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4iiii’s Introduces $399 Energy Meter, Precision: My First Journey With It

4iiii’s has kicked off what’s going to be a frenzy of chronic meter process right here at Interbike this week.  In doing so, because the put up headline implies, they’ve jumped onboard with the plans to additional force the cost of chronic meters down into a bigger biking target market.  They’ve presented their newest product – Precision – which is their chronic meter providing that  sits at $399US (with twin left/proper sensor make stronger at $749US).

I’ve had an opportunity to experience with the gadgets on a experience, in addition to to spend substantial time doing the whole lot from putting in the unit myself to calibration of the sensor.  And, I did this all on a decked out power-meter weighted down motorbike.  Simply me, Precision…and 3 different chronic meters.  After all, a unmarried knowledge level of 1 experience doesn’t imply the product might be flawless (or failure certain).  Reasonably, it’s only a first glimpse at issues.  And with that, let’s start the stroll via.

A Transient Review:


The Precision is in some ways so much just like the Levels Energy Meter, excluding with two key variations: It may be put in your self, and it may be put in on each crank fingers (as opposed to simply left-only with Levels).  Smartly, that and being about 40% less expensive (or extra, relying on how you buy it).

Precision is all based totally round those two tiny pods.  Those prototype pods are moderately higher than your moderate operating footpod, and the majority of the dimensions is truly devoted to the CR2032 coin mobile battery contained inside.  The true innards of pressure gauges, accelerometers, and ANT+/Bluetooth Good communications chips are somewhat small.  Then again, the following prototype variations (and manufacturing variations), will considerably scale back the perimeters, successfully getting rid of the sloped phase (which lately accommodates further wiring connectors for construction logging features).


Those pods are then put in at the within your crank fingers.  You’ll be able to set up it in a left-only configuration, as observed in recent times on quite a lot of chronic meters (Levels Energy, ROTOR Energy LT, Garmin Vector-S, Polar Keo Energy Very important), or you’ll be able to set up it in a dual-sensor configuration.


In a twin sensor configuration you put in it on each the left and proper crank fingers.  This nets you an entire image of your chronic output (watts), and thus minimizes problems with left/proper stability.

Those pods are put in via you (sure, you) the use of a calibration instrument that’s integrated throughout the equipment.  The pods are mainly cemented on.  You’ll be able to take away the pod from the crank arm, however the activity does wreck the pod.  Then again your crank arm can be advantageous (Tip of the day: Would most likely be less expensive to simply purchase a brand new crank arm).


Precision communicates together with your head unit the use of both ANT+ or Bluetooth Good.  So it’s only a subject of which protocol your head unit makes use of.  It’ll transmit all of your usual chronic meter metrics on all sides, however I’ll dive into that a bit of in a while.


Now those who have adopted the strikes and avid gamers within the trade would possibly in finding it attention-grabbing to understand the individual at the back of 4iiii’s Precision: Keith Wakeham.  The ones with just right recollections will commit it to memory used to be Keith that about 2 years in the past printed plans for his open-source chronic meter design, which used to be a DIY solution to development an influence meter.  Whilst that unit has no resemblance to these days’s Precision, the training from Keith’s efforts undoubtedly contributed closely to it.  Previous to that, he labored within the nuclear trade on pressure gauges.  4iiii’s snatched him up final fall they usually’ve been plugging away since.  The facility meter global is certainly a small position.

With that, let’s start set up.

Set up & Calibration:

I need to first indicate that the gear you spot listed here are NOT consumerized but.  Which means that that whilst the method is ultimate, the real gear that you simply’ll get within the package deal might be smaller, extra consumer pleasant and typically glance ‘beautiful’.  They haven’t start the producing of the ones gear but, since that’s about the very last thing you’d do when it comes to production.

And, in spite of how this activity appears to be like – it used to be in fact foolish simple.  You’ll be able to entire it in not up to 5 mins…at maximum.

For the set up I finished it on a unmarried crank arm at the table of a Fairfield Inn lodge.  No fancy workbench used to be wanted, and whilst I successfully had a nuclear engineer guiding me via it – there’s no use for that both.

Each and every equipment comes with those gear (or once more, a variant of them).  they’re:

1) A clamp
2) A two-part epoxy
3) A device to squirt out the epoxy
4) A information to suit the pod to the crank arm.

You’ll be able to see they all underneath:


To start, you’ll want a crank arm, or two, relying on what number of pods you’re putting in.  You’ll be the use of this little instrument that is helping to align the most efficient set up spot for the pod to your crank arm.


The instrument then holds the Precision pod in a super little grooved space.  The pod’s backing is roofed with a protecting tape.


Step one is to take a pencil and easily mark the realm at the crank arm the place the pod will pass.



We’ll then use the integrated sandpaper to frivolously sand this space, which is helping to extend the facility for the glue to carry.


Then we merely blank it off with a few swipes of swabs, which gets rid of the sanded subject matter.  There’s additionally yet one more swipe with a gauze pad.


Now we’re in a position so as to add a tiny little little bit of glue.  The glue gun will robotically combine the 2 epoxy’s completely, with none air bubbles.



You don’t want a lot epoxy.


You’ve were given roughly 20 mins till the epoxy begins to set.  So that you don’t have to fret about dashing.  Heck, it’s essential even pass out and run a quick 5K.

Subsequent, you’ll pass forward and take away the protecting tape backing at the unit and position it in its tray:


Then, merely turn it over onto the crank arm.  The instrument settles into the pedal attachment space, conserving issues comfortable.

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After all, we upload a clamp.  The clamp has a bit of rubber piece at the reverse aspect to offer protection to in opposition to scratches.


You’ll go away the entire rig by myself for six hours.  Relying at the temperature out of doors (if scorching), it may be a bit of much less.  However truly, simply go away it by myself.  The photograph you spot right through the put up with the crank arm on its own have been all taken the morning after with the finished unit.

Now, the piece I didn’t get to hide right here used to be the calibration.  The calibration will use a separate instrument that has a ‘S’ sort load mobile in it.  The instrument comes within the equipment, and is solely used to calibrate.  The instrument may have 3 little grooves the place you’ll be able to grasp a weight from it.  The weight mobile can resolve the burden inside .01% accuracy, which then permits them to additional calibrate the facility meter.  The consumer will position the burden at every of the 3 groves in short, which in flip supplies simply sufficient variations in torque to correctly calibrate the unit.  The entire activity must solely take a pair mins at maximum.

The unit is sensible sufficient to resolve whether or not it’s assigned to the left or proper aspect, in keeping with the torque and course.  Moreover, it’ll use private-ANT to pair itself as much as the secondary pod for those who purchased that.

Connecting to a head unit, utilization:

The 4iiii’s unit connects to go gadgets the use of both ANT+ or Bluetooth Good.  To begin, we’ll pass with ANT+ because it’s probably the most dominant within the biking global.  For that, I simply used an Edge 810.  After all, you’ll be able to use any head unit that helps the facility meter protocol.


Subsequent, I’ll pass forward and feature it seek for an influence meter to pair, the place it’ll in finding the 4iiii’s on my motorbike:


Subsequent, to organize for a experience we’ll pass forward and calibrate it via atmosphere a nil offset, very similar to different chronic meters.  That is generally accomplished inside the settings menu of the motorbike profile.


From right here, you’re just about in a position to move.  Whilst driving you’ll get overall chronic displayed, in addition to particular person left/proper chronic (assuming you bought the twin sensor package deal).


All of this information is recorded via your head unit for later research in no matter apps you usually use, like Coaching Peaks or Strava:


Now, for those who’re extra of the Bluetooth Good persuasion, you’ll be able to pair with that as smartly.  As an example, the Polar V650 pairing with the 4iiii’s unit.  However, it’s essential use the Wahoo Health app at the telephone which lets you extra simply ship knowledge to all types of third birthday celebration companions.

From a utilization viewpoint, it’s similar to different chronic meters.  You’ll entire a zero-offset at the start of a experience, however past that it’ll just about handle itself.

Taking a look on the pod itself, there’ll undoubtedly be very legitimate questions at the adhesive and making sure that it remains the place it must, and that it isn’t impacted via climate or the unintended slip of the foot.  All problems I’ll no doubt be having a look into as a part of my in-depth assessment.  In speaking with 4iiii’s, it’s a space they’ve spent numerous time in with appreciate to the particular glue selected.  Out of all of the spaces that they mentioned the place issues weren’t somewhat finalized/company but, this used to be the only space they appeared very certain of.

The Take a look at Knowledge:

VIRB Picture

I began out this morning previous to sundown. Given my time constraints of the day I went with a unmarried 40-minute experience for these days, together with a secondary brief phase at the instructor.  The experience used to be accomplished on park roads in Lake Mead Nationwide Game House.  The similar position I incessantly do trying out of units once I keep in Vegas.  The course could also be utilized by quite a lot of triathlons too.

Right here’s the illustrated model of the facility meters used on this morning’s assessments:


As you’ll be able to see, I’ve were given the next gadgets at the motorbike.  We didn’t use my motorbike because of now not somewhat having sufficient present era prototype gadgets to section completely with.  I did then again deliver my PowerTap to put in, and we unboxed a collection of Vectors that we put in at the motorbike in combination.  The SRM and 4iiii’s unit used to be already in position.  So I had entire regulate over two of the facility meters, they usually had ready the opposite two.

SRM: Crank spider based totally
Garmin Vector: Pedal based totally
PowerTap G3: Rear wheel hub based totally
4iiii Precision: Left/proper crank arm based totally

All of this information is then fed into two other spots.  First is to standard biking head gadgets, in my case the Garmin Edge 1000 and 810 for the Vector (1000) and PowerTap (810) knowledge.  And two further 810’s for the SRM and 4iiii’s knowledge.  I’ve a couple of of them in my assortment.  Those gadgets all act as ‘backup’ of my knowledge.

2d, it’s additionally fed into the a lot more vital instrument, the North Pole Engineering WASP ANT+ knowledge consolidator.  It permits me to seamlessly file the whole lot as one coherent and entire image.  This gets rid of the complexity of matching up recordsdata afterwards.  The WASP then transmits to the telephone by the use of WiFi, the place the information is recorded in real-time.


With out additional ado, right here’s what that experience knowledge appeared like on the ‘50,000’ feet view:


I excluded the SRM knowledge, since for no matter reason why the WASP wasn’t amassing that flow.  So I wish to manually re-process and normalize that knowledge from the backup knowledge recordsdata, which I’ll do later these days.

Taking a look on the knowledge then again, you spot at a prime degree issues pattern rather smartly.  You spot that the Precision is a bit of not up to the others.  In speaking with Keith, we noticed that previously and consider that’s because of some minor drops he’s seeing with that individual pod, thus inflicting a decrease total worth.  You spot one unexplained spike in opposition to the very finish, oddly sufficient as I used to be entering the parking space coasting.

Now, let’s dig a bit of deeper into the diversities between them.  In any case, I’m extra concerned about the place they range than the place they’re the similar.  That is the place it’s vital to understand that no two chronic meters will learn identically – regardless of how arduous you’ll check out.  There are inherent accuracy barriers (most often 1%-2.5%), together with variations in placement.  Which means that a PowerTap will inherently learn a decrease wattage than a Garmin Vector – as Vector is nearer to the supply of the facility (you).  With the intention to make this graph make sense, I’ve tossed out the ones previous few seconds of the experience (since that will massively skew issues and used to be an outlier).

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First, right here’s all 3 smoothed with a 10-second rolling moderate.  I’ll use that because the baseline:


Subsequent, we’ll take a look at the CP, which is helping us to spot how they trended over chunks of the experience.  I used Golden Cheetah to create this.  Underneath you’ll see all 4 chronic meters (together with the SRM).  You’ll see that via and big they’re beautiful identical.  We see moderately extra variation on the top-end, with the 4iiii’s unit being low right through (as anticipated from previous notes).


You’ll be able to see down on the backside the common chronic values (watch out of having a look at that), together with the max chronic values for a couple of other timeframes from 10-seconds as much as 8-minutes.  This is helping a bit of to make the ones values extra relatable.

After all, let’s take a look at cadence.


Eek.  As you’ll be able to see, it is a bit everywhere the map.  And, to be truthful to them – they anticipated that.  The famous the night time sooner than the experience that that they had simply switched the part doing cadence to what they’ll use within the ultimate manufacturing model they usually hadn’t had an opportunity but to optimize the algorithms there.  After all, in maximum chronic meters cadence is a key think about figuring out chronic.  But, I’m now not as eager about this actual part, solely as a result of accelerometer based totally cadence is at this level smartly understood within the biking trade.  So it’s most commonly a case of them optimizing their new part algorithms as many different corporations have just lately accomplished (Garmin, Levels, Power2Max, Polar, Brim, and so on…).

I additionally did a brief 9 minute take a look at on a instructor, simply to get some ‘easy’ knowledge to look what it looks as if.


I’ll be importing that knowledge a bit of later these days.

Oh, and for the ones questioning about that hole within the heart across the 30 minute marker at the out of doors experience?  That’s when the derailleur determined to take a look at and determine a detailed and proceeding courting with the spokes at the wheel, thus injecting the chain down within the hole between the cassette and the spokes.  It wasn’t beautiful undoing.

VIRB Picture

You’re welcome to obtain the uncooked knowledge on your personal research, all of it’s positioned right here.  You could put up your personal research of the information, regardless that, I do ask you hyperlink again to the supply put up right here.  If you need a more practical model, you’ll be able to simply take a look at the Garmin Attach document on-line right here.

Misc Main points & FAQ:


Underneath are some random main points and info, together with what I believe would be the maximum commonplace questions.

Crank Compatibility (common): Roughly the rest with a flat floor.  Conversely, I couldn’t then again use my ROTOR crank fingers on some other motorbike, as a result of the ones fingers have grooves that the gauges wouldn’t be capable to measure accurately.  They’ve examined the final 3 generations of the Shimano 105, Ultegra and Dura-Ace cranks, in addition to the Deore XT.  Inside SRAM, the Rival OCT, after which at the mountain motorcycles the X9.  Inside FSA the Power crank fingers.

Carbon Cranks: So far their trying out “appears to be like just right” in keeping with them, however they’re proceeding to check cranks there.

Crank Duration/Width: There aren’t any inherent problems right here with higher or outsized cranks.  The one possible tough space can be in case your crank arm has some kind of bizarre bending or shaping that go away it no flat floor.  As an example, at the VERVE Infocrank (some other chronic meter), it curves round and thus there isn’t any flat house to mount the pod. However that’s extraordinarily uncommon (and most likely now not a subject matter for any person on the earth excluding me).

Chain and body clearance: You’ll want roughly 9mm of clearance for the general manufacturing pod.  After all, the place you put in it’ll trade the clearance required.  Normally there’s extra clearance close to the ground bracket, and not more clearance close to the top of the crank arm.  from a period viewpoint, the precise period continues to be being finalized and can more or less be within the vary of ~28mm extensive via ~40mm lengthy.

The Calibration Equipment: That is sorta the humorous particular sauce.  That is used to calibrate the sensor with placing weights and a ‘S’ sort load mobile that can connect on your crank arm.  The equipment on its own prices $100, while it’s integrated within the $399 worth level (however now not the $349 pod package deal).

Temperature Reimbursement: The unit makes use of “lively finding out temperature repayment”, which is a complicated approach of claiming that they file 0 offsets at other temperatures and slowly increase a database of various temperature repayment issues.  This might be induced via you, and is helping 4iiii’s get round the truth that the set up isn’t being temperature calibrated at a facility somewhere else.

Battery Lifestyles: The unit makes use of a CR2032 coin mobile battery – the similar as maximum different sensors in the marketplace.  You’ll be able to in finding it for a pair greenbacks simply world wide.  4iiii’s claims a battery lifetime of about 200 hours. Clearly, I’ve now not but had an opportunity to check that.

Weight: Every pod weighs 10g. I’ve now not but for my part verified this, regardless that I haven’t any reason why to doubt it.

Weatherproofing: IP65 rated, which is moderately higher than IPX7, because it protects in opposition to water jets as opposed to simply immersion.  Thus permitting you to spray down your motorbike.

ANT+ Connectivity: The unit is in a position to transmit by the use of ANT+ to every other usual biking head unit that helps the ANT+ chronic meter profile.  As of late that’s each and every Garmin biking and triathlon centered tool above $200, the PowerTap Joule, Timex Biking and Triathlon gadgets, Magellan Cyclo and Up gadgets, and plenty of others.  The unit helps sending the next metrics: General Energy, Left/Proper Energy, Torque Effectiveness, Pedal Smoothness.  After all, you will have to have an influence meter head unit that helps the ones particular metric sorts.  It publicizes each Bluetooth Good and ANT+ similtaneously always (no affect on battery).

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Bluetooth Good Connectivity: The unit is in a position to transmit by the use of Bluetooth Good to any biking head unit that helps the Bluetooth Good chronic meter profile.  At this time that is necessarily the Suunto Ambit3, the Polar V800 (later this month), the Polar V650 (October), after which smart-phone pushed apps and units just like the Wahoo RFLKT.  The unit helps sending the next metrics: General Energy, Left/Proper Energy, together with some identical metrics for torque effectiveness.  After all, you will have to have an influence meter head unit that helps the ones particular metric sorts.  It publicizes each Bluetooth Good and ANT+ similtaneously always (no affect on battery).

Pricing: The unit is priced at $399US for one pod (left or proper solely), or a twin possibility at $749US (each left/proper pods).  You’ll be able to improve later for $349US with the PM-100 (pod with out calibration equipment).  Pricing out of doors the United States is TBD.  The SKU identify for the one pod is the PMK-100 (with calibration equipment), and the left/proper secondary pod is PM-100.  The acronym comes from: : Precision Module Okit.  Be aware once more that you’ll be able to set up a unmarried pod on all sides.  If a pal/store/and so on has the 4iiii’s calibration instrument, then you’ll be able to merely get the less expensive $349 SKU (PM-100) and use their calibration instrument.

Delivery Date: 4iiii’s states they are going to start delivery this 12 months (Q4 2014).  I must indicate that within the 7 or so years I’ve been scripting this weblog just one chronic meter corporate hit their preliminary timeline estimates: Levels Energy.  They did so via having a identical plan as 4iiii’s when it comes to ready till the ‘final minute’ to announce.

Some summarizing ideas:

VIRB Picture

At Eurobike, just about each and every trade individual requested me what I considered left solely chronic meters.  My reaction used to be mainly the similar to everybody: I consider that left solely chronic meters are in many ways a brief factor.  Whilst Levels set the precedent, they did so now not simply in knowledge assortment location (left), however in worth.  However in spite of commonplace considering they didn’t put the cost elevator on the foyer, however slightly about 20-30 flooring up from the place their elevator can pass.  For now, that elevator has sat there and Levels has raked within the dough and outsold different chronic meters in some circumstances 10-20 to one (in speaking with many native motorbike stores).

You noticed different corporations sign up for within the left-only ‘thang’ via introducing their very own variants at less expensive and extra available worth issues.  Then we noticed a brand new entrant – Watteam’s PowerBeat – bounce into the fray with guarantees of a $499 chronic meter for subsequent summer time.  In the meantime on the upper finish, we’ve observed the cost of Garmin Vector briefly drop $400, whilst additionally introducing less expensive left solely choices.  And we’ve observed SRAM’s Quarq restructure costs as smartly to decrease them.

Whilst some would possibly assume the end-goal here’s a $500 left-only chronic meter, they’d be massively unsuitable.  We’ll even be seeing extra entrants within the lower-priced however upper knowledge high quality marketplace via time the week is over, which begins to create a cyclical impact.  Left-only gadgets will force present costs decrease additional, and left/proper will take its pricing position.  Then the cycle will repeat.  It’ll repeat for the easy reality that businesses like 4iiii’s and Levels have the producing price foundation chronic to force the ones costs extremely low.

After all, identical to Levels – that’ll rely closely on those new entrants (akin to 4iiii’s) having a product that’s correct throughout a variety of riders and gear, and a variety of environments.  And I believe additionally like Levels, they’ll too have some preliminary teething bumps alongside the best way.  All chronic meter corporations do.

My trying out confirmed preliminary promise, now not perfection, however promise.  Nevertheless it’s simply that – a primary experience.  As soon as I am getting v2 prototype gadgets on my motorbike I’ll be capable to expand a far larger financial institution of information to paintings from and determine whether or not or now not the Precision and their self-install way is a viable possibility out there.  I’m in fact much less eager about 4iiii’s talent to technically unravel any remarkable problems.  It’s a beta product, if it used to be manufacturing they’d be promoting them the following day.  In my discussions with them about their remarkable technical problems, it felt to me like that they had an excessively transparent snatch on what needed to be accomplished, nevertheless it used to be extra of a timing factor.  That they had been specializing in OEM installations (i.e. from a crankset corporate), after which modified gears to be self-install – so their consideration were given diverted a bit of within the final month.

I additionally don’t have any issues about production of Precision’s pods itself – 4iiii’s has an extended historical past in production already.  My solely worry is that I don’t somewhat assume they’ll get all this accomplished via the top of the 12 months.  I believe we’re most likely having a look at January-March of subsequent 12 months.  Even though, I assume there’s most likely now not numerous distinction riding-wise between December and February (regardless of which aspect of the equator your on).

For now regardless that, it’s no doubt an exhilarating time to be within the chronic meter marketplace.

With that, thank you for studying!  In case you’re having a look to burn a bit of of time, right here’s all my Interbike 2014 posts packed stuffed with sports activities generation pieces.