverished, war-torn, lawless and riven with department and distrust, while the brand new king himself was once a inexperienced boy and not using a enjoy of rule,” George R.R. Martin wrote in Hearth and Blood. But in spite of the ones inauspicious beginnings, Jaehaerys would reign for 55 years, a duration marked by way of peace and prosperity.

Jaehaerys married his sister, Alysanne Targaryen, which as famous was once in style on the time. Either one of their sons died, leaving no direct successor.

King Viserys I Targaryen

King Viserys.


King Viserys is most likely Space of the Dragon’s maximum outstanding personality, particularly within the opening episodes. He is the grandson of Jaehaerys Targaryen, and was once the winner of the competition that decided Jaehaerys’ successor. His primary competitor in that vote was once Rhaenys Targaryen, who is cousin to Viserys and granddaughter to Jaehaerys.

King Viserys’ father was once Baelor Targaryen, who was once inheritor to the throne till his demise from appendicitis, and is the reason why Viserys in episode 1 named his new child son Baelor.

“Many believe the reign of King Viserys I to constitute the apex of Targaryen energy in Westeros,” Martin wrote in Hearth and Blood, despite the fact that he additionally famous the king’s faults. “King Viserys I Targaryen was once no longer the strongest-willed of kings, it should be stated; at all times amiable and concerned to delight, he relied very much at the suggest of the lads round him, and did as they bade extra continuously than no longer.”

King Viserys is performed by way of Paddy Considine, who you might have noticed in Sizzling Fuzz, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Global’s Finish and HBO’s The Outsider.

Aemma Targaryen

Aemma Targaryen.


Queen Aemma Targaryen is Viserys’ first spouse, and mom of Rhaenyra Targaryen. Prior to she married into the royal circle of relatives, she was once Aemma Arryn, making her a far off relative of Jon Arryn, whose poisoning induced the occasions depicted in Recreation of Thrones.

Aemma’s marriage with Viserys was once plagued with nice misfortune. She fell pregnant a number of occasions, however suffered miscarriages. Just one wholesome kid was once delivered: Rhaenyra. Two boys have been birthed, however each died of their cots. Aemma died giving start to the second one, Baelor. Although her demise was once a herbal result of childbirth within the Hearth and Blood e book, in Space of the Dragon it is led to by way of Viserys educating Grand Maester Mellos to accomplish a C-section on Aemma within the hopes of saving the kid.

Actress Sian Brooke performs Aemma Targaryen. Along with a number of TV credit, together with Eurus Holmes in Sherlock, Brooke could also be a prolific actress on Britain’s theater circuit.

Daemon Targaryen

Daemon Targaryen.


Arguably the most important famous person going into Space of the Dragons is Matt Smith, who performs Daemon Targaryen. For 4 years Smith performed the physician in Physician Who, and extra just lately performed Prince Phillip in The Crown.

Daemon Targaryen is Viserys Targaryen’s more youthful brother, and starts Space of the Dragon because the inheritor to the Iron Throne. As we see in episode 1, then again, Viserys comes to a decision that his daughter Rhaenyra is a extra appropriate inheritor, disqualifying Daemon’s conventional proper to develop into king.

Daemon is married to Rhea Royce. The Royces are a perfect circle of relatives of the Vale; Recreation of Thrones fanatics will take note Yohn Royce as the important thing Vale determine following Littlefinger’s homicide of Lysa Arryn.

Daemon is more or less like a mixture between Jaime and Tyrion Lannister. He is a famend warrior however, like “the imp” Tyrion, is rightly or wrongly noticed as a black mark at the circle of relatives. He is identified to steadily widespread excitement homes, and has a pronounced rebellious streak.

In episode 4 of Space of the Dragon, we see Daemon Targaryen make out his his niece, Rhaenyra, and ask King Viserys to permit him to marry her. It is tremendous bizarre, but in addition no longer strange for the circle of relatives. (In episode 3, Hand of the King Otto Hightower urged King Viserys wed Rhaenyra to Prince Aegon.) In episode 7, Daemon marries Rhaenyra with out the king’s wisdom.

Rhaenys Targaryen

King Viserys speaks with Lord Corlys and Princess Rhaenys.


Rhaenys Targaryen is “the Queen Who By no means Was once.” She declared a proper to develop into Queen, being King Jaehaerys’ eldest grandchild, however was once rejected by way of the lords of Westeros after they voted en masse for Viserys as an alternative.

Rhaenys is the daughter of Aemon Targaryen — the namesake of the Night time’s Watch’s Maester Aemon in Recreation of Thrones. Rhaenys is portrayed as a badass in Hearth & Blood, famous for her spirit, good looks and talent to trip dragons. She’s married to Lord Corlys Velaryon, who’s a outstanding member of the Small Council in Space of the Dragon. Although the Lannisters have been identified for his or her riches in Recreation of Thrones, on this technology it is Lord Corlys’ Space Velaryon that is the maximum cashed up in Westeros.

Rhaenys is performed by way of Eve Perfect, maximum identified for her function as Eleanor O’Hara in Nurse Jackie. Steve Toussaint performs Lord Corlys.

It will have to be famous that during Hearth & Blood, the vote to ascertain Jaehaerys’ successor was once mainly between Viserys and Laenor Velaryon (Rhaenys’ son, no longer Rhaenys herself). Within the e book — this would possibly not finally end up mattering within the display — each Space Baratheon and Space Stark have been proponents of Rhaenys’ declare for the Iron Throne.

Rhaenyra Targaryen

Rhaenyra Targaryen in a softly lit castle room

Rhaenyra Targaryen.


King Viserys is also the central personality of Space of the Dragon’s first season, however the famous person personality is Rhaenyra Targaryen. As famous, Matt Smith is arguably probably the most outstanding actor entering the display. Milly Alcock, who performs Rhaenyra for the 1st 5 episodes, would possibly pop out as Space of the Dragon’s leap forward actor. (Emma D’Arcy takes over from episode 6.)

Rhaenyra is the one surviving kid of King Viserys and Queen Aemma Targaryen. Following the demise of Baelor, who best lived for round 10 hours in episode 1, Viserys declared Rhaenyra the rightful inheritor to the throne. She’s a tender girl when the display starts, simply 14 years outdated. However Rhaenyra grows briefly as Space of the Dragon progresses — 18 by way of episode 4, just about 30 in episode 6 — and turns into a compelling power unto herself.

Older Rhaenyra is performed by way of Emma D’Arcy, who had a outstanding function in 2020’s Fact Seekers. 9 generations separate Rhaenyra and Daenerys Targaryen: Rhaenyra is Daenerys’ nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice grandmother.

Aegon, Aemond and Helaena Targaryen



Aegon II, Aemond and Helaena Targaryen are the youngsters of King Viserys and Queen Alicent. They actually have a fourth kid, Daeron, however he is but to seem at the TV display. 

Aegon (Ty Tennant) is, as we all know, the first-born son of the king. That makes him Rhaenyra’s leader rival for the Iron Throne, although Aegon himself to this point turns out fed up in ruling. In episode 6, his leader pursuit seems to be masturbating. Youngsters, eh? In episode 7, we discover out he is to marry his sister, Helaena, who is performed by way of Phia Saban. It is a strategic partnership to toughen Aegon’s declare to the throne, but Aegon takes to the possibility like a listless youngster being compelled to paintings at McDonalds to earn his personal pocket cash.

Aemond (Leo Ashton) is the extra bold brother in Space of the Dragon, expeditiously bonding with Vhagar, the most important dragon within the land, after the demise of Vhagar’s earlier rider, Laena Velaryon. 

Jacaerys Velaryon and Lucerys Velaryon



Rhaenyra moms 3 youngsters with Laenor Velaryon — formally, a minimum of. Jacaerys and Lucerys Velaryon (Leo Hart and Harvey Sadler) are presented in episode 6, and have extra prominently in episode 7. A 3rd kid with the cursed title of Joffrey is born within the opening scenes of episode 6, so it will take all over again soar sooner than we meet him as the rest drawing near an grownup.

Jacaerys and Lucerys significantly glance a bit like Rhaenyra, they usually glance particularly other from their father, Laenor. That is as a result of Laenor is not their precise dad. Rhaenyra and Laenor struck up a discount to carry youngsters into the arena and, as soon as that accountability’s executed, love whoever they please. Sadly, they have been not able to undergo youngsters, as published in episode 7. 

Their true father is Harwin Sturdy. Harwin does not get a lot on-screen time, being murdered in episode 6 by way of his brother Larys Sturdy. King’s Touchdown is a coarse position.